118 years of Trust Crossword for children THE TRIBUNE
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Saturday, October 31, 1998




Please print this page to work on the crossword.

By Karuna Goswamy


1. The one with animals was written by George Orwell

3. The river upon which Shakespeare’s birth-place lies

7. Tamerlane’s great city in Central Asia

8. A fisherman’s source of livelihood

9. Receptacle, container

12. Macmillan is one, so is Oxford

14. When anyone takes you for one, he does you no favour

15. The Rabi one is obviously different from the Kharif.


2. Communicate; transfer

4. Through

5. Move the head in assent

6. Mineral in raw form

7. Male offspring

9. The Raga of Spring

10. Also not

11. Cover of vessel or receptacle

12. Through; each

13. What the princess found suddenly uncomfortable because of the pea



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