Friday, October 10, 2003, Chandigarh, India


C H A N D I G A R H   S T O R I E S


Drop in filing of IT returns
Department launches exercise to maximise revenue
A.S. Prashar
Tribune News Service

“You are under watch”

* Income-tax payers of Chandigarh. Beware! You are under watch. File your income-tax returns honestly and truthfully.” This is the message from the IT authorities to the residents of City Beautiful.

* Number of IT returns have fallen this year as compared to the figure last year.

* Decline by over 5,000 in one zone alone.

* IT officials launch drive to maximise revenue collection.

* Individuals, traders, businessmen, industrialists, showroom owners, hotels, restaurants under watch for big spenders and turnovers.

Chandigarh, October 9
Thousands of income-tax payers in the City Beautiful have failed to file their annual income returns this year, according to figures available with the IT Department. “We expected the number of returns to increase by 10 to 15 per cent this year”, say officials of the IT Department. “Instead, the number of IT returns have fallen by over 5,000 in one zone alone. As regards the other zone, the number of IT returnees has remained almost the same as last year. This means that something is seriously wrong somewhere. People who filed IT returns last year have failed to do so this year in one zone while in the other, more people who should have been added to the tax net have managed to stay out. Overall, there is a decline in the IT returns”.

“We are not going to accept this situation”, declared Mrs Sudha Sharma, Commissioner of Income-Tax-I, Chandigarh, in a talk with TNS here today. “A visit to hotels, restaurants, markets, showrooms and stores in Sector 17 of the city is enough to prove that economy is growing as are the spenders. All that we want is that people should pay taxes on their income so that it can be utilised for nation building. Unfortunately, not many think that way”.

The development has created an emergency-like situation in the IT Department. Income Tax officials have launched a massive exercise to maximise IT revenue from the city. “We are carrying out surveys, inspections, holding camps, convening meetings of different sections of the society, including traders, businessmen, industrialists, jewellers etc in a bid to educate them to file their IT returns truthfully,” said Mrs Sharma. “We will visit even the rehri markets. People must file I-T returns and pay their taxes as required under the law”.

According to Mrs Manju Lakhanpal, Commissioner of Income-Tax-II, Chandigarh, the IT assessee base in Chandigarh has already reached the optimum level. “There does not seem to be much scope for further widening it. But there is a big scope for increasing IT revenue. This is where were are going to concentrate now”. Most of the IT assesses in Chandigarh belong to the salaried class. The remaining are industrialists, businessmen and traders”.

Part of the fall in IT returns could be attributed to the confusion which prevailed over the filing of returns for people belonging to non-auditable categories i.e. salaried employees, individuals, HUF etc. The last date for filing IT returns was September 30 which was extended to October 3. There was a holiday on October 2 due to Gandhi Jayanti while banks declared a holiday on October 4 adding to the confusion and delaying the income tax returns.

However, filing of returns for auditable categories including businessmen, traders and industrialists would continue till November. “We will know the exact position with regard to income tax collections in December”, say officials. But alerted by the fall in the IT returns for non-auditable categories, IT officials are leaving no stone unturned to ensure that there is maximum mobilisation.


Don't compare child with peers: doctor
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 9
High parental expectations and comparing a child with his peers for his academic performance and other capabilities could lead to serious behavioural problems in young children.

The Psychiatry Department at Government Medical College and Hospital (GMCH), today organised an interaction with parents of children suffering from such behavioural problems like bed wetting and lack of concentration. The interaction between children, parents and doctors was part of the activities organised during the Mental Health week, being observed by the department.

The doctors, including the head of Psychiatry, Dr B.S. Chavan, advised the parents on how to handle such children. “A sick child represents a sick family, so it is very essential to ensure that the atmosphere at home is conducive for his academic and personal growth,” said Dr Chavan.

Dr Chavan, said instead of burdening the child with studies all the time and expecting him to excel, parents should also give him time for play and leisure.

"High expectations on the part of parents and fierce competitiveness in today's times virtually creates "fear psychosis" for the child, whose performance is bound to be adversely affected,” he explained.

The worst that parents can do is to compare the child and reward him not in his individual capacity but in comparison to other children, warned Dr Chavan.

Doctors advised parents to try and make studies interesting for children by breaking the monotony and appreciating him for the efforts he puts in. "Adolescents should be given a lot of freedom rather than the parents imposing their decisions on the child much against his wishes, as he will not put in his 100 per cent," explained Dr Chavan.

Discussing the problem of bed wetting among children, Dr Preeti Arun, said it was quite common, especially among boys. "There are lot of parents who come to us with this problem, which could to a certain extent have a genetic component," she informed. She said in children aged about seven, almost 10 out of every 100, have been found to be suffering from problem of bed wetting.

She gave certain tips to parents to help the child overcome this problem. "Though the child should be asked to do certain things like changing the bed he has wetted, but under no circumstances should the parents embarass or humiliate the child, if he often wets his bed," she said.

She said parents should keep in mind small things like not giving the child water to drink before he goes to bed and waking him up in the night to go to the toilet could be helpful.

The doctors also asked parents to adopt a uniform behaviour while dealing with their children, rather than laying down different rules at different times.

Parents of some children suffering from various behavioural problems, discussed their individual problems during the interaction session, which was also attended by some adolescents.


Hippo calf picks up survival instincts
Our Correspondent

Chhat Bir, October 9
The 20-day-old Swena, a female hippopotamus calf , has fast picked up ‘survival instincts’ from her mother as she responds to every sound in and around her enclosure immediately.

Born at Mahendra Chaudhary Zoological Park on September 17, from a staggering ‘baby’ Swena has grown much stronger and confident as she moves her head around and hides herself underneath water sheet and behind her mother’s body as well.

The calf is still on mother’s feed but has started sniffing green straw and other solid food given to her mother by the zoo authorities. Swena follows her mother in water pond and to the feeding place in the enclosure. Swena spends maximum of her time in swimming and sleeping, said Mr Charan Singh, a keeper of the hippopotamus enclosure.

Generally known as river horse, a new born hippo calf weighs from 30 kg to 55 kg with a barrelled shaped body and a long head. Being an Africa animal, it lives in a group of 10 to 100 and the group is called School.

Hippopotamus has a capacity to stay under water from five minutes to 30 minutes. An adult hippo consumes 20 kg of green fodder daily. The animal has a life span of 45 years and its gestation period is 210 to 260 days, informed Mr Neeraj Gupta, a Wildlife Warden with the zoo.

Too young to be exhibited for public, Swena is taken care of by the zoo staff.

A visit to Swena’s enclosure revealed that she was spending most of her time with her mother in the pond. She also followed her mother to the land after a zoo keeper lured them with green fodder.

After standing for few minutes, she collapsed on the ground and moved ahead trailing her mother in the enclosure.

This time the protective mother was cool and gently stepped towards the water pond accompanying her baby.


Servant strangled old woman: police
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 9
The 81-year-old mother of R.S. Mathauda, Income Tax Commissioner, Patiala, was today found to have been murdered at her Sector 33 residence by her servant who had been serving her since 1996.

The body of Ajmer Kaur was found by the police yesterday with not-so-apparent marks on her neck. The mystery of the death was solved today with the police arresting her servant Navin Kumar who confessed to having strangulated the woman on the intervening night of October 7 and 8.

The police arrested the servant of the Sector 33 C resident after the post-mortem report confirmed that the woman died of strangulation. The woman lived in house No. 1402.

The arrest has surprised everybody as initially the death of the woman was considered to have been caused by an accidental fall but when the police saw marks on her neck the body was sent for post-mortem.

Navin Kumar attempted to make the murder a burglary attempt by allegedly burning his neck by a cigarette to hide injuries sustained during a scuffle between him and the woman and keeping a door of the house open to create an impression that thieves entered the house.

Navin Kumar seemed confident and did not run away from the residence of his employer. He, however, did not also inform the police about the death of the woman. Ajmer Kaur’s late husband Gurdial Singh worked with the Forest Department of Punjab.

DSP S.S. Randhawa said the motive of the murder was theft and the police was looking for a purse of the woman, which was supposed to keep her jewellery and cash.

The alleged murderer Navin Kumar told reporters that it was a scuffle in which the woman died saying that the woman used to get violently hostile to him.

Mr Randhawa claimed that Navin Kumar allegedly pushed the woman in the night and when she fell he strangulated her to death.

After strangulation, the servant hit her head several times against the floor to ensure that she was dead.

The police suspected that Navin Kumar had taken the keys of the woman to take away the purse containing valuable items and put those back at the place they were kept.Back


Man commits suicide
Tribune News Service

SAS Nagar, October 9
Mukesh Kumar, a 20-year-old resident of Guru Nanak Colony in Phase 10, here committed suicide, hanging himself to death this afternoon.

According to the police, the victim was suffering from depression due to the family’s poor economic condition. “Mukesh lived with his father Man Singh and younger brother here but was not working,” informed Mr Harcharan Singh Bhullar, SP Mohali.

Mukesh’s mother had died when he was a child and the family had shifted from Nepal some years ago to Mohali where the three lived in a hutment in the unauthorised colony. His father works as a peon with the Punjab State Tubewell Corporation,” informed Mr Harsimran Singh Bal, in charge of Phase 11 police post. The police has started inquest proceedings.


Avedna gets protection from High Court
Saurabh Malik
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 9
I regret nothing — the message was vivid in her bright cheerful eyes. They twinkled with enthusiasm even as a “mob” waited outside the courtroom to take her away “against her wishes”. “My father, my mother and brothers are among them,” Avedna Sharma alleged in a relaxed voice. “They wanted to abduct me, but I protested and rushed inside the courtroom to seek protection”.

Avedna had recently hit the headlines after legalising her bond with a Muslim Wakf Board employee against her parents’ wishes. Appearing before the Punjab and Haryana High Court, the Ambala resident had asserted that she had tied the knot with Zakir Hussain after falling in love with him on June 4 at Jama Masjid in Pinjore. She had claimed that her parents, unhappy with the match, had forced her into a second marriage with Amitabh Thakur. But on July 15, she managed to give the Thakur a slip on way to Vaishno Devi for joining Zakir Hussain, she had added.

On the other hand, her father Ashok Sharma had asserted that Avedna was in illegal custody under the influence of Zakir Hussain. As a result of the protection ordered by the court, it was not possible to “recover” Avedna, he had added. Meanwhile, called to the court today by Mr Justice M.M. Kumar in connection with her husband’s bail petition, Avedna sat confidently in a bright yellow suit waving her henna coated hands assertively. After hearing her at length, Mr Justice Kumar directed the Panchkula police to escort her to an undisclosed destination. The judge also reserved orders on her husband’s petition. Mr Justice Kumar also fixed Monday as the next date of hearing in the case.

“Why can’t people allow us to live the way we want to?” Avedna questioned. “Why can’t they realise that I am living happily with my husband? Why are they trying to give a simple love story a communal touch? I simply fail to understand”.

Reposing on a sofa next to her counsel in the courtroom, she said, “My parents are against our wedding just because he is a Muslim. They are refusing to reconcile just because of communal reasons, nothing else”.

Giving details of the alleged incident, Avedna claimed, “It was about 3.15 pm. We were leaving the courtroom when the group surrounded us. They even tried to pull me towards them, but I managed to break free and rushed to the courtroom. Deposing before the judge, I expressed apprehension about my safety. Accepting my plea, the Judge provided me with police escorts”.

She concluded, “I have done what was the best for me and I have no regrets about it. Yes, I went against society and my parents, but there was nothing impulsive about it. I am happy with my husband, that’s all I have to say”.


Mobile connection restored
Kiran Deep

Chandigarh, October 9
In a decision favouring mobile users, the Panchkula Consumer Court has directed Spice Communication Limited, Mohali, to restore the connection of a resident of Panchkula under the Consumer Protection Act.

While passing an order the court said that “without going into the merits of the case and the fact that the phone has become the necessity of the day... Spice Communication Limited is hereby directed to restore the mobile connection of the complainant till October 20”.

The complainant Mr Pawan Valecha, proprietor of K.C. Palace, Sector-5, Panchkula, had filed a complaint that he had two mobile connections of Spice Communication. Mr Valecha added that being the proprietor of a cinema house he had to attend calls relating to his business from various states and, in particular, Mumbai. Giving details, Mr Valecha alleged that on September 13, 2003, he was shocked to find that his incoming and outgoing calls had been barred by the mobile company. He checked the bills relating to the mobile company and found that none of the bills were unpaid on September 13. Giving details, Mr Valecha further alleged that since he subscribed the mobile connection, there had been no default in payment of bills on his part. Thereafter, he contacted the customer care wing to know the reason for the disconnection. However, he was not given a satisfactory reply. Later he was informed that some amount was outstanding against him. Further, on a specific query from the mobile company, the complainant was informed that no balance amount was pending against him.

The complainant alleged that due to the disconnection of his phone he had suffered financial loss in his business. Mr Valecha had filed an application for the restoration of his mobile connection which had allegedly not been restored despite issuance of a legal notice. He has pleaded for a compensation of Rs 3 lakh for causing him financial loss and Rs 2 lakh for inconvenience, loss of reputation and mental harassment due to a deficiency in the services of the company. 


Harbhajan Singh Halwarvi dead
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 9
Former Editor of Punjabi Tribune Harbhajan Singh Halwarvi died following a brief illness at the PGI here this morning. He was 60 and is survived by his wife and a son. He was presently working as Editor of Punjabi daily, Desh Sewak. Halwarvi was Editor of Punjabi Tribune for 12 years.

His body was cremated at the Sector 25 cremation ground. The funeral pyre was lit by his son Nikku and brother Avtar Singh. Wreaths were placed on the body by the Adviser to the Punjab Chief Minister, Mr B.I.S. Chahal; the Editor of Punjabi Tribune, Mr Shangara Singh Bhullar; the Editor of Dainik Tribune, Mr Raj Kumar Singh; the General Manager of The Tribune, Mr R.N. Gupta, the Additional General Manager of The Tribune, Mr O.P. Arora; the President of The Tribune Employees Union, Mr Balbir Singh Jandu; the Editor of Ajit, Mr Barjinder Singh Hamdard; A CPM leader, Prof Balwant Singh; the General Secretary of the Akali Dal, Prof Prem Singh Chandumajra; and the President of Chandigarh Press Club, Mr Sarbjit Singh Pandher.

Among those who attended the funeral were the Vice-Chancellor of Panjab University, Prof K.N. Pathak; and writers, Mr Waryam Sandhu, Mr Gulzar Singh, Dr Deepak Manmohan, Prof Devinder Singh, Mr Jasbir Bhullar and Prof Labh Singh.

Punjab Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh, former Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal, SGPC chief Gurcharan Singh Tohra, Prof Chandumajra and Lok Bhalai Party chief Balwant Singh Ramoowalia expressed deep grief over the death of Harbhajan Singh Halwarvi. In separate statements, they said that it was a big loss to Punjabi journalism.

Expressing sorrow over the death of Halwarvi, Information and Public Relations Officers Welfare Association chief Uma Sharma said that the state had lost a Punjabi poet and journalist.

Mr Pandher said that a condolence meeting would be held at Chandigarh Press Club tomorrow at 11 a.m. to pay tributes to the departed soul. He said that the club remained closed today as a mark of respect to the deceased.

The Punjab Sangeet Natak Akademi has also condoled the death of Halwarvi.


2 Delhi residents die in accident
Our Correspondent

Zirakpur, October 9
Two members of a Delhi-based family died while three others sustained injuries, one seriously, after the car in which they were on their way to Chandigarh collided head-on with a truck coming from the opposite direction on the Chandigarh-Ambala highway, near here, late last night.

The car occupants Ravjit Singh (45) and his mother Rajinder Kaur (75) died on the spot while Ravjit’s wife Ramandeep Kaur (43) sustained serious head injuries. Two daughters ( aged 17 and 13) who were travelling in the same car also sustained injuries on their faces, arms and body parts. However, their maid and a pet dog escaped unhurt in the accident.

A resident of 46/J, Rajauri Garden in New Delhi, Rajinder Kaur, along with her family members were on their way to attend the marriage of her niece in Chandigarh when their red Ceilo car (DL-9CA-7365) collided with the truck (PB-04-9573) at a sale tax collection centre on the highway in Lohgarh village at about 11 pm near here.

Being the family of business men, the victims were related to Ms Gurdeep Kaur, Councillor of Dera Bassi Municipal Council. She said that Ravjit Singh and his mother were taken to the Government Medical Collage and Hospital, Sector 32, in Chandigarh where doctors declared them ‘brought dead’. Seriously injured Ramandeep Kaur was rushed to the PGI in Chandigarh where her condition is critical.

Passersby and Lohgarh police extricated the injured from the damaged car and helped taking them to hospitals in Chandigarh.

After postmortem examinations conducted at Civil Hospital in Rajpura, the bodies were handed over to the family members who took them to Delhi for last rites. Seriously injured Ramandeep Kaur is still struggling for life in the PGI, the police said.

The police has impounded the vehicles involved in the accident and a case under Sections 279, 337, 338, 304-A of the Indian Penal Code has been registered against the truck driver who reportedly fled from the scene after the accident.

It may be recalled that in a similar accident, five members of a Delhi-based family had died when their Hyundai Accent car collided head on with a Haryana Roadways bus on the killer Chandigarh-Ambala highway near Lalru on June 6.

Residents of Flat No 120, Bock No C2 of Janakpuri in New Delhi, the entire family, including a couple, their son, their mother and a maid were all crushed to death when their car had a head-on collision with the bus. The family was going to Shimla to enjoy holidays.


Change in Panchkula, Chd phone Nos

Chandigarh, October 9
All phone numbers of the BSNL and the private service provider, Connect, in Chandigarh and Panchkula will change from tomorrow midnight.

In case of BSNL, digit ‘2’ will be pre-fixed to all numbers. In case of Connect, there will be two numbering schemes. In case of numbers starting with digit ‘3’, the first digit will be replaced by ‘50’ and the rest of the number will remain the same. In case of numbers starting with digit ‘8’, the first digit will be replaced by ‘51’. All telephone numbers would be of seven digits. All users of the BSNL’s Internet connection Netone would have to feed in fresh login’s with the new seven digit numbers. Subscribers can dial 1501 in case of any difficulty. However, subscribers need not reset their STD locking codes. In case of BSNL’s WLL subscribers, the prefix 2 will be added. These numbers start with 40 and have been provided in areas where it is difficult to set a landline phone. These subscribers will have to dial a code from their handsets. The code is ‘‘ # # 0000000 # 1 # 3 # 2 followed by the existing six digit WLL number ’’. TNS


Raising day function of Territorial Army
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 9
Several sports and social events marked the 55th raising Day of the Territorial Army (TA) here today. The highlight of the celebrations was a reception hosted for 50 officers and men of the Western Command TA Group by the Governor of Haryana, Babu Parmanand. Felicitating TA personnel on the occasion, the governor commended their role in war as well as peace.

Addressing a special Sainik Sammelan, the Group Commander, Brig G.J. Singh, reminded TA personnel of their assigned task and called upon them to discharge their duties diligently.

Earlier, a cycle rally was also flagged off by the group commander from the location of one of the units based here. The 10-member rally, led by Subedar Roshan Lal, will culminate at Puh in Himachal Pradesh on October 15 after traversing a distance of 440 km.

In the first event of its kind organised by the Territorial Army, a canoeing and rowing competition was held for TA personnel at Sukhna Lake here. The overall winner of the event was 105 (Rajputana Rifles) TA Battalion, while 105 (Punjab) TA Battalion was the runners-up.


Readers Write
Liquor makes home a hell

Liquor converts a home into an ‘ahata’. We celebrate happy occasions by serving liquor to our guests and friends. It is an irony that nobody objects such a practice on occasions of celebrations. Rather the host encourages his guests to consume more. And from here starts the beginning of an end of a sweet home.

It has been observed that parents do not mind their children consuming liquor on celebrations. And more so, their late-night outings are not questioned. Outings and datings have become a culture now. Twenty-first century parents want their children to be more westernised. Mothers, while washing the clothes of their kids, often find cigarettes in their pockets. Although a verbal warning is issued to them by their mothers, yet, their fathers are not informed about their children’s misdeeds most of the times. This negligence on the part of mothers has been the main source of their children’s inspiration to indulge in intoxicants.

Most of the working parents are not aware of the routine of their children. Many a time parents take liquor in the presence of their children and sometime go wild after that. Their kids too follow suit. They begin coming home late in inebriated condition on the pretext of celebrating their friends’ birthdays or some other excuse.

In the name of society and position, we have made our lives hell. Even in get-togethers we dance to the tune of wine. And within no time, wine rules the mind.

Everyday we come across a new case of liquor-related incident in newspapers. But we forget it at the fall of night and remain strict to our drinking schedule.

Die-hard alcoholics show their might at home. He invites his friends to his house for cocktail parties. He orders his wife for soda, glasses etc and asks her to prepare the dinner for his friends. In fact, he has been trying to prove to his friends that he rules his home. In inebriated state, he would soon start finding faults with the preparation of dinner. This man is not aware that this ‘play’ is the first scene of his divorce and he himself has been its writer, director and actor.

It was a winter month of 1999. I was smoking a cigarette in my room. My niece was reading a comic sitting besides me. Suddenly, she turned around and asked, “Mamu, do you know smoking harms the lungs?” I said yes. ‘‘Do you also know it harms more those who share the room with smokers?”, was her second question to me. This took me by surprise. I immediately got up and threw out the cigarette. I was feeling a humiliated. I could not hold courage to face her again. Only, I could murmur was ‘‘yes, it effects others too’’. ‘‘If yes, then do you want my lungs to be harmed?”, she spoke very innocently while holding my hands. On listening this, I could not control my emotions. I took her into my arms. Tears had been rolling down my cheeks. She asked me to promise her for not smoking in future. I had been much impressed with her knowledge and for the unique way of her teaching me a lesson on smoking.

This advice of my little fairy helped me in quitting smoking. Believe me, I have discovered a changed man in me.

Virender Gharu, SAS Nagar

Is Indian economy growing?

There are loud and vociferous proclamations from political leaders that the Indian economy is growing rapidly. Even the media has not been as much honest as it should have been in examining the state of Indian economy. There may be some very sophisticated interpretations as to what economic growth means. But for a simple, moderately educated and average intelligent man, growth entails when all young boys and girls in the working age group are gainfully employed. Is this state of affairs to be found in India today? The answer is ‘no’. Thousands of young boys and girls in the working age group are loitering about in streets. They are unable to feed themselves, what to talk of helping their parents.

In Punjab alone thousands of young boys and girls are found unemployed. Being unemployed, they have become frustrated. The leaders should open up their eyes and should see the things in right perspective. In Punjab and Haryana several hundred so called engineering colleges have come up. They have no infrastructure and have just two-three small rooms. They demand hefty amounts for admission along with donations. One can easily visualise what sort of competent engineers are to be produced by these dishonest money-making colleges. The most agonising thing is that the universities and the government, both have bestowed their blessings upon these fraudulent institutions through recognitions. The universities have been given Vice-Chancellors by the government who are least qualified to hold the job.

Growth of engineering and dental colleges in Punjab and Haryana should immediately be checked and the sponsors should be shown the door. They should not be allowed to fleece the people. Only competent and efficient engineers should be produced. By doing this young men will be feeling contented and they will be contributing enormously in the nation building.

Dr Naresh Raj, Patiala

Victory in Asia Cup

Indian hockey received the much-needed shot in the arm after clinching the Asia Cup held at Malaysia. India for the first time in the history of Asian hockey lifted the Asia Cup, despite reaching the final four times before. Credit goes to the players who made this dream into reality.

This win was also important as they qualified for the next Champions Trophy and now they can concentrate fully for the Athens Olympics. The hockey team showed a good sportsmanship gesture by dedicating the victory to the ace penalty corner specialist Jugraj Singh who missed this tournament due to a car accident.

Vikram Chaudhary, Chandigarh

Govt ignoring Kairon

The Punjab Government has been displaying portraits of former Chief Ministers in the Punjab Vidhan Sabha gallery. The 102nd birth anniversary of former Chief Minister of Punjab, Sardar Partap Singh Kairon, a great freedom fighter, an able administrator , a great visionary and builder of this beautiful city, was on October 1.

Whereas the galleries adores portrait of a former Cabinet minister of Punjab Hit Ablashi and Mr Beant Singh, there is no portrait of Kairon in the gallery of Punjab Vidhan Sabha. Whereas the Haryana Government celebrated the 90th birth anniversary of Ch Devi Lal, the Punjab Government has not taken even a single step to celebrate the 102nd birth anniversary of Sardar Partap Singh Kairon.

Narinder Singh ‘International’, Chandigarh

Patiala bypass

Patiala bypass, which was planned about 30 years ago, has made full payment as land compensation to its owners. But the bypass has not been constructed so far. Sometimes, it is said that the military authorities will construct the same. The passersby face many difficulties because of this.

D.R. Malhotra, Patiala


Decomposed body still unidentified
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, October 9
The Chandi Mandir police has not been able to identify the man, whose decomposed body was found buried in a hillock near Naddha village last night.

According to the police, the body was at least three-day old when it was found. It will now be sent to the PGI, Rohtak, for a post-mortem examination. Police officials say it is only after the post-mortem examination that they will know if the victim was murdered. A case will be registered accordingly thereafter.

Army man dies

Subedar Arjun Kumar Rai of Gorkha Regiment, who was posted at Western Command Headquarters, Chandi Mandir, died mysteriously in the cantonment area. Police sources say he was sitting in an Army jonga this morning, when he fell down from the vehicle. He was rushed to the Command Hospital, where he died. The police has initiated inquest proceedings in this regard.


Petrol samples taken
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, October 9
The District Food and Civil Supplies Department today collected petrol and diesel samples from three petrol stations in the township. The samples were collected to check if the percentage of ethanol mixed in petrol did not exceed its specified 5 per cent level.

The team led by the DFSC, Panchkula, Mr Ram Gopal Sharma, and a representative of Indian Oil Corporation (IOC), Mr Matthew Verghese, collected samples from a petrol station in Old Panchkula, Sector 2 and Sector 4. The samples of petrol and diesel collected by the team would be sent to the IOC to check for adulteration.

Talking to TNS, Mr Ram Gopal Sharma said the samples were randomly collected from the petrol stations, following the directions of the Food and Civil Supplies department. He said directions were given to all DFSCs to collect the samples, after several consumers that had got fuel from petrol pumps in Karnal and Faridabad, recently had complained of adulteration.

It is learnt that samples of 1 litre each of petrol and diesel were collected from each of the station. Another set of samples were also collected and after being sealed, were given to the petrol station owner. This was done for rechecking the sample, in case the first sample was found adulterated.


2 cops held, let off by Bareilly police
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, October 9
Two policemen from the local police were apprehended by the Bareilly railway police for abetting the escape of an accused from their custody yesterday. Incidentally, they had themselves gone to the railway police in Bareilly to register a complaint regarding the accused having managed to give them a slip.

The policemen — Head Constable Dhoop Singh and Constable Mahipal — both posted at Police Station Sector 5 here, had been sent to Mohalla Dalal in Gonda district of Uttar Pradesh on September 25 in order to arrest Jaggu. The latter had been booked by the police earlier on charges of committing theft at his employer’s house in Panchkula.

The policemen managed to arrest Jaggu from his house on October 3. It was while they were getting Jaggu back to Panchkula by train, when Jaggu managed to give them a slip. They reportedly tried to find Jaggu on their own, before deciding to seek the help of the Bareilly police.

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