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Pervin Malhotra, Tribune’s career expert answers all your career queries.

Lesson in English
By W.L. Gordon

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Pervin Malhotra, Tribune’s career expert answers all your career queries.

Q I have done MSc and BEd. Is it now possible to do BA/MA in English?

Kapil Juneja

A Almost all regular MA courses in specific streams ask for an undergraduate degree in the concerned subject. However, some Open Universities and Distance Learning Programmes are more liberal in this regard. While you can certainly enroll for a BA in the subject, it may be to your advantage to explore options of doing a Master’s in English, if possible, since you have already done your postgraduation. CARING’s Guide to Correspondence & Part-time Courses details up-to-date information on all the recognised courses offered through distance learning in India.


Q I am interested in archaeology and want to become a numismatist. What are the qualifications required?

Shekhar Chauhan

A As an avid coin collector you must know that a numismatist studies old coins, tokens, paper money and other related objects such as seals and medals, etc. Through detailed study of these objects, the numismatist provides vital insights into the past and assists in reconstructing it.

The Institute of Archaeology, Delhi, under the auspices of the Archaeological Survey of India, is one of the few institutions that offers a 2-year Postgraduate Diploma in Archaeology with specialisation in Epigraphy (deciphering and decoding ancient inscriptions) and Numismatics.

You need a Master’s degree in Ancient or Medieval Indian History or MA/MSc with Archaeology or Anthropology (55% agg) to be eligible for this course. Admission is through a written test and interview.



Q I am doing BA in English Literature. I am keen on pursuing a career in law and journalism. Could you please tell me whether it is possible for me to pursue these courses simultaneously?

Puneet Kumar

A As you are interested in both Law and Journalism, I don’t see why you can’t pursue courses in both the disciplines simultaneously. What you can do is to opt for a regular course in the field that interests you most and enroll for a correspondence or part-time course in the other. However, if you would like to practice law, its important that you do a regular LLB course. While the Directorate of Distance Education of some universities like Annamalai University, University Of Jammu, Kakatitya University, University Of Kashmir, Madurai Kamraj University, offer BGL/BAL (Bachelor of General? Academic Law), due to statutory requirements, these courses are not recognised by the Bar Council of India. Which means that you will not be able to practice in a Court of Law after doing these courses. Of course knowledge of law will always prove useful in any field.

The only practical problem you may face while pursuing two courses simultaneously is clashing examination dates or project deadlines. If you can comfortably balance both, then nothing like it. This way you can have your cake. And eat it too!

In this context you may also refer to the following: CARING’s Guide to Writing for the Media, Careers in Law, and Guide to Correspondence & Part-time Courses.


Q I am enrolled for a 3-yr course in a computer institute. Now we have to proceed for internship for which we will be paid nothing. Should I skip this because this may be a waste of time?

Sameer Mishra

A If you are enrolled in a professional course, be it in IT or Management, do take your summer placement or internship seriously and try to get as much value as you can from your experience. It is here that you will get an opportunity to develop working skills and create an impression on your supervisors. Also, its only when you work on live applications and projects that you will learn to practically apply the technology that you have been taught academically in class.

Then too, working in a team, is an experience in itself. It teaches you the value of professionalism, teamwork, discipline, adhering to deadlines — all of which will hold you in good stead when you actually go out to work.

Whether you are being paid or not, conduct yourself as a professional, which means being reliable (showing up for work, being on time, completing assigned tasks, etc.), being willing to assume responsibility, exhibiting interest in and enthusiasm for your work. If you have managed to earn their respect by showing them what you are capable of, they will give you a glowing recommendation and may well offer you a full-time placement at the end of your course. Which would be a windfall considering the present state of the industry.

This is also a smart strategy to overcome lack of good placement facilities on the part of your institute. Just about every single employer will ask for live project experience before offering freshers a job. And this is where your internship will prove invaluable.

I am told that students of prestigious degree-level courses are running from pillar to post trying to find companies that will take them on as interns. This being the situation, just grab this chance and capitalise on it. You will have plenty of opportunity to earn all your life. But no one will give you a job in a tight market unless you have the necessary experience.


Q After completing Class XII, I am interested in doing a bachelor’s course in Library & Information Science (BLISc). Could you please tell me about the job opportunities available in this field?

Suresh Singh

A After your graduation in Library & Information Science, you have a wide choice of options to choose from. As a librarian, you will find openings in government and public libraries, universities and other academic institutions, cultural institutions, information centres, museums and galleries, photo and film libraries, besides companies and organisations with large information-handling requirements. With computerisation playing a key role in information management, there is scope for diversifying into hi-tech areas like systems analysis, research assistance, database operations and management, printing and publishing, documentation, corporate and even freelance consulting, or information marketing.

Pilot in IAF

Q Please tell me how I can become a pilot in the Air Force?

Garima Dev

A For long a male bastion, the IAF has played a pioneering role in the induction of women into its officer cadre. Their path breaking induction in a combatant role in the Flying, Technical and Ground Duty branches has reinforced the image of the Indian Air Force as a futuristic, forward looking, progressive one.

Eligibility: Single Indian women 19-23 years (25 yrs if you are a CPL holder).

Educational Qualifications: BE/B Sc Physics and/or Math or B Sc (Gen) with Maths and Physics in all 3 yrs.

Advertisements are published in January and July each year in the leading Newspapers/Employment News.

Entrance: Through Psychological Tests, Group Tests and Interview conducted at any of the Air Force Selection Boards located at Dehradun, Mysore or Varanasi for a period of 4-6 days (IAF will take care of the costs).

Candidates shortlisted by the AFSB’s are sent for a detailed Medical either at the Air Force Central Medical Establishment, New Delhi or at the Institute of Aviation Medicine, Bangalore.

A merit list is prepared of candidates who have cleared the medical exam, and selection is strictly based on merit.



Lesson in English
By W.L. Gordon

Words often Misused:
Distinguish between Presentiment (premonition; foreboding) and presentment (act of presenting; presentation).

Thus: "She had a presentiment of impending disaster." And "He made a presentment of his claim to the judge."

Often Mispronounced:
Beneficence. Pronounce as be-neff-I-sens with accent on the second syllable.

Often Misspelled:
Correspondent — one who communicates by letter. Note the two "r’s". Correspondent — the third party figuring in an action for divorce. Only one "r".

Instill (verb) - pour, infuse, introduce, import, implant, insinuate, inculcate.

Word Study:
"Use a word three times and it is yours." Let us increase our vocabulary by mastering one word each week.

Today’s word: Rapacity (noun) — quality of being excessively grasping or greedy. Pronounce as ra-pass-l-ti with accent on the second syllable.

e.g. "The miserly man is known for his rapacity." © World Wide Media



Admission deadline

Armed Forces

Dec 20 Adjutant, 150 Infantry Battalion (TA) Punjab, Red Fort,

Delhi 110006

Ph: 3278215

Recruitment of Soldiers (General Duty)

Details: Contact at the above address.

Art & Design

Nov 27 National Institute of Fashion Technology, NIFT Campus, Hauz Khas, New Delhi 110016.

Ph: 6965080/5059/4771


Gr ‘A’: Fashion/Accessory Desg

PG Diploma

Gr ‘B’: Knitwear Desg & Tech; Leather Apparel Desg & Tech; Text Desg & Devp

Gr ‘C’: Garment Mfg Tech

Gr ‘D’: Apparel Mkt & Merchandising Mgt

Gr ‘E’: Fashion Commn.

Elig: Gr ‘A’: 10+2 (50% agg). Gr ‘B’, ‘C’, ‘D’ & ‘E’: Bachelor’s Degree (50% agg).

Selectn: Written Test (12 & 13 Jan) at 18 NIFT centres.

Appln F: Send Rs 200/- by DD favouring "NIFT" payable at New Delhi at the above add. At counter: Rs 150/- (cash).

Nov 30 Central Footwear Training Institute (M/o Small Scale Inds, Agro and Rural Inds, GoI) C-41 & 42, Site ‘C’, Industrial Area, Sikandra, Agra 282007 (UP).

Ph: (0562) 372005


(1) Footwear Design & Product Development (1-yr, Certificate Course)

(2) Basic Design & Pattern Engineering (6 months)

(3) Footwear Design & Production (6 months, Crash Course).

Elig: (1): 10+2; (2) & (3): Matric. Age: above 17 yrs.

Appln F: Send Rs 200/- favouring "Director CFTI, Agra" at the above address or download from website. At counter: Rs 175/- (cash).

Details: See Employment News 13-19 Oct.

Distance Education

Oct 31 Alagappa University, Directorate of Distance Education,

Karaikudi 630003 (TN).

Professional Courses:

MS Shipping & Port; Hospitality Mgt (2-yr each), BS Hospitality Mgt (3-yr), MCA (3-yr), MSc (IT, 2-yr), BCA (3-yr), BLi Sc (1-yr), BSc (IT, 1-yr), PG Dip (Comp Appln, E-Com, Med Transcription, Indsl. Water & Waste Treatment, Digital Instru, 1-yr each)

MPhil Courses

Comp Sc (2-yr)/ Mgt/Commerce/Educn/Corporate Secretaryship/Maths(1-yr each)

PG Programmes

Master of Bank; Mktg; Investment Mgt, Corporate Secretaryship, Finance & Control, Women’s Studies, MA (PM & IR, Masscomm & Journo/Child Care & Educn, MSc (Math), MCom (2-yr each); Adv Dip: Project Mgt (1-yr).

PG Dip Programmes

PM & IR, Business; Sports; Insurance Mgt, Comp Sys & Mgt, Temple Arts (1-yr each)

Undergraduate Programmes (Open Univ Sch & Distance Educn)

Bachelor of Bus Admin/Corporate Secretaryship/Bank Mgt/Comm, BA (Hist, Public Admin) (3-yr each).

Elig: See Prospectus.

Appln F: Send Rs. 300/- by DD favouring "The Director, Directorate of Distance Education, Alagappa University" payable at Karaikudi, For MS Shipping & Port Mgt: to AMET, 3/4/5 Ambedkar St, Ghandhinagar, Saligramam, Chennai 600093, For MS/BS Hospitality Mgt: to Merit IIT, 22 Havelock Rd, Ooty 643001. For other Courses: Send Rs 80/- by DD favouring "The Director, Directorate of Distance Education, Alagappa University" payable at Karaikudi to the above add with course name on reverse of DD. At counter: Rs 80/- (cash).


Nov 26 Indian Institute of Technology, Vinod Gupta School of Management, Kharagpur 721302 (WB).

Ph: (0322) 778015/82295

Website: www.iitkgp.ernet. in/~ gate

Master of Business Management (2-yr)

Elig: BE (1st Div)/MSc (Maths & Stats at Bachelor’s)/Masters in Eco/Commerce (1st Div, Maths & Stats at Bachelor’s). Wk ex prefd.

Selectn : JMET (16 Dec).

Appln F: See website.

Dec 1 Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, V L Mehta Rd, Vile Parle (W), Mumbai 400056.

Ph: (022) 6134577/6183688


Postgraduate Dip:

1) Business Administration

2) Advertising & Communication Management

3) Rural Marketing.

Elig: Bachelor’s Degree (50% agg).

Test: NMAT: (3rd Feb), at 18 centres including: B’lore; Ch’garh, Kochi.

Appln F: Send Rs 950/- by DD favouring "Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies" payable at Mumbai along with a self-add, stamped (Rs. 70/-) envelope (9½" x 12") to the Registrar at the above add.