Through the looking glass
Jasmine Singh

Artist Harjeet Singh Sandhu from New York is an expert at creating mosaic works with glass

Unassuming…he pulls out sketches and magazines from the 'only' bag (probably) that he could manage to get from New York. Artist Harjeet Singh Sandhu had to trade his luggage for paintings he had packed for an exhibition in Chandigarh.

"The airport authorities said I couldn't carry so many works of art, mostly big-sized. I consulted my friend in college, Sadhna Sangar, decided to leave my luggage behind and get all the paintings," says Sandhu, as he prepares to talk about his journey from being a physical education teacher to a painter. A mosaic artist, Sandhu puts his work ‘Colored Mirrors’ on display at the Punjab Kala Bhawan-16, Chandigarh, on Sunday.

A mosaic work of Baba Farid is what he wants to begin his story with… "I think I had an artist in me. When I was a kid, I would make clay toys. I was good in sports so I became a PT teacher, thereafter did my MA and as destiny would have had it, I was shortlisted for a state award, which I was denied due to some internal politics. This was a turning point in my life; I decided to leave everything and concentrate on my work," he adds.

This is how he went on looking for a new direction after moving to New York in 1985 and it was pieces of glasses that interested him. Mosaic was the word here. "I feel mirrors reflect the intrinsic beauty of anything. People and monuments, which have stood the test of time, is what inspire me the most," Sandhu adds, turning to the page in his life that excites him the most- making mosaics. "I can only make 2-3 works in a year. It takes lot of time; I made the Golden Temple in 11 months. The idea is to create a piece where people can see the movement of water around the Golden Temple." Currently he is working on the Banda Bahadur and mother Teresa mosaic.

A slight mention of the word 'difficult' makes Harjeet spin another story. He shows his hand with a tiny piece of glass stuck in it. "It travels with me. Working with glass is not easy. It can fly into the eyes, cuts and bruises are a regular affair. But nothing beats the satisfaction of creating a piece of art," shares this artist.

Beat the best!
Jasmine Singh

Sachit Takkar, who has given music in popular Punjabi albums, is creating waves with his electronic beats…

The look and feel of Punjabi albums has changed totally. Upcoming talented singers,
The look and feel of Punjabi albums has changed totally. Upcoming talented singers, good music, better choreography and direction have brought about the change.

Some years back, everyone, just about everyone, was either singing, dancing or making a Punjabi music album. Does this remind you of the scenario in Punjabi movies right now? With music production growing into a distinct field, Punjabi videos are beginning to rock again. Sachit Takkar has given music in popular Punjabi albums and he sees the best in it.

With his recent work Saturday Saturday along with Badshah, Sachh Bhai, as his friends like to call him, has struck a chord with his electronic beats. "Electronic music is a popular genre and it has made an entry in Punjabi albums as well," says Sachit who likes listening to David Guetta. From desi, hip-hop to electronic, he does it all. "Private music albums are made with a universal concept in mind. When I am making music, I first understand the concept, the listeners and then give music accordingly, which is inspired by electronic."

Sachit is working on other commercial Punjabi albums, but he still loves the desi beats. "Desi Punjabi music is equally popular. I would love to do a totally desi Punjabi album," adds Sachit, who has grown up listening to Jazzy B and Jassi Sidhu. "The look and feel of Punjabi albums has changed totally. Upcoming talented singers, good music, better choreography and direction have brought about the change," he adds.

As for music in Punjabi movies, Sachit says, "Punjabi film music is a different ball game altogether; it is based on the entire music of the film, whereas albums are made for all kinds of music fans and of course for the international market."

Training, does this word figure anywhere in the scheme of things. “Of course, I am a trained musician from Beat Factory Academy, Delhi. I also learnt how to play piano from Trinity. Training is like garnishing, if you have the passion and will to do something, training in that particular field helps to better the skills,” adds Sachit who advocates that training is a must.

Cuts & colours
Poonam Bindra

Photo: Himanshu Mahajan

Little did the family know that the interest kindled by watching his mother adept in the beauty business would make an expert of Abhay Girdhar in this field to the extent that he would represent the country on the international platform. He got this honour recently when he got to show his expertise in hair styling and coloring , being the sole representative from India for the Best of Asia pacific held at Bali Indonesia , sponsored by the house of Matrix UK.

I have attended many seminars in places like Turkey, Singapore, Thailand and some parts of Europe, but this was an awesome experience," shares Abhay the young beauty enthusiast and adds, "There I realised that for the western world hair grooming and styling holds a priority while here we lay more emphasis on jewellery and apparel”.

The moment he joined up the family business Abhay knew that hair is his forte so he got himself thoroughly trained at the Habib's hair centre Delhi before stepping into Piazza Beauty Parlour on Mall road Ludhiana. From then it was a series of learning and teaching, the latter being more close to his heart as he successfully runs the academy-'Abhay's Piazza hair and beauty institute. He had gone to Netherlands for his first overseas training in 2004. In 2005 he was the proud winner of L'oreal color Trophy in the men's image which is akin to the Oscars in Hair dressing

The finalists for this competition were chosen after many zonal level tests and the finale was judged by Adhuna Akhtar and Mallika Arora . This was followed by another feather in his cap as in 2006 he was appointed as the Matrix design Team member for conducting seminars and workshops for Matrix and the next year it was Croatia and the following year in Macau Hong Kong .

After Abhay's sister got married there was a void as his mother Arti was left alone to manage the 'make up section so he got himself trained from Kishore Thakar, a famous make up artist of Bollywood . So, now Abhay handles make up and hair styling. Still on a learning spree Abhay is currently attending the Commando and Bridal 2025 at Jaipur being organised by the National Rajasthan Hair and Beauty organisation.

Though dabbling on other beauty fronts Abhay has specially made himself an expert in the men's make over, may it be hair or make up or grooming.

Astro turf
P Khurrana

ARIES: Your card manifests material and emotional abundance with inner strength, maturity and communication skills. A good time to compete for a position of power. A general feeling of dissatisfaction lingers throughout the day. Tarot message: Use your instinct to get into the top circle of power. Lucky colour: White. Magic number: 62.

TAURUS: Flea markets and colorful shops will attract you and satisfy your urge to shop and browse. Promotions will be yours if you have acted professionally in times of crisis. Tarot message: Learn from past experience and desist from making a similar mistake again. Lucky colour: Green. Magic number: 42.

GEMINI: Your card "The Princess of Cups" manages to maintain clarity and direction in complicated work situations. Make a list of tasks, complete work or study assignments that are due. Tarot message: Be articulate to prevent people from making their own conclusions. Lucky colour: Peach.

Magic number: 46.

CANCER: The "Ace of Wands" strengthens and you may feel elated to see roses all the way. Engaging conversation with neighbours create a confusing atmosphere in the area. Tarot message: Dare to accomplish tasks, which normally take up a lot of time. Lucky colour: Ebony.

Magic number: 26.

LEO: 'The Knight of Pentacles' brings to attention practical and earthy matters. You need some help today. Changes in your home are apparent and you must be willing to bend if you don't want to find yourself alone. Tarot message: Take up one work at a time instead of too many. Lucky colour: Forest green. Magic number: 47.

VIRGO: "The Knight of Swords" instigates you to be active and clever. The biggest plans require attention to the tiniest details. In fact, the higher you aim, the more precision is needed. Tarot message: Listen carefully to words of wisdom even if you do not relish.

Lucky colour: Pink.

Magic number: 61.

LIBRA: Friends could get on your nerves today. Mixing business with pleasure works well for you. Be careful about getting into disagreements with seniors. Plan a special romantic evening with your partner. Tarot message: You will receive a useful tip at the stock exchange. Lucky colour: Black.

Magic number: 30.

SCORPIO: Your card "The Moon" reveals you gain balance, perspective and clarity in relationships. A frequent change of mood is likely. Further studies will help fine-tune your capabilities to perfection. Tarot message: Allow a sick situation blow over before you start a new project. Lucky colour: Burgundy. Magic number: 32.

SAGITTARIUS: Do not put undue pressure on yourself. Indulge yourself in personal pleasures; like eating, sleeping or counting your net worth. Guard against becoming independent and free. Tarot message: Balance and perspective will lead you out of problematic situations. Lucky colour: Brown.

Magic number: 39.

CAPRICORN: You could be in a restless and irritable mood and loved ones may bear the brunt of your temper. Romance could lead to some light-hearted and happy moments. Monetary gains are indicated. Tarot message: Remember, never to fall for rash promises. Lucky colour: Golden yellow. Magic number: 35.

AQUARIUS: The day promises fresh possibilities. Yet, even the longest journeys start with the first steps. There could be lots of activities at work and this may lead to additional job responsibilities.

Tarot message: Try a new off-beat style of handling things.

Lucky colour: Rust.

Magic number: 54.

PISCES: Set aside part of the weekly budget for whatever you need. A new approach to an old problem can be the solution. Networking is more your style than team playing.

Tarot message: Try a new off-beat style of handling things.

Lucky colour: Crimson.

Magic number: 43.

The year ahead
Madan Gupta Spatu

If your birthday is January 7...

Your main focus in year 2013 would be your children. You should take care of their needs by judging them yourself as they lack communication power. They will find it difficult to express themselves. Due to their lazy attitude, they may get scolding in school as well. Your children should donate food and clothes to needy. As far as health matters are concerned, you have to understand that aggression is bad for your health. You should take remedial measures so that your heart remains in good condition. If you are having some heart problems or blood related problems take special care of your body. Period from January to mid February would be quite difficult for you. Take effective measures and take care of your health.

As far as marital life is concerned, you should take care of your spouses needs particularly from January to March. Give a helping hand to your spouse. Things will be blissful after March. Overall it is a good year for marital relations. An accidental meeting with an old friend will revive happy memories and together you may think of working out a new venture where you will use your existing and ready set up. Those of you, who are looking for an office premise or a shop, will find a suitable place. Traders and commission agents will strike some lucrative deals this week. If something doesn't go right, don't take it out on anyone as this is due to excessive workload; it's nobody's fault. Those born in the third decade will feel limited and will resist rules at work.

In you keep trying to avoid the rut you will dig yourself into a hole. If you let the pit get too deep, you will not be able to crawl out without help from someone you do not like. Housewives will be overburdened with no time to relax. You will get support from influential people. If you have some problem, it will soon be solved. Friends are the best link to hot love connections. You will be both physically and mentally good. The period is favourable for enjoying good health most of the time. You will be free of anxiety. Mood: Fulfilling need for others

Compatible Signs: Aquarius, Leo, Aries

Lucky Colors: Burgundy , Maroon

Lucky Days: Thursday.

Lucky Numbers: 2, 4, 6, 19, 29

Bipasha Basu Bipasha Basu (January 7, 1979 , New Delhi) had a successful modelling career at age 17. She made her debut with the Bollywood film Ajnabee, which gave her the Filmfare Best Female Debut Award in 2006. Then in the year 2008 she starred in film Race. As per her stars, her marriage is delayed but number 7 repeats twice making her very successful heroine. She is seen in a guest appearance reprising her role of Race 2.

Chatter box
Sapna’s Bigg chance

The latest contestant to be evicted from Bigg Boss is Sapna Bhavnani whose spurts of madness kept everyone in the house entertained. There were times when she overdid it and that resulted in some controversies, which made for the highlights of the season. Sapna’s mood swings made all the contestants maintain a distance from her except for Aseem Trivedi. As she leaves the house, she takes back memories and a few new friends from the house.

You seem to be happy to be out of Bigg Boss?

Yes I am. I didn’t know I would last so long. Also none of my role models were in the house so I am glad to be out. Had there been Aseem or even Sampat, I would have loved to carry on.

How was the experience in the house?

What irritated me the most was that women in the house were portrayed in the wrong manner. Delnaz was a bechari, which she isn’t in real life. I think she’s faking it. Rajeev has been very rude to her and she could have given it to him and shown the world that a woman in her 40s isn’t a bechari. Sana was all about style.

Who do you think will win Bigg Boss?

Either Niketan, Urvashi or Imam.  They all deserve to win.

You came with a purpose and message. Were you able to convey it?

Yes, my actions spoke more than words. There were many who kept distributing gyaan but didn’t follow their own words. For me, they have failed.

Would you do another TV show?

May or may not. I am not after the money so if I get a chat show where I can say what I want to, then perhaps.

The jackpot winner

LUCKY CHARM: Sunmeet Kaur
Sunmeet Kaur

Kaun Banega Crorepati, the game show hosted by Amitabh Bachchan on Sony Entertainment Television, has got a real taste of women power. Sunmeet Kaur Sawhney, a 37-year-old housewife from Mumbai, has become the first woman to win Rs.5 crore.

A mother of two daughters, Sawhney has ironically completed her higher secondary education only but still managed to tackle all questions with ease and swiftness. Her sheer determination and quench for knowledge with the support of her husband, who is also her best friend, helped her crack the jackpot. Sawhney, a home tutor and a resident of Mumbai, couldn't believe she had cracked the jackpot, until the show's host, megastar Amitabh Bachchan hugged her. "I couldn't believe that I won! Mr. Bachchan had to come and hug me for me to believe that I have won Rs.5 crore," she adds. "Bachchan sir has been very lucky for me. I want to set an example for all the housewives," Sawhney said. Her plan is to donate a part of the money for prayer rituals. "I want to sponsor some rituals of our Punjabi tradition. So, a part of the amount will go there. We will decide what to do with the rest of it later," added the 37-year-old.

Knotty times

It seems to be a wedding season as buzz is that Drashti Dhami of Madhubala fame will soon marry her businessman beau Niraj Khemka. Apparently preparations will start soon and dates will be locked. Drashti has always kept her private life away from the media.

Change of track

All set: Mohit SehgalAs Star Plus’ new show, Yeh Khamoshiyaan isn’t garnering expected TRPs, the channel and creatives have decided to turn the serious family drama story into a love triangle. There will be comedy and romance also, with focus on Gauri (Mrunal Thakur) and Siddharth (Mohit Sehgal).

All set: Mohit Sehgal

Second time lucky?

Though the couple denies patching up, they were clicked together while partying in Thailand during the New Year. They weren’t alone but Ekta Kapoor and a whole gang from Balaji including many actors celebrated the New Year together.

Real meets reel

Rupal Patel who is famous for her role as Koki in Saath Nibhaana Saathiya can’t get enough of her role though it has been three years since the show has been on air. Rupal feels Koki’s strong character has rubbed off on her and made her calm in real life. She feels that she has become a stronger woman who can openly voice out her opinion on various matters.

WEDDING BELLS: Mayank Anand & Shraddha Nigam Moving on in life

After her bitter divorce from Karan Singh Grover, Shraddha Nigam now has finally tied the knot with her beau Mayank Anand. They were dating for over two years and got married recently. They also have been running a fashion apparel business together.

WEDDING BELLS: Mayank Anand & Shraddha Nigam

She's got the looks

In the last and concluding part of a style feature by Karisma Kapur, we tell you what she thought of the styling of some actresses in their movies. She also shares how this look can be integrated into women's daily lives...

Kareena Kapoor

Gorgeous lady Kareena Kapoor Khan beats all when it comes to style and beauty. The pretty lady stands tall amongst the other prominent actress with her incredible avatar and fashion. One wouldn't forget her stellar act in the movie Heroine, where she killed it with her bold looks and ultra exclusive outfits.

Style tip:

Black transparent saree with perfect pink bordered black blouse was just the ultimate outfit this year making it the uber hot style statement for the year. So what is the secret behind her perfect body? It's 50 surya namakars everyday, with combination of kapal bhati. She is the most striking face of the Kapoor khandan. Be it western outfits or traditional couture, Kareena Kapoor knows how to carry it off well. 

Katrina Kaif

Who would forget the gorgeous lady of tinselville when it comes to beauty, style, with a perfect combination of fashion and elegance! Katrina Kaif's mesmerizing look and appeal in the hit song Saans from Jabh Tak Hai Jaan is worth a million dollars. Her incredible sense of style and fashion is a trademark for elegance and is very premium in the industry.

Style tip:

Abstract printed gowns with open hair, was the fashion take by her in the song, with actor Shah Rukh Khan making it every more appealing wearing white suits. She poses a perfect sense of style, when it comes to carrying gowns.

Ileana D'Cruz

When it comes to fashion and style one cannot forget the stunning and delicate newcomer to the Bollywood industry who created a sensation with her style and fitness regime. Carrying the image and appearance of the girl-next-door Ileana D'cruz looks exceptionally beautiful and elegant in a saree, as well as western outfit.

Style tip:

Go out and grab the subtle look of the actress from her debut movie Barfi. She looks mesmerising in a flower printed saree, worn with a sleeveless blouse in the movie. What makes it even more interesting is that the look will go well on females with any skin tone and complexion. Women with long straight hair and lean body frame win the advantage here though.

Yami Gautam

Punjab di kudi, more prominently recognised as the Fair and Lovely girl of the era, the versatile actress Yami Gautam made a phenomenonal debut in the blockbuster Vicky Donor.

Style tip:

Her simple yet stylish attire and appeal in the famous track Paani Da Rang is just the thing for a shopping spree or a get away with friends, or for an evening coffee. For all the girls and women out there, this is just the perfect and comfortable style suited for all weather types in day-to-day affairs.

Stress buster
Make a new beginning…
Renee Singh

We have just stepped into the New Year and I know it’s very important for all of us to be feeling good about our lives. We all have the ability to stretch in order to strive to get what we really want and we all must look ahead to a year that could be your best year yet.

Most of us are always looking forward to the same basic things with the coming in of each New Year:

  • To be more positive
  • Have fewer negative approaches
  • Try and learn to be happy

We have to realise that we must constantly find ways and techniques to bring happiness in our lives. The New Year is also a time for resolutions, no matter how much we might say that we break most resolutions, still it is important for us to make these resolutions and try to stick on to them.

Positive affirmations is what we call them. It is basically about setting goals, giving ourselves targets which we need to achieve. There are some common stressors that seem to hit everyone’s lives and for some people their levels of stress can feel overwhelming. Fortunately there are some very simple things you can do which can streamline your lifestyle and eliminate some of the stressors before they can take over.

January is considered one of the most stressful months of the year because the holiday season is considered notoriously stressful. Many people who are expecting a reprieve from stress are mildly surprised that a new onslaught of stress is very likely to take over if we are not careful. People are just done with shopping, house guests, travelling and an unusually busy schedule and suddenly there is a new set of things to deal with.

Resolution stress

We create new standards for ourselves with great enthusiasm to have a better life and even though this is a very exciting proposition it carries with it a very stressful feel.

  • Those who resolve to quit smoking are feeling the stress of nicotine withdrawal and need to cope with this stress.
  • Some people who are trying to loose weight and get into a thinner look, feel the impact of emotional stress when they give up on carbohydrates.
  • New set of exercises always makes us cranky if you tend to overdo them.
  • Taking on a whole lot of new habits is worrisome and stressful too.
  • The inner perfectionist sometimes is critical and beats us up when we slip up.
  • New Year resolutions can lead up to fantastic new habits but can also lead to significant January stress.

Goal setting

Whatever your type and regardless of whatever you have made as a New Year resolution, do set up and work towards at least one goal in the year.

  • I feel this is the best time of the year to start afresh on any new activity of yours and call it your New Year resolution.
  • Goals win over resolutions
  • As old habits are difficult to get rid of so also many resolutions last only a few months.
  • Goals can be handled in steps whereas resolutions are staying the same ‘I will go to the gym everyday for a year’ was my friends resolution, soon to be broken within a month as boredom set in and resilience ran thin. Monotony always creates problems and allows stress to win.
  • Goals give a sense of direction to aspire to. There is always a sense of achievement and accomplishment.
  • Resolutions are normally a means to a goal. You resolve to take a walk everyday but hate walking, so there is some excuse that shows up, for you not to be able to stick to your resolution.

Keep your future in mind

While you set your goals do think of your own ideal life and where you would like to be two or five or even ten years from now. Keep in mind the image of where you ultimately like your goals to take you. Try and stick to your resolutions to reach your goal and reward yourself with small things while reaching it. Remember changes don’t come overnight but slowly as you work towards you goal, changes will come and they will be lasting.

Enjoy building the life you were meant to live. Be the Creator of your life, stay de stressed and feel the joy in living.

(Singh is a Chandigarh-based psychotherapist)

The ‘in’ side
Leading the garden path

Walkways are not just a means to get around your garden but are a great adventure in themselves. They help connect the key areas in your garden.


Garden paths can be as simple as a line of stones marking an established dirt trail or as elegant as granite slabs intricately laid together. Straight pathways are indeed easier to make but they lack the element of surprise and fail to add fluidity to your garden design. Take advantage of the contours of your garden and go for undulating pathways. Such paths invite the guests to slow down and appreciate your garden’s personality. Make your path wide enough for at least two people to walk together and if space is an issue, one person should be able to walk comfortably.


There are a variety of materials to create your garden path from. Which one you choose depends on several factors, including the location of the path, how much traffic it will sustain, how much maintenance you want to provide, and how much you want it to cost. Whatever materials you choose, they should complement the surrounding areas. Small stones and pea gravel work well and drain efficiently but leaves get lodged easily in it and are more difficult to remove. There are also concrete pavers, and granite, slate, or flagstone stepping stones. The stepping stones add an elegant touch and look natural and informal. Natural stone, concrete and asphalt are great for walkways because they are hard and durable. They can withstand a lot of traffic. You can also install a path made of brick or any other material that needs to be set in mortar. There is no rule that says your pathway has to be of one material. Be imaginative and mix and match two or more to create a unique design.


Make your pathway a delight to walk on by adding interesting plants around its edging.


Add pretty lights to light up the path as well as to add beauty and style to your garden.

(Sukhmani is a Chandigarh-based interior and landscape designer)

Brands bargain

Being stylish: Deep Khaira
Being stylish: Deep Khaira

Every person has a sense of style in his own right. Yet there are only a few who can attract second glances, who have the power to make the camera go zoom on them. It could be tousled hair or torn jeans. Our this week’s face in the crowd is Deep Khaira, 27, businessman who believes in being himself under all circumstances.

Your sense of style is… 

I wear only what suits me. More importantly, I like to believe that I wear confidence on my sleeves. This is the basic philosophy behind every time I dress.

Latest addition in the wardrobe…

I just got myself a Calvin Klein jacket.

Brand freak or street smart?

To be honest, I am brand conscious. I believe guys just have to be. Moreover, being conscious of labels helps you develop one distinct look and personality.

Choose one: Sporty, Glamorous or Chic

Glamorous, any day. Because that’s what suits me the most.

My style icon …

Salman Khan scores high on style and he’s my all time favourite. He dresses very smartly. I quite like the famous Punjabi singer Garry Sandhu too.

Who’s the worst dressed celebrity around?

Akshay Kumar. I wonder what does he think while choosing his outfits for different events.

One fashion trend you don’t understand…

Any fashion trend that looks absurd. There are so many of them.

Your take on accessories

Right kinds of accessories enhance one’s overall look.

One thing that boosts your confidence

When I know I am well dressed, my confidence level shoots up.

I would love to be dressed up by….

There’s no body in particular.

(As told to Manpriya Singh)

(If you think you too fit the profile, get in touch with us at

We’ll sift the best from the rest)

Fresh start

The Pewter Room launches a Sunday breakfast menu with an array of Continental, Punjabi and British style breakfast, all under one roof.

 “We have started this breakfast menu catering to the early risers and the late risers on Sundays and that is why we start serving at 9 am and continue to 3 pm,” says Ganeev Bains, managing director, The Pewter Room and The Blue Blazer.

“We are offering an array of choices in the English breakfast with a combo meal, including freshly baked bakery basket, choices of eggs or pancakes or waffles along with fresh fruits, juice and off course tea or coffee. But if you are a small eater you can also chose from a delicious range of side meals like Belgian waffles, Cinnamon French toast and pancakes or choice of omelettes, hash brown with roasted tomatoes, crispy bacon, grilled sausages, sautéed mushroom, flavoured yoghurt, bircher muesli or a choice of cereals with milk,” he says.

For Punjabi food lovers there is a range of delicious aloo, gobhi and paneer paranthas served with freshly-made yoghurt and pickle and also the all-time favourite poori aloo bhaji. South Indian breakfast with dosa and uttapam with the most delicious chutney and piping hot scrumptious sambhar are also available.

The price ranges from Rs 70 to 200 in individual meals and from Rs 249 to 399 for combo meals.


Catfight between Anushka and Deepika?

Like films, the ad world is also a competitive world. Actors crave for good brands as it is an easy way to earn good bucks. Anushka Sharma and Deepika Padukone have taken their rivalry from filmdom to the ad world and they're all for it. Reports are doing the rounds that Anushka Sharma is unhappy with Deepika Padukone for snatching away her brands.

It is also said that Anushka has cut down her rate to grab the deal which she has lost to Deepika. With so many rumours doing the rounds, Anushka is quite upset and dismisses all those false accusations. She said that it is media who is trying to create misunderstanding between people and at the same time she states her well disciplined bringing up. Anushka said, "There is absolutely no catfight. People just try and drag you into issues. It's not my problem that people try to pick actresses at random and create wars between them. I have nothing against anybody."The actress said that she is "too dignified" about her professional work, and added, "It shows poorly on my upbringing. I don't fight with other girls over things and I don't need to do that either. I remain dignified about the way I carry myself."

All about Matru and Bijlee

Anushka Sharma plays Bijlee and Imran Khan plays Matru in Vishal Bhardwaj's Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola. The ace director talks about his special characters.


Matru played by Imran has a special bond with his village. He has completed his law education at a reputed university but chooses to go back to his village and serve his people and improve their state of living. He gives up a job in a big city. He dresses and lives and talks like the villagers but he chooses to take a stand against oppressors instead of submitting to their demands. He is sensitive to his own culture.


Bijlee has been educated abroad but she returns to her village to contribute to her society and country at large. She does not fit into the common perception of a village girl who is covered from head to toe and makes sacrifices. She has a mind and life of her own. She is funky in the way she dresses and almost scandalous in the way she behaves. She also gets confused between listening to her head and heart.

Youth icons

I feel Matru and Bijlee represent today's youth in many ways. They are willing to take responsibility for their actions and lives. They are educated and aware and concerned about their own culture. They want to bring about positive changes in society their own way! The characters are identifiable.

Nargis to marry Uday Chopra?

The buzz is that Rockstar actress Nargis Fakhri is going to enter into wedlock with Uday Chopra, but she denies the news. Nargis who debuted opposite Ranbir Kapoor in Imtiaz Ali's Rockstar vehemently denied the report of her wedding to Uday. The 33-year-old actress took to twitter to clear the weather of her marriage, "Happily single and totally into my work. I am not getting married anytime soon to anyone. Who started this rumour?" Fakhri posted.

The report also said that Uday and Nargis have been dating for a year and both are destined to take their relationship to the next level. It is also reported that the duo, in fact, decided to get hitched much early but the sudden demise of Yash Chopra has postponed their wedding.

But that's not it. It is also said that Uday's mother Pamela liked her son's choice. She met with Nargis's mother to discuss about wedding details. The wedding is said to be held in March this year. It is heard that Uday and Nargis's love story took off from the set of Nargis's upcoming film Madras Cafe, a political thriller directed by Shoojit Sircar. The film also stars John Abraham in the male lead and the film deals with the subject of terrorism. The movie will be shot in Sri Lanka, South India and Delhi. Uday and Nargis's marriage is very surprising because they are hardly seen together and Uday also did not reveal about this either.

High Spirits
Silky passion
Vineet Mishra

An evening delight designed to fulfill all your passion.


  • 30 ml Fuel Orange
  • 90 ml Nine Hills Shiraz
  • Lime wedges
  • 10 ml passion fruit syrup
  • Crushed ice


In a cocktail shaker pour Fuel Vodka and passion fruit syrup, lemon juice and add some ice cubes. Shake and pour half of it in a wine glass. Now add crushed ice and add 90 ml of Nine Hills wine. Add some crushed ice and top it with the remaining liquid in the cocktail shaker. Serve chilled.

Cocktail tips: When making a cocktail just pour wine and stir gently to mix with other ingredients.

(Mishra is the owner of

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