L U D H I A N A   S T O R I E S


Day 1
Utter chaos, vehicles stranded
Satluj Bridge toll plaza functional 
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Phillaur, August 5
Utter chaos prevailed on the first day at the toll plaza that started its operations from Satluj Bridge here today. Long queues of vehicles were seen on either side of the National Highway I. Hundreds of stranded commuters, in their vehicles, had to wait for more than half an hour - even longer in certain cases - for their turn at the plaza.

A senior official of the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI), on condition of anonymity, said, "The delay occurred due to a technical snag in the ticketing machine."

A number of commuters said they were being charged double the toll amount. Pawan Singh, a car driver, said, "I was given a 'kachi parchi' worth Rs 45 at the Doraha barrier, which turned out be valid till yesterday".

Vinay Rathore, a commuter heading towards Jalandhar, complained that he was charged twice by the NHAI authorities - first at the Doraha toll barrier and the second time when he reached Satluj Bridge.

Showing a 'kachi parchi', Inderjit Singh said, "I complained to the staff that if the toll plaza has been shifted to Satluj Bridge, then why they were charging at the Doraha toll barrier? The employees replied that they had been told to charge the commuters at the Doraha toll bridge till Satluj Bridge was fully functional."

Tarun Kumar complained that he crossed from the Doraha toll barrier at around 3:30 pm and was charged the toll tax, but when he reached the Satluj Bridge toll plaza, he was again charged toll tax by the authorities.

However, Col J.L. Grover, who said that he was the manager of the toll plaza, refused to comment on the allegations.

The residents of Phillaur complained about the slack attitude of the NHAI authorities.

They complained that they were told that passes would be available to them in the afternoon, but later they learnt that the passes would be given in the evening.

The Luhinana residents, who commute to Jalandhar on a daily basis, were refused concessional passes by the NHAI authorities.

Harmandeep Singh, a resident of Phillaur said, "I was promised by the authorities that passes would be made by the afternoon, but when I reached here, I was told to come again by the authorities.

Surinder Sharma, a city resident, complained that he commuted to Jalandhar daily, but the authorities had refused to issue him the concessional pass.


Focal Point Sewer Problem
MC chalks out public-private participation plan
Kanchan Vasdev
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 5
To sort out the problem of Focal Point area, arising out of an inadequate sewerage system, the municipal corporation has chalked out a Public-Private Participation (PPP) plan, under which a new line will be laid in the area.

If the plan is approved by the state government, the Rs 100-crore project to lay a new sewerline in the area will be funded by the MC and industrialists together and the civic body is in the process of working out the modalities of the entire project.

The MC has expressed its inability to spend this much amount on the new system. The civic body argues that the industrialists are accused of throwing industrial effluents down the sewers. They even throw several solid materials into the sewers that lead to choking and finally overflowing in several areas.

"We have mooted this idea which will go to the Local Bodies Department for approval. If the approval comes by, we will go ahead with it," said commissioner Vikas Partap.

He added that the MC had laid a sewerline for the Focal Point. Due to lack of discipline, the entire system proved a failure, said the commissioner.

He said he would not blame any single segment for the problem. "But it stares in the face of all of us. So we have to learn from the past and do something so that the same problem is not created again."

The industrialists have been crying foul over the choked sewers in the area. The roads get flooded even when there are no rains. The roads get damaged, too, due to water logging and huge craters are formed. Industrialists state they get clients from abroad and when they reach the area, it leads to embarrassment.

They have also been arguing that when the industry was paying taxes to the state exchequer, they should be provided with the civic amenities. "It was the responsibility of the state," they have been claiming.

The MC was forced to moot the PPP model following refusal of Rs 100-crore grant by the Centre under the Jawahar Lal Nehru Urban Renewal Mission (NURM) in April this year.



Power situation improves, cuts withdrawn
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, August 5
With widespread rains in different parts of the state during the past few days and additional power having been arranged by the Punjab State Electricity Board (PSEB), the power scenario in Punjab has shown a marked improvement during the past couple of days.

As a result, power supply to the farm sector in the day/night group as well as in border areas is being made for 10 to 15 hours while power cuts on urban and mixed feeders have either been completely withdrawn or minimised.

As of now, no relaxation has been granted to the industrial sector. The mandatory two weekly offs for induction furnaces and rerolling mills and one and half weekly off for industrial units fed by category two feeders (where industrial load is more than 90 per cent), in addition to peak load hour restrictions, will continue for the time being.

Sources at the PSEB headquarters revealed that demand for power, which had peaked at around 1,870 lakh units as on July 30, had come down in the range of 1,550-1,600 lakh units. At the same time, availability of power had also improved as the state was getting 24 lakh units from Madhya Pradesh and another 19 lakh units from Rajasthan, providing a big relief to the people from power cuts, even if for the time being.

On the flip side, sources added, the share of Punjab from the Northern grid had been curtailed by nearly 16 lakh units after closure of one unit each of Unchahaar Thermal Plant (210MW) and Rihand Thermal Plant (500MW) for one month, which was necessitated for annual maintenance. It was learnt that some of the thermal plants in Uttar Pradesh were offering power at an exorbitant rate of Rs 12 per unit and the PSEB had made arrangements to procure around 50 MW power from these plants only as an exigency measure.

The sources maintained that if the state continued to have normal rainfall, and barring an unexpected shortfall in availability of power from different sources, the power situation in the state would remain comfortable from now on. However, the PSEB would continue its drive to motivate the public about conservation of power by switching over to compact fluorescent lamps as also cutting down on use of decorative lights and air-conditioners.



Plan to go green faces roadblock
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 5
The state government is trying to create a "clean and green" environment in Punjab. In this direction, mass level campaigns have been initiated by the government to make Punjab "pollution free".

But the unfortunate part is that the forest department is facing about 60 per cent staff shortage. In the absence of sufficient number of forest guards in the , how can the government think of making such drives successful?

An official with the department here said the department was under pressure these days. Officials have been asked to plant lakhs of saplings to make the surroundings green. Due to staff shortage, one forest guard was looking after the work of four guards.

"There is acute shortage of official/clerical staff and forest guards. The tree plantation drive depends on guards who plant thousands of saplings and look after them for years. If there is no sufficient number of guards, how can lakhs of saplings be taken care of", asked an employee with the department, adding that they were not being paid extra for "extra work" either.

Under the vanmahotsav programme, the government has chalked out a plan to plant 88 lakh saplings under the Farm Forestry Scheme on the public land near canals, industrial area and educational institutions, besides surplus land of farmers as green cover will neutralise the negative effects of pollution.

The district forest department has been given the responsibility of planting 1,75,000 saplings on its own. Besides, the department will provide 1 lakh saplings free of cost to NGOs and other social organisations.

Balwinder Singh, an expert on landscaping and an alumnus of Punjab Agricultural University (PAU), said the drive could not be successful in absence of proper follow-up procedures. "A sapling has to be nurtured for at least 3-4 years. Proper space, water etc has to be provided to the plant, which requires regular monitoring as 30-40 per cent trees die during initial stages", he said. 



Rise In Input Costs
Common man's bicycle set to be costlier
Shveta Pathak
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 5
The common man's bicycle, roadster, that has seen a price rise four times this year, is all set to get costlier soon with bicycle manufacturers unable to cover the rise in input costs even after effecting a price hike.

The prices of fancy bicycles, including mountain-terrain bikes, too, are likely to rise by an average of Rs 500 a unit.

In the case of roadster, currently available for around Rs 1,950, an increase of Rs 400 has already taken place this year. The recent hike of Rs 100 came into effect from the beginning of this month. However, manufacturers say another hike of Rs 50 will be required only to cover the increase in input costs due to the hike in steel prices.

The increase will be more if the hike in prices of other input material like tyres and plastic is considered, they said.

"We are unable to cover the costs even after this hike. So far we have increased the price by Rs 400 with which we have not even managed to cover the rise in steel prices.

As roadster is mostly used by the working class, we avoid price hikes. However, in order to cover up for the rise in input costs, we will have to effect another price rise soon," said Charanjit Singh Vishwakarma, president of the United Cycle and Parts Manufacturers Association.

Apart from the regular bicycle, prices of fancy bikes, too, will increase by around Rs 500 a unit. Fancy bicycles are priced Rs 2,500 onwards.

"The customer for fancy bicycles is different which is why the price rise in that case does not affect demand," added Vishwakarma.

With demand for bicycles having recorded an increase after fuel price hike, the industry is hopeful it will be able to cover up the rise in production costs within a short period.



City Concerns

Rains usually bring joy but certainly not for the residents of Punjab’s financial capital, Ludhiana. Just an hour of downpour leaves the city deluged. And it’s not only the low-lying areas that suffer the brunt. Even posh localities get flooded, leading to all sorts of problems for the residents and daily commuters.

The residents have protested on numerous occasions and the media have never failed to highlight the problem. But the administration has so far done little to offer any solutions.

The administration passes the buck on the MC, which in turn says that the sewerage and the storm water discharge system has outlived its utility. They, together, also blame the residents for disposing garbage mindlessly, leading to chocking of drains and sewerage.

Who exactly is to be blamed for this mess? Are their any solutions or has the situation reached a point of no return? Isn’t the administration trying to wash it’s hands off it’s own responsibilities by blaming the residents? Or do we really lack civic sense?

The Ludhiana Tribune invites its readers to write their opinion on this issue, so vital for the city. Readers can email their responses, in not more that 200 words, to ludhianaconcerns@tribunemail.com or send them to our City Office at Bhadaur House, Ludhiana.

— City Editor



Shops come up near nullah, MC sleeps
Kanchan Vasdev
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, Augut 5
A number of shops are coming up in Transport Nagar near ganda nullah illegally in connivance with senior functionaries of the municipal corporation. While these controversial 20-22 shops are being constructed under the nose of the authorities, no action has been taken against the illegal structures.

The work on these shops started two months ago. As these are coming up next to the nullah, controversy surrounded these structures.

The matter was taken up some days ago at the general house meet of the MC by a councillor, Ashok Bagga, who submitted a complaint to city mayor, Hakam Singh Gyaspura.

The mayor had said he did not know anything about the case and assured him action.

The councillor withdrew his complaint the next day. Many eyebrows were raised when he withdrew it. Sources revealed many councillors were trying to protect shopkeepers and they met the mayor asking him not to initiate any action. They reportedly asked him to remove all encroachments first before taking any action against these shops.

Bagga said the shopkeepers had got registered sale deeds. He, however, refused to say anything else on the issue stating he was busy in a function.

Meanwhile, several local leaders have demanded a probe into the construction.

‘‘How come Bagga submitted a complaint and later withdrew it? Why did he rake up the matter in the house if he was not sure of his complaint. All this is clearly pointing towards a major scam. How can anybody own land just a few inches away from the nullah? This is a clear encroachment, ’’ said Arvind Sharma of the BJP.

Joint commissioner, MC, Ashok Bajaj, said Transport Nagar was developed by the Improvement Trust and it was passed on to the MC for maintenance. ‘‘We have asked the shopkeepers to submit documents supporting their claims that it was a private property. We are reverting back to the trust to verify the ownership of the land. We will take an action if these shops are illegal,’’ said Bajaj. 



Barrier shifted, yet commuters being charged toll
Our Correspondent

Doraha, August 5
As the toll barrier was finally shifted today from Doraha to the Satluj Bridge, passengers plying from Ludhiana to Patiala will now have to encounter no toll plaza on their way.

Now, when the toll barrier has been shifted, the commuters question as to when will the toll fee be discontinued. One of the commuters travelling in a bus today persisted on not paying Rs 6 extra in the form of toll fee as he said their was no more toll to be paid to the NHAI on this route.

Many more passengers joined him but as is the common practice, bus drivers and conductors will wait for the orders.

One such passenger, who is a bank employee and daily commutes from Ludhiana to Khanna in a bus, said, “We are well aware that imposing of any tax for the government is easier but to remove a particular tax is no less than a difficult task for them. In this case too if the government does not pay heed and continue with the open exploitation of the passengers, we will not sit quiet. We have already suffered heavily under the guise of passenger toll just to fill in the government treasury”.

Meanwhile, Lakhwinder Singh Buani and Pawan Kumar Kaushal, district general secretary and state committee member of the MCPI(U) have urged the government to revert the passenger toll since there is now no toll barrier on this route.

Members of the Youth Forum and the Federation of Democratic Youth of Doraha too have demanded the early lifting of the passenger toll failing which no private or government bus will be allowed to ply on this route.



Rain cools city
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 5
The rainfall in the region in the past 48 hours has brought respite from hot and humid weather to city residents. The maximum temperature which hovered around 35 degree Celsius in recent days, came down to 30 degrees today.

Dr G.S.Bains, head of the agro-meteorological department of Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) said 9 mm rainfall was recorded today. He added that weather was expected to remain cloudy with partial rainfall at some places. "The monsoons have been well-distributed this season", he said.



Health officials visit slums
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 5
A team of health officials undertaking public awareness campaign against diseases prevalent in the rainy season today visited slum areas in various parts of the city. The officials asked the people to contact civil surgeon control room on 2444193 in case of dire need.

Civil surgeon Dr SP Sharma said district epidemiologist Dr RS Garewal along with other health officials visited areas in Abdullapur Basti, Dugri road, Dhaka colony and Jawahar Nagar camp.

Satish Sachdeva from the Mass Media Wing, Bhag Singh from anti-larva staff and health inspector Balwant Singh Bahona informed the people about symptoms of jaundice, typhoid, cholera and other stomach disorders. The health officials also called upon the people to take proper preventive measures.

Cautioning the slum populace against water-borne diseases, the officials emphasised the use of chlorine tablet in drinking water. One chlorine tablet should be added to 20 litres of water half hour prior to its use, the officials said.

Experts from the Health Department also asked the people to use ORS in case of diarrhoea and advised to go for tests in case of high fever. 



Jathedar for consensus on major issues
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 5
"I will attempt a consensual approach in dealing with different issues facing the Sikh panth,” said the newly appointed Jathedar of Akal Takht, Giani Gurbachan Singh, while talking to mediapersons here today.

In his first-ever interview after being appointed the Akal Takht Jathedar, Giani Gurbachan Singh spoke on an optimistic note on decisions emerging out of the discussions between all takhts on different subjects.

In reply to a question on Dera Sacha Sauda, the Jathedar said he had no information so far about the reported offer of the dera for talks. He said whatever the issue may be, the matter would be discussed on a common platform of the panth before a final decision was taken.

Giani Gurbachan Singh, head Granthi of Sri Darbar Sahib, Amritsar, before he was elevated to the coveted post of the Head Priest of Akal Takht, said, "Although I have got no formal intimation regarding my elevation to the post of the Jathedar, I have received several congratulatory messages from various quarters of the Sikh 



Breastfeeding Week
Competition held for schoolchildren
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 5
The Punjab state branch of the Indian Academy of Paediatrics (IAP), to commemorate World Breastfeeding Week (WBW) organised an on- the- spot postermaking competition for students of Shahed-e-Azam Sukhdev Thapar Government Girls Senior Secondary School, Bharat Nagar, Ludhiana. Principal Kamaljeet Kaur inaugurated it.

Dr Rajinder Gulati, president, IAP, Punjab, said India could save 250,000 babies annually if all mothers began breastfeeding within one hour of birth of a child.

The winners of the competition included Komal Verma, Rajwinder Kaur, Hardeep Kaur, Preet Kamal Kaur and Daljeet Kaur.

The situation in Punjab was not so good when it came to initiation of breastfeeding within one hour with only 10.3 per cent of mothers doing so. Dr Surinder Likhi, Dr Puneet Juneja and Dr Lovy Likhi from IAP, Punjab, judged the five best entries and awarded them with prizes. 



CMCH rebuts patients’ allegations
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 5
The CMCH today rebutted allegations made by attendants of some indoor patients pertaining to enforced buying of medicines from hospital pharmacy.

Dr Kim Mammen, acting director, CMCH, stated that patients were encouraged to buy the medicines from hospital pharmacy as they were genuine molecules from reputed pharmaceutical companies that were verified and ensured better treatment outcome. Also, medicines were sold at MRP, the director added.



Inconvenienced by ATM

ATM counters at different parts of the city have become a source of inconvenience. On Monday, I had to face a lot of harassment and approach one after another ATMs of the city to get the money. First of all, I approached an ATM counter situated at Miller Ganj and from where I had to return empty-handed as the lock of the main door was not opening in spite of the repeated insertion of my card. And after getting disappointment at the counter, I approached another counter situated at New Kidwai Nagar and again there I had to meet with harassment as the screen of ATM there was repeatedly showing a message,"your card has not been properly inserted, please insert the same again". At another ATM counter, I had to return because of insufficient funds in the ATM.

The authorities must look into the matter and stern instruction and orders must be issued to make the services user-friendly.

Ravi Chander Garg, Ludhiana

Readers are invited to mail letters (not more than 200 words) at "ludhiana@tribunemail.com" or post the same to The Tribune, 1, 2 Improvement Trust Building, Badaur House, Clock Tower, Ludhiana.



Experts for judicious use of pesticides
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 5
Entomologists at Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) have advocated judicious use of pesticides on paddy on the basis of economic threshold levels (stem borer - 5 per cent dead hearts in paddy and 2 per cent dead hearts in basmati, 10 per cent leaf damage of leaf folder and 5-10 plant hoppers/ hill floating on water for plant hoppers).

According to the scientists, farmers often do not follow the economic threshold levels and apply pesticides indiscriminately, which ultimately leads to an increase in the cost of production and also enhances resistance in insect-pests.

Some farmers have resorted to the use of unrecommended pesticides at sub-lethal doses e.g, cartap hydrochloride 4G which has been recommended only on basmati @ 10Kg / acre for the control of stem borer.

The scientists have warned that the use of sub-lethal dose is highly undesirable on basmati. According to an estimate, the total consumption of cartap hydrochloride for single application @ 7 kg / acre on 26.25 lakh hectares comes out to be 45937.50 tonnes and if applied twice, the total consumption would be around 91875 tonnes, the monetary value of which will be around Rs 551 crore considering Rs 60 per kg as its cost.

Foliar sprays are recommended for the effective management of insect pests which cost much lesser than the application of granules on paddy.The total cost, for example of chlorpyriphos (2 sprays), comes out to be Rs 105 crore only on paddy as compared to Rs 551 crore with unrecommended cartap hydrochloride. The higher cost of cartap hydrochloride in basmati is compensated by the higher market price of basmati than on ordinary paddy. Hence, the farmers are advised not to use the cartap hydrochloride on paddy.It will unnecessarily increase the cost of production and at sub-lethal dose would add to the development of resistance in insects.

The farmers are advised to use PAU-recommended pesticides and not to follow the advice of unscrupulous elements. The university advocates the management of pests rather than elimination of insects. The indiscriminate use of pesticides pollutes the environment and may kill the natural fauna in the paddy ecosystem.Thus, use these pesticides judiciously.



Foundation day at Spring Dale
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 5
Spring Dale Senior Secondary Public School celebrated its 26 foundation day with enthusiasm and fervour today. Students presented an attractive and meaningful cultural programme.

Satpal Gosain, deputy speaker, Punjab Vidhan Sabha, and Hakam Singh, mayor, Ludhiana Municipal Corporation, were the chief guests.

The function started with the welcome address by Jasbir Kaur, English teacher followed by a Shabad “Mohe Na Visaro” a tribute paid to Ishmeet.

Thereafter students presented a welcome song. Jatinder of Class XI and Vivek Azad of Class X delivered speeches highlighting the achievements of the school.



Govt School, PAU, lads score easy win
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, August 5
Government Model Senior Secondary School, Punjab Agricultural University, scored an emphatic 5-0 win over Governmnet Senior Secodnary School, Noorpura, in the Ludhiana Distrcit Inter-School Football Championship (u-19) being organised by the District Football Association, Ludhiana, at Guru Nanak Stadium here today.

Earlier in the inaugural match of the tournament, Government Senior Secondary School, Hassanpur, quelled a strong challenge from Kundan Vidya Mandir School before emerging victorious 2-1.

In the third match of the day, Government Senior Secondary School, Dhanansu, managed to squeeze past Latala 1-0 while in another match, Government Senior Secondary School, Jandiali, overcame a stiff challenge put up by their rivals from Government Senior Secondary School, Pakhowal, whom they prevailed over 1-0.

In the match played between Government Senior Secondary School, Shaibana, and Ramgarhia Senior Secondary School, Ludhiana, the former came out triumphant 5-4 through a penalty shootout.

In the last match of the day, Government Senior Secondary School, Jassowal, proved too good for Government Senior Secodnary School, Sarabha, whom they blanked 3-0.

Earlier, Amrit Gill, Assistant Commissioner, Excise and Taxation, Ludhiana, inaugurated the tournament in which 14 teams are taking part. Shivtar Singh Bajwa, president, DFA, Ludhiana, along with other office- bearers of the association was present at the inaugural function.



Orientation programme for freshers
Our Correspondent

Doraha, August 5
To mark the commencement of the first academic session of B.Tech freshers, an orientation programme was organised at Ludhiana College of Engineering and Technology (LCET), Katani Kalan, today.

All heads of departments introduced their faculty members as a part of the induction programme and Prof. Ajay Rana explained the details of the academic rules to the new comers.

Rimpi Mehani elucidated students' development programmes and the professional and cultural clubs of various departments and called upon the new comers to actively participate in extra curricular activities to develop hidden talent and creativity.

Hardip Singh informed the students about the anti-ragging measures adopted by the college and the helpline available for the freshers to check the menace of ragging on the campus. He also highlighted the concern of the college management to keep the campus ragging-free and take strong action against the violators by even lodging the FIR with the police, besides disciplinary action by the college.



Sekhon is varsity registrar
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 5
Dr Kashmira Singh Sekhon, former PAU dean, postgraduate studies, has been appointed as the registrar of Eternal University (EU), set up by Kalgidhar Trust, Baru Sahib, Sirmaur district, Himachal Pradesh.

Dr Sekhon has made a significant contribution to teaching, research and extension. He was awarded University of Manitoba Fellowship by Commonwealth Universities Association in 1993-94. A food technologist, Dr Sekhon was also Nestle Food Scientist of Year in 1994.

Eternal University has been set up by the Kalgidhar Trust, Baru Sahib, which carries a broad-based educational agenda with multi-disciplinary programmes in engineering, health science, business administration, pharmacy, naturopathy and alternative medicine, arts, teachers’ training , divine music and spirituality.



Global Pearls students celebrate Teej
Our Correspondent

Amloh, August 5
Teej was celebrated by students of Global Pearls Public School, Kaulgarh. They presented folk songs, solo dance and gidha. Girl students also took part in a mehndi competition.

Surinder Kaur Mangat, chief guest on the occasion, praised the students and staff of the school for celebrating Teej. The chairman of the school management committee, Capt Jawala Singh Grewal, honoured the chief guest.



Insurance company ordered to pay claim
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, August 5
Terming the denial of a claim to be unjustified, the District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum has ordered the National Insurance Company to pay Rs 2,34,958 as claim to an aggrieved consumer on account of damages to his car.

President of the forum J.S Chawla and member D.S Bakshi also directed the company to pay the awarded amount along with 9 per cent interest from the day of filing the case till payment.

The company was also ordered to pay litigation costs of Rs 1000.

The decision came on a complaint by Amrit Kaur of Guru Hargobind Nagar, near Chander Nagar, here.

The complainanat stated that she had a Scorpio.The vehicle was insured with the office of the National Insurace company at Kochhar Market, Model Gram, from April 19, 2005, to April 18, 2006.On May 4, 2005, her car met with an accident due to the bursting of the tyre. The matter was reported to the police as well as to the insurance company,but she was not paid any claim, added the complainant.

On the other hand, officials of the company pleaded that they were justified in not giving the claim.

It was submitted by them that for driving the Scorpio, the driver should have a licene for Light Motor Vehicle(LMV), but she was not having one.

The vehicle was also registered as LMV/jeep whereas she was only having licence to drive motor cycle/car. But the forum disagreed with the submissions of the insurance company and asked it to pay the claim. 



Diabetic camp by US researchers
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 5
Researchers from the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, USA, led by associate professor D. K Sanghera are conducting an Indo-US research study on diabetes in collaboration with the Hero DMC Heart Institute (HDHI), Ludhiana.

Dr Sanghera is the overall coordinator of the research study while Dr G.S.Wander, chief cardiologist at HDHI and Dr Sarju Ralhan, consultant cardiac surgeon at the institute, are the local coordinators.

As part of this study, a free diabetic camp will be held at the health check-up cell of the Hero DMC on August 6. Diabetic patients as well as non-diabetics can undergo basic as well as advanced tests, including blood sugar fasting, blood sugar (post breakfast) and complete lipid profile.

All the collected reports will then be sent to the USA and results obtained would be stored as part of a database to study the prevalence of diabetes in this part of the world. The results of these tests will be available after the completion of the testing in the USA followed by individual intimation to the participants.

According to Dr Wander, the purpose of the study is to raise awareness amongst communities and groups that experience difficulties in accessing optimal diabetes care. This is in keeping with the theme of World Diabetes Day which inspires to address diabetes in disadvantaged communities and vulnerable groups.



Inter-zonal cricket tournament
Raikot zone register easy win
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, August 5
The Raikot zone registered an easy 28-run win over the Jagraon zone in the inaugural match of the Ludhiana District Inter-Zonal Cricket Tournament (u-14) being held at the Sarpanch Bachan Singh Academy ground, Balloke, here today.

The Raikot zone won the toss and opted to bat first.They could not survive for 20 overs and made 78 runs after 18 overs. The main contributors were Harjot (22) and Kamaldeep (18).

For the Jagraon zone, Anand, Anu Kapoor and Manica were among the wicket takers. Anand took two for 16 while Anu grabbed two for 9 and Manica captured two for 8 runs.

In reply, the Jagraon zone were all out for 50 runs in 15 overs. Only Abhinav made 9 runs while the others failed miserably and they lost the match without puting any resistence.

For the winners, Gurmail was the pick of bowlers claiming three wickets for 11 runs while Prabhjot Singh accounted for two wickets for 7 runs.



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