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Tuesday, June 8, 1999
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Mini tops UT with 94.2 pc in Class X
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, June 7 — A wave of jubilation followed with the declaration of the All-India Secondary School Examinations (Class X), with a huge number of students in the city securing more than 85 per cent. Interestingly, though most students topping their respective schools have now opted for the medical or the non-medical streams, all of them mentioned that in spite of studying for an average four to five hours, they never missed out on their television viewing or even meeting their friends!

Most students also revealed that it was only during the last days that revision classes were attended by them, otherwise they relied purely on their regular school classes. And all students attributed their success to the good wishes of their parents and teachers and also the grace of God.

Mini Bhutani, from DAV Public School, Sector 15, who has topped the UT with 94.2 per cent said, "This is just unbelievable. My parents are more than happy and I am just too thrilled for words. I was putting in five to six hours of study daily and a little bit of television was also being viewed". Interested in mathematics and physics, Mini has opted for non-medical. "I did not attend any tuition classes, and my grandfather used to guide me at home sometimes. Otherwise, schoolteachers were good enough for any sort of guidance", she added.

Neha Anand of Sacred Heart School, Sector 26, who has secured 93.4 per cent and has stood first in her school said, "I was not expecting these many marks. But I think that my being very regular in class helped me a lot, along with the good wishes of my teachers, parents and God. I did take coaching for mathematics, but then I also did not miss out on my friends or outing". Neha has also opted for non-medical.

A highly confident Kavita Garg, topping in Government Model Senior Secondary School, Sector 35, with 93.2 per cent marks said, "I was expecting this and am very happy to have made it". Opting for non-medical, Kavita is aspiring to be an IIT engineer. "Since my father is an engineer, my family has always aspired for me also to become one", she added. Besides her parents and teachers, Kavita attributed her success to being regular in studies.

Nandini Nehru of Sacred Heart School, Sector 26, who has got 93 per cent, has also opted for non-medical, "since my interest lies in computer sciences". Like the other toppers, she also mentioned regular studies throughout the year as being the key to success.

Ajay Kumar Yadav of Moti Ram Arya School, Sector 27, first in his school, has secured 92.8 per cent. "I am interested in science and maths and so have opted for non-medical. Without any coaching classes but with regularly studying for four to five hours, I have been able to get this high percentage. I am quite satisfied with my marks".

Ameek Kohli of Sacred Heart School, Sector 26, with 92.4 per cent marks said, "My father is a veterinary surgeon and so I always wanted to be in the medical stream. I attribute my success to concentrated studies for a couple of hours everyday, since I even did not miss out on movies during my preparatory holidays". A topper throughout in the school, Ameek gave "full marks" to her school and teachers.

A not-too-happy Divya Sharma of GMSS, Sector 35, who has also secured 92.4 per cent said, "I was expecting more than 95 per cent, but I guess grapes are sour. I met with an accident just days before the exams and now I have to be satisfied with these marks". Divya who plans to be a cardiologist has opted for the medical stream. "I have always struck a balance between studies and extra-curricular activities", she added.

Jyoti Eknoor Brar of Sacred Heart, Sector 26, who has secured 92.2 per cent was another dissatisfied student who said, "God cheated on me, since I made the mistake of overseeing some questions in my social studies paper and did not attempt them. I could have topped in my school. But my parents are quite happy". With both her parents being doctors, Jyoti has also opted for the medical stream.

Gauri Sharma of Bhavan Vidyalaya, Sector 27, has secured 92.2 per cent. "I was not expecting these many marks, because I started studying only in the last 15 days. I believe that it is not important to study continuously but to study during quality time. I watched television even during my examinations, so I think concentration is the key to success". Gauri has opted for the non-medical stream.

Shubhroz Gill of DAV Public School, Sector 8, with 92.2 per cent marks said, "A pinch of hard-work, grit and parental support helped me attain these marks. Though my father is an engineer, I have opted for the medical stream".

A student of GMSSS, Sector 35, Hitesh Goel, who has secured 92 per cent also attributed his success to his parents, teachers and hard work. "I would like to study non-medical, but in a college, since college means both fun and studies", he said.

Other students who have secured above 90 per cent include Virender Verma of Moti Ram Arya School, Sector 27; Pankaj Narang of Manav Mangal, Sector 21, Neha Kamal of GMSSS, Sector 16; Raman Chhabra of GMSSS, Sector 20, and Roohi Lakhotra of GMSSS, Sector 19 — all with 91.8 per cent.

Students securing 91.6 per cent include Sandeep Singh Sarpal, GMSSS, Sector 35; Gaurav Jundal, Bhavan Vidyalaya, Sector 27; Preet Pal Singh, GMSSS, Sector 35 and Meghna Sharma, GMSSS, Sector 16.

Students with 91.4 per cent include Rupinderjit Kaur, Ajit Karam Singh International Public School, Sector 41; Prabh Deep Singh Bedi, GMSSS, Sector 35; Karan Goel, St John's School, Sector 26; and Iffat Aara, Manav Mangal School, Sector 21.

Students with 91.2 per cent include Mayank Sharma of Manav Mangal School, Sector 21; Pratibha Maithani, GMSSS, Sector 16; Aditi Gupta, Sacred Heart, Sector 26; Neha Gupta, GMSSS, Sector 16; Sukhpreet Bibdra, AKS International Public School, Sector 41; Aashish Gupta, GMSSS, Sector 20, and Y. Sree Chandana, St Annes Convent, Sector 32.

Varun Bhardwaj of Manav Mangal School, Sector 21, secured 91 per cent.

Students who secured above 90 per cent include Vikas Sharma, St Annes Convent, Sector 32, (90.8 per cent); Sonal, St Anne's Convent, Sector 32, (90.6 per cent); Suarabh Markand, Bhavan Vidyalaya, Sector 27 (90.6 per cent); Vidya Bansal, Sacred Heart, Sector 26, (90.6 per cent); Chakshu Bansal, Sacred Heart, Sector 26, (90.4 per cent); Ravneet Kaur, AKS International Public School, Sector 41, (90.8 per cent); Ashish Sharma, AKS International Public School, Sector 41, (90.8 per cent); Amreen Chugh, Sacred Heart, Sector 26, (90.8 per cent); Arushi Sharma, St Annes Convent, Sector 32, (90.4 per cent); Swati Prabhu, DAV Model Sector 15, (90.4 per cent); Ashish Ahluwalia, GMSSS, Sector 16, (per cent).

Students who have secured 90 per cent marks include Pratik Duhan, GMSSS, Sector 16; Achin Malik, Manav Mangal, Sector 21; Aditi Gupta, and Sandeep of DAV Model Sector 15.Back


Panchkula topper Pooja gets 93.2 per cent
Tribune News Service

PANCHKULA, June 7 — Pooja Bansal, a student of the local Chaman Lal DAV Senior Secondary School has topped in the town by securing 93.2 per cent marks in the Class X All-India Secondary School Examinations, the results of which were declared today.

This time again, girls have outscored boys in securing the top positions in the town. A boy of Chaman Lal DAV Senior Secondary School with 90.4 per cent marks is the only exception who has found position in the above 90 per cent mark.

Pooja, who wants to pursue the medical stream, says she put in six to eight hours of study daily. Because of her urge to do social work, she wants to become a orthopaedic surgeon. She took tuitions in science and maths to gain extra knowledge and confidence.

Aarti Sapra, a student of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan in Sector 15, who has got 90.4 per cent marks, wants to become an eye surgeon. She plans to take admission in a reputed school in Chandigarh.

Securing 90.4 per cent marks, Naiya Gupta of Manav Mangal School in Sector 11, wants to become a computer engineer because of vast employment opportunities in the field. She has already prepared her coaching schedule to compete for the entrance examination for the engineering.

Another student of Chaman Lal DAV Senior Secondary School, Vivek Gupta, who has got 90.4 percent marks also wants to become an electronics engineer. He says he would prefer to take the non-medical stream in a college at Chandigarh. He feels that there are better prospects by studying in a college instead of a school. Vivek attributes his success to six to eight hours of studies during the last two months before the examination.

Two students of DC Model School in Sector 7, Jasmine and Shaffali, both having secured 90.2 per cent marks want to become doctors. Shaffali wants to be a heart surgeon as she says that a number of people suffer from heart related ailments.

Parteek Duhan, a student of Manav Mangal School has secured 90 per cent marks. He wants to become a computer engineer. He feels that the field of computers is very challenging.Back


Students of private schools fare better
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, June 7 — The students of private schools in the city have once again fared better than their government counterparts in the All-India Secondary School Examination (Class X), the results of which were declared here today.

While the private schools have recorded a pass percentage of 77.94, the government schools have recorded a dismal 51.05 per cent this year. The combined percentage of the city schools, excluding the Kendriya Vidyalayas and Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas stands at 63.10.

The Chandigarh Region on the whole has recorded an increase of 1.2 in the overall pass percentage as compared to last year. As against 76.8 per cent last year, this year the pass percentage is 78. While the regular students have recorded a pass per cent of 79.7, the private candidates have a pass per cent of 51.4 in the region this year. Girls with 78.4 per cent have fared better than boys at 77.7 per cent, even as the national average has, for a change, boys faring better than girls. But for the Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas, in all other categories girls have outshone boys. Even at the regional level, the private schools, with a pass percentage of 84.6 this year. have topped followed by JNV's at 80.7, Kendriya Vidyalayas (72) and Government schools (51.7).

The students from 65 government schools, 40 independent schools, five Kendriya Vidyalayas and one Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya in the city appeared for the examination. A total of five private schools in the city, namely Carmel Convent, Sector 9; St John's High School, Sector 26, Bhawan Vidyalaya, Sector 27, DAV Public School, Sector 8; and Mount Carmel, Sector 46, have cent per cent results. Besides these, 10 other schools have recorded an aggregate result of more than 90 per cent; with Vivek High, Sector 38, recording 98.6 per cent , Sacred Heart, Sector 26 (98.10 per cent), St Anne's, Sector 32 (97.92 per cent).

However, the students of government model schools have performed better than the private schools. The pass percentage of government model schools at 84.6 is higher than private schools (77.9 per cent ).

Among the model schools, GMSSS-16 has topped by recording a pass percentage of 90.51 , GMSSS-35 (92.1 per cent), GMSSS-10 (91.6 per cent), GMSSS-33 (90.7 per cent) and GMSSS-20 (90.5 per cent). All these schools, except GMSSS-35 have improved upon their results as compared to last year.

Even as the government model senior secondary schools and high schools have recorded 85 per cent and 83.6 percent results, respectively, there has been only a marginal improvement of 0.6 per cent in the overall results of government schools. This is mainly due to the pitiable performance of the government high schools and senior secondary schools, particularly those located in the rural areas and colonies. The government model schools have shown an improvement of 4.08 per cent, from 80.02 per cent last year to 84.6 per cent this year. On the other hand, the government non-model schools have shown a decline of 1.2 per cent, from 32.30 per cent last year to 30.04 per cent this year. The results of government senior secondary schools in the urban and rural areas are the worst, with an overall pass percentage of 29.06 as compared to 37.2 last year. The high schools have shown a marginal improvement of 2.7 per cent, as their pass percentage has increased from 28.12 to 30.8. While the urban high schools have recorded 31 per cent, the rural schools have a pass percentage of 30.3 per cent.

Though no government school has a zero per cent result this year , certain schools have recorded a pass percentages of below 20 These include GHS, Mauli Colony (7.1 per cent), GSSS-15 (12.5 per cent), GSSS- 38 (West) 15.3 per cent, GSSS-45 (18.2 per cent), GHS-11 (18.6 per cent) and GHS-24 (13.3 per cent ). Among the private schools, SD High School, Sector 24, is the only school with a pass percentage of 12.5.

Few government schools in rural areas which have shown a marked improvement in their results this year are GHS, Sarangpur; Hallomajra, Behlana, Mauli Jagran and Manimajra. The government model high schools in Sectors 29, 28 and 44 and senior secondary school in Sectors 10, 23, 32 and 33 have also registered a commendable increase in their results.

Meanwhile, Mr Y.P. Katyal, Joint Secretary, Regional Office, CBSE, said that mark sheets have already been despatched to the institutions in case of regular students to enable them to seek admission to various courses, those of private candidates have been despatched today by both ordinary and registered post to avoid any delay.

The first-chance compartment examination will be held on August 3 and requests for the same have to be routed through the head of the institution. While the compartment forms can be submitted by paying Rs 150 per subject till June 28, it can be submitted by paying a late fee of Rs 10 per day till July 8, Rs 120 per day till July 18 and Rs 330 per day till July 28. After July 28 no form or fee will be accepted. The fee for private candidates is Rs 190 per subject and they can also apply with the late fee structure of the regular students.

The students, who are not satisfied with their marks in any subject can apply for scrutiny of his/her marks and rechecking of the result to the Controller of Examination within one month of the declaration of the result by paying Rs 100 per subject. The draft should be made in the name of the Secretary, CBSE, payable at Chandigarh. In fact, large crowds of students had turned up at the Regional Office, CBSE, to fill the rechecking and compartment forms today.

A total of six counters had been set up to enable the students and their wards find out the results at the CBSE office, Sector 32.Back


Sarojini Hall gets lift
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, June 7 — The Vice Chancellor, of Panjab University Prof M.M Puri has inaugurated a new lift in Sarojini Hall, (hostel number) 9 for the benefit of hostellers.

While addressing students, staff and warden of the hostel, he advised them to use the lift cautiously and be alert in case of fire or any other emergency.

Earlier, the hostel warden, Dr Pankaj Mala Sharma apprised him about the problems being faced by hostellers, particularly in case of an emergency.

The seven storeyed building of the hostel, constructed in 1965, consists of 210 rooms. But since the construction of the building, the lift has not been functional and students were using ramps and staircase to reach various floors. As per the UT regulations, a lift is statutory beyond four stories. Due to paucity of funds, the lift could not be made functional prior to this. The lift has been installed at a cost of Rs 9.90 lakh and funds were provided from the student amalgamated fund.

Later, the hostel residents presented a cultural programme. The VC was accompanied by his wife Dr Rashmi Sudha Puri the DUI Prof I.B.S. Passi, Registrar, Controller of Examinations, Xens, former deans and wardens of hostels.Back


Civil Defence Dept readied for emergency
By Amarjit Thind
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, June 7 — The Kargil flare-up has set the civil defence machinery in motion in the city. Besides proper coordination between the departments, the precautions taken in this context are being reviewed and instructions have been issued to ensure that the equipment used during an emergency are in working condition.

A meeting of the heads of more than 20 departments involved in providing relief measures in case of escalation of hostilities, was chaired by the Deputy Commissioner. In addition to regular work of the local Civil Defence Department, the officers were told of the help which would be required from their departments and that they should have a plan ready in case an emergency is declared.

It was stressed that the civil defence, although consisting of citizens of the country, is effective in minimising the effect of any enemy action by way of damage to human life and property to quickly restore normalcy in essential services and other facets of civic life. As such, all help and logistical support from the administration should be immediately available.

The departments represented at the meeting include the Electricity, Public Health, Transport, Telecommunications, Police, Home Guards, Food and Supplies, Health, NCC, Fire and other related departments.

According to sources, the Rescue, First Aid, Fire Fighting, Warden and Welfare Service, besides the Telecommunication Services are being activated and the lists of volunteers are being revised. Similarly, the equipment installed by the department at various places in the city are being repaired.

There are more than 15 air raid sirens and hooters, including the ones at the PGI, Hostel for MLAs, Mani Majra town, the government schools in Sectors 18, 23, the water works at Sector 26 and the Industrial area, installed in the city which are being repaired and checked for any faults.

In case of an emergency, the two minutes' warbling note on the sirens means that "an air raid" is on, while the two minutes' continuous siren denotes that the "raiders have passed".

The communication network is also being strengthened and more wireless sets were procured recently to phase out the old equipment and make the communication network more modern and fail-proof. The sets are tuned to the frequency of the Air Force and in case of enemy aircraft approaching the city, the warning is immediately communicated so that the necessary precautions are set in motion.

The provision of installation of hotlines to the relevant department heads for immediate access during an emergency was also reviewed. The Telecommunication Department is also doing the needful in this context, sources added.

Meanwhile, the department is continuing with its classes for volunteers to ensure that civil defence information and arrangements are adequate and the orderly evacuation of the populace and the injured is ensured. The city is divided into several wards and several thousand volunteers registered with the department are more then adequate in case of an emergency, sources added.

It may be recalled that the department conducted itself creditably during the 1971 Indo-Pak operations.Back


GMCH to start PG courses
MS, MD, MSc (anatomy) after MCI recognition
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, June 7 — After having got permanent recognition from the Medical Council of India (MCI), Government Medical College and Hospital (GMCH), Sector 32, will now post-graduate courses in addition to the MBBS degree already being offered by the college.

This will, however , require a fresh round of recognition through Panjab University and the MCI. This will be easy as GMCH has already met the required standards of the MCI for recognition.

Post-graduation courses will be offered to students to provide speciality in streams like MS, MD and M.Sc. in anatomy. The courses will commence in 12 to 14 specialities, in the streams of medicine and surgery, besides the course in M.Sc. in anatomy which is for non-doctors.

The Director-Principal of GMCH, Sector 32, Prof V.K. Kak, informed, "The last mentioned course is not offered by even the PGI. We will start it as there is a great demand for it." A committee headed by the Director, PGI, Prof B. K. Sharma, has been formed by Panjab University to inspect the facilities at GMCH.

The committee is yet to finalise a date for inspection, after which the authorities will inform the Union Ministry of Health to ask the MCI to carry out an inspection for recognition of post-graduate courses.

Another major change is on the anvil in the GMCH. The new `B' block is expected to start functioning very soon. "All out patient departments (OPDs) will be located in this five-storey block that also has a basement," Professor Kak said, while adding that this would enable GMCH to handle up to 12 lakh patients annually.

The present OPD block will be used to house the office of the Medical Superintendent and the offices of the faculty members. At present, all these offices are located in the 'A' block, thus blocking bed space. The vacated space will be used to place beds. "Another 50 to 60 beds will be placed in the 'A' block once the space is with us," Professor Kak opined. Back


Mayor's plea on seat reservation
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, June 7—The Mayor, Mr Kewal Krishan Addiwal, has urged the UT Administrator, Lieut-Gen B. K. N. Chhibber (retd), to get the issue of reservation for local students in the professional colleges re-examined.

In a representation to General Chhibber, the Mayor said since the Punjab and the Haryana Governments had already reserved 85 per cent seats in the technical and professional courses for their own students and 15 per cent seats for the bonafide students of the state studying outside the sate, the local students were at a disadvantage as compared to the students of the neighbouring states.

Moreover, there was an anomaly as there was 85 per cent reservation for local students in Government Medical College and Hospital, Sector 32, and only 60 per cent in other professional colleges.

The representation added that the Chandigarh Administration should revise its policy in line with the neighbouring states so that the local students did not suffer.Back


Suspended DSPs chargesheeted
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, June 7 — Two DSPs who were suspended in the "missing murder-cases files" case have been served separate charge sheets by the police department. Three other policemen who were suspended in the same case would face an inquiry and would be chargesheeted during its course, highly placed sources said.

Charge sheets were served on Mr Subhash Sagar and Mr Devinder Singh Thakur today. Directions from the Chandigarh Administration (DSPs are under direct supervision of the administration) were received last Friday but the Inspector General of Police, Mr S.K. Singh was at Delhi, so, the charge sheets could not be served. In case of the other three, an inquiry will be conducted by Mr Balbir Singh, SP (Traffic). The three, Inspector P.K. Dhawan, Sub Inspector Balihar Singh and Head Constable Yashpal, will face inquiry.Back


Villagers demand bus service
From Our Correspondent

RANI MAJRA (Kharar), June 7 — Residents of more than four villages in Kharar subdivision, are forced to live a difficult life in the absence of several civic amenities.

Villages that lack civic amenities include Bhadunjian, Salamatpur, Saini Majra, Salamatpur and Rani-Majra. Most of these villages are located near Rani Majra which is about six km from Chandigarh-Siswan road via the PGI. Residents feel that the locations of the villages are a disadvantage.

Residents of several villages say that the area has no bus service. Mr Narmail Singh, a resident of Rani Majra, said CTU and Punjab Roadways buses used to ply on the village route two years ago. At present, only one private bus plies on the route. Villagers complain that its service is not regular.

The nearest bus stop is Firozepur village, more than five km from the village. This causes a lot of problems for commuters. Non-availability of any other mode of transport makes the task further difficult for locals. Poor economic condition of villagers did not allow them to use taxi service, Mr Ranjit Singh, a resident of Salamatpur village, said.

Mr Sharja Singh, a local resident, said, "We hesitate to send our daughters to nearby places to study, in the absence of any regular transport facility."

According to the Sarpanch of Rani Majra village, Mr Harbans Singh, the village is also facing other civic problems. Power supply to the village is also poor. Low voltage of electricity supply disrupts normal life in summers. Electricity supply remains remains disrupted during most afternoons. The pressure of the water supply is also very low and the supply remains paralysed for several days.

Villages want that the bus service on these routes should be reintroduced. Back


Five more city boys clear JEE
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, June 7 — At least five more local students have cleared the prestigious joint entrance examination (JEE) for admission to various IITs in the country and made it among the first 1,000 candidates.

Mahadev Kunal, a student of SD Public School, Sector 32, has secured 99th rank. He gives credit for success to hard work and support from teachers. Satisfied with his rank, he wants to do computers from IIT, Delhi.

Gaurav Singhal, a student of the local DAV College, has been placed 257th. He attributes his success to firm determination, hard work and support from parents and teachers. He wants to pursue the electrical stream, preferably from IIT, Delhi.

For Ankush Goel, a student of SD Public School, Sector 32, who has been placed 367th, inspiration from his grandfather, parents, brother and teachers have seen him through. Coaching for almost two years have also made this rank possible. He intends to do computers or electronics from IIT, Delhi.

Another student of DAV College, Samit Ahlawat, who has secured the 546th position, lays stress on self-study and hard work. He says tuitions are also necessary since they clear concepts. He prefers to do electrical or mechanical engineering from IIT, Delhi.

According to information available, Anuj Gupta, a student of DAV College, is placed 739th. Meanwhile, Vikas Bansal, a student of Government Model Senior Secondary School, Sector 46-D, who has been placed 8th in the all-India merit list, is perhaps the only student from government schools to make it among the first 1,000.Back


Notice issued to DTO
From Our Correspondent

KHARAR, June 7 — Mrs Seema Dhillon, Civil Judge of Kharar, today issued notice to the District Transport Officer of Ropar in a suit filed by Mohali Cargo Transport Company,SAS Nagar, for June 8

They plaintiff company pleaded that it ran two buses bearing numbers PAB-9090 and PB-12-0117. The first ran from SAS Nagar to Ahmedgarh and the second was stationed at Sangrur in the custody of a finance company.

The company pleaded that the buses were in a garage for a long time and the information about this had been given to the DTO of Ropar earlier.

It pleaded that the company was not liable to pay the road tax for the period. But the DTO of Ropar had imposed a tax of Rs 6,53,251 and an appeal on it, was pending in the court of Mr M.P. Arora, Joint State Transport Commissioner of Punjab.

The company pleaded that it had already deposited Rs 3 lakh with the state government. It also said that the DTO should be restrained from impounding the buses.Back


Workshop for kids begins
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, June 7 — A 15-day summer school-cum-workshop for children of members of the Chandigarh Press Club got under way here today.

More than 80 children belonging to the 6 to 16 age group are attending this summer camp in which they will be imparted training in keyboards, modern dance, collage making, stuffed toys, gift markings and wrapings.

During the camp, the experts in these areas will conduct the classes, which will be held from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. on each working day. The club proposes to organise a special programme at the end of the workshop for displaying achievements of the trainees.Back


Lok Shakti denies merger
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, June 7— The local unit of the Lok Shakti yesterday denied the news item appearing in a section of the Press about its merger in the Nationalist Congress. At a meeting of the unit held under the chairmanship of Mr Ravi Parkash Kansal yesterday, members observed two minutes' silence as a mark of respect to those who made the supreme sacrifice while defending the honour, unity and integrity of the country in the Kargil-Dras areas.

To strengthen the party at grassroot level, it was decided to organise rallies in sectors, colonies and villages from June 11. Besides, efforts would be made to redress general grievances of the people in different parts of the city.Back



Condolence meeting held
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, June 7 — A condolence meeting was held here today in the office of the Regional Provident Fund Commissioner to mourn the death of R.S. Kaushik, Central Provident Fund Commissioner, who died in a train accident in Andhra Pradesh on May 4.

Mr M.L. Meena, Regional Provident Fund Commissioner (I), read out the condolence message. A two-minute silence was also observed.

Notice issued to factory
From Our Correspondent

KHARAR, June 7 — Mrs Neelam Arora, Sub-Divisional Judicial Magistrate of Kharar, today issued notice to Sigma Industries, SAS Nagar, in a criminal complaint filed by Mr Prem Singh, Deputy Director of Factories, for July 23, 1999, for not implementing Section 33 (1) of the Factories Act, 1948.

The complainant pleaded that on February 21, a worker, Bhawati, was working in the electroplating section of the factory when he fell in a zinc tank and died because of high temperature. He has alleged that this incident has occurred due to non-fencing of the zinc tank.

Super Bazar advisory panel recast
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, June 7 — The Chandigarh Administration has reconstituted the Super Bazar Advisory Committee with six officials and as many non-official members.

The Deputy Commissioner will be the ex-officio Chairman of the committee. The other official members are the Subdivisional Magistrate (East), the District Food and Supplies Officer; the Director of Health Services; the Medical Superintendent of the PGI and the General Manager of Super Bazar.

One of the non-official members will Mr Khem Parkash Mahajan, a social worker. The remaining five non-official members are councillors of the Chandigarh Municipal Corporation — Mr Prem Sagar Jain, Mrs Harjinder Kaur, Mrs Satinder Dhawan, Mr Gurcharan Dass Kala and Mr Des Raj Tandon.

The term of the committee will be one year.Back

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