Tuesday, October 24, 2017

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Grooms Wanted

Published on: Apr 16, 2017, 12:07 AM

  • Professionally qualified match preferably working in MNC in Metro for beautiful Hindu Walia girl 5'-2", 30 years, MBA, MA Eng/French working Team Lead in MNC Bangalore, 11 LPA, Chandigarh family. yashbir9@gmail.com Mob. 98865-87637. C7-3299B
  • Manglik match for Hindu Arora Khatri girl, 28-11-1986, 1:05 a.m. Sirhind, 5'-6", M.Sc. Microbiology, MBA, regular Microbiologist in Punjab Govt (Public Sector Undertaking). Status family. WhatsApp: 9781115284. weddingbellschd@gmail.com C7-3608
  • Educated well settled Arora Khatri match for beautiful fair slim well cultured girl (take gluten (wheat) free diet) Feb 1987 MCA from highly reputed business family Punjab. rahul.aroramtml@gmail.com call and WhatsApp 72890-65728. C7-4608
  • Officer/Business/Medico/Dentist/PQM 4 Khatri girl, MDS 34 Yrs., 5'-3", convent edu. nipun.khanna16@gmail.com C7-4746
  • SM4 UK/Ind Citz, Sikh, b'ful, qlfd girl, 50, 5'-5", slim, div, i'less (v.short marr), 47-54 (i'less match only), cultured and edu fmly. NRI/or India based. Girl reloc matchadvt@yahoo.com C7-1936
  • Suitable match for Sikh Kamboj never married, beautiful girl, 5'-7", 1977 born, BE MBA, 15 LPA, working as S.D.E. (Electrical) at Chandigarh. Upper caste welcome. Only never married respond with biodata & photo. msjhamb70@gmail.com C7-3520
  • Match for Sikh Parjapat slim, beautiful girl, 35/5'-3", Canada PR, B.Sc. in Computer. Contact: 8146484501. C7- 4578
  • Jatsikh family parents seek suitable match for their daughter, '82 born, 5'-9.5" tall, US PR, working for a Fortune 500 IT Company. Belongs to an affluent family based out of Bangalore. Short marriage, issueless divorce. If interested please respond with recent photograph & full education, job and family details to satkaur319@gmail.com or call on +91-99455-54833. C6- 100532
  • Seeking professional Jat Sikh match for MD US born girl very fair, 33/5'-3" preferred in USA Jat Sikh family may contact with bio-data and pics of a matching qualified clean-shaven boy only serious enquiries please email at usafolder@gmail.com C6-107078
  • Seeking suitable well-educated Jatt Sikh match for beautiful, intelligent, well-cultured US citizen daughter, 1985/5'-4". B.Sc. from top US University, Post-Grad in Health Care field (pursuing). Parents well-settled in US. Contact father: 972-878-3215. Email: matrimonyad99@gmail.com C6-107087B
  • Jat Sikh family settled in US seeks professionally employed and qualified match for our daughter. She is US citizen, 1985 born, 5'-5", fair, intelligent and beautiful. Have Bachelors Degree from US and working as an Accountant at a reputed company. Short marriage, issueless divorcee. Please respond with recent picture and details at: jatsikhmat@gmail.com C6-107726
  • Match for Jat Sikh Dhillon beautiful, well-cultured girl Canadian PR 1985 (looks like 24-25 yrs. old)/5'- 5", B.Tech. (India) PG Project Management (Canada) working in Admn. Dept. in Canada. Brother & parents in USA. Jat Sikh family may contact with details & pics. of a matching qualified cleanshaven boy. Only serious enquiries via Email (no SMS/WhatsApp). Contact father. Email: dhillonintl@yahoo.com / Cell: 718-414-4618 (New York). C6-96790
  • Jat Sikh professional U.S. settled match for July 80 born, 5'-3", convent educated, smart, Dental Surgeon, DDS, working on H1B visa. 98766-29984, sidhua1951@gmail.com C7-2557
  • Seeking Convent educated Jatt Sikh match from status family  for well educated, cultured, beautiful girl, 27/5'-4". Father Delhi based Senior Airline Pilot owning rural/urban property. NRIs and dowry seekers please excuse. Whatsapp and Call: 9646991603. C7-2973
  • PQM for US MD specialist pretty Jat Sikh girl, 83, 5'- 2" from family of doctors. Respond with photo, details at rkjagpal@gmail.com C7-3049
  • Medico/professional alliance for smart, slim, fair, July 87 born, Jat Sikh girl, 5'-3½", PCMS, permanent Govt. doctor, preparing for PG. Highly educated family. Father Senior Doctor, mother Professor. Only sister married in Australia. Having Agriculture land/urban property. Send recent photo with biodata on whatsapp: 91-9915591311. C7-3353
  • Looking for groom for our Jatt Sikh 84 born daughter, height 5'-4", MBA from London, B.Tech from India. Presently in India from well known family, Living in Mohali. msingh203040@gmail.com C7-3460
  • USA born beautiful, homely girl from well-educated family in India. Professionally qualified 25/5'-5". Family has substantial U/R properties, seek only Jat Sikh boy, preferably Doctor or Engineer or businessman in USA from an affulent and educated family. jeety3778@gmail.com C7-3824
  • BDS girl 23/5'-2", IELTS 7 Bands, preference suitably educated PR of USA/Canada. 75892-73038. C7-4272
  • Suitable match for MBBS beautiful slim Jat Sikh girl 87 born, 5'-8", USA Green card innocently divorce after few months marriage. Email: ssb7386@gmail.com C7-4786
  • Status match for slim beautiful Jat Sikh girl B.Tech., MBA, Oct. 89/5'-2". Officer in Indian Air Force Chandigarh settled family. Father Gazetted Officer, brother Pilot. WhatsApp 98786-13534. NA7-2960
  • Match for slim, homely, convent educated Hindu Saini girl, 5', 30.9.89, 3:57 p.m., Ambala born. M.A. (Economics), B.Ed., doing PGDCA. Teacher in Pvt. School. Father Executive Engineer in Chandigarh. Caste no bar. 98725-11254. hksaini1089@gmail.com C7-2721B
  • Match for Saini beautiful girl, 5'-6", March 1985, MA (Economics), MBA(HR) Computer diploma. Tricity preferred.Mobile: 98726-96911. C7-2743
  • Beautiful Sikh Khatri girl, 32/ 5'-5", Citizen Registered Nurse in London, package 36000£ annually. Legally divorced. No issue. Apply UK residents. kaur20@live.co.uk C7-319
  • Suitable educated match for U.K. settled Government service Jat Sikh 1992/5'-6" girl. Parents well settled in U.K. Upper caste no bar. Email : londoneyeuk002@yahoo.com C7-4770B
  • Hindu Parjapati (Gola) Vegetarian beautiful girl 5'- 4''/ 1988, UGC NET, P.HD ( Psychology) Govt. College Lecturer Chandigarh. Well educated Gola Parjapati Govt. employee preferred. 9872701490. C7-3928
  • Well conversent MBA girl 1990/5'-3", Jaswal family. Father Central Govt. Officer. Only Himachali Rajput families preferred. Contact: 9815251734. Email: jaswalharmesh@gmail.com C7-3866
  • Suitable match for Non-Manglik 27 years, 5'-2", Mair Rajput girl, MCA, Sr. Software Engineer at Chandigarh. Upper Caste no bar. Contact 79861-28348, 94635-77925. E-mail: match140360@gmail.com C7-4076
  • Suitable match for Sikh Rajput girl 05.02.1982, 5'-9", MA (Eng.), M.Ed Lecturer. 94640-67743. NA7-2405
  • Professionally Qualified well settled working from Tricity match for Saraswat Brahmin beautiful girl 20.3.91, 5 am, Chandigarh/ 5', B.Tech, MBA, Working MNC ( Mohali). Father Govt. Officer. Contact. 94638-36476, 98154-48500. C7-2881
  • Gaur Nov. 84/5'-3", MBA (F), Central Govt. Officer Chandigarh. 7 lac. Tricity/ NRI preferred. 98881-84862, 98889-43589. Email: sharmaschd@gmail.com C7-2943
  • Match for vegetarian, non-manglik Saraswat Brahmin fair, slim, very beautiful girl, 5'-4", 13.7.1987, 10:35 p.m. Kharar (near Chandigarh), M.A.English, B.Ed., M.Phil., English Mistress. Brother permanently settled Australia. Father retired Govt. employee. Highly qualified Australian/ Canadian/ USA citizen/PR, Indian Defence/Civil Gazetted Officer, slim, independent with good income, from small, status, respectable Brahmin family send biodata after matching kundli with snap. Tricity preferred. WhatsApp: 94633- 88456, 88378-41577, rakesh.sharma55@ymail.com C7-3013
  • Saraswat Brahmin Manglik girl, 26 years, fair, 5'-6", BDS, now doing PG Diploma in Canada. Brother settled in Canada. Only well settled Canadian PR or Citizen contact: 98148-22987. Email: vashisht1@hotmail.com C7- 3950
  • SM4 Brahmin girl, 5'-3"/ 1.4.86 born & raised Shimla (H.P.), MBE, working with US based MNC. Preferred professionally qualified Himachali Brahmin boy Defence/ Medico/ Bank/ Civil Services/ Engineer/ MNC Officer. 70185-78249, docrattanrakesh29@gmail.com C7-4102
  • Ph.D/ PQM  for Punjabi Ph.D (Math) girl 5'-3'', Dec. 1988, Jamshedpur, slim, Asstt. Professor Chandigarh. 9417474775, slsharma06@yahoo.in C7-4478
  • Non-Manglik, teetotaller match for 36 years, 5'-3", Brahmin girl, M.A. (Eco.), B.Ed., Teaching faculty in Chandigarh. 094164-72515, 098135-79953. ashokdogra3@gmail.com C7-4600
  • Suitable Manglik/Non-manglik match for Hindu Khatri girl M.Sc. B.Ed., 5'-4"/ 08.12.87, 2:10 p.m. Chandigarh, Govt. Office job Chandigarh. Middle class working/settled at Chandigarh/ Panchkula/ Mohali welcome to contact or WhatsApp: 9872569796, 9501113202. Email: pksabh123@gmail.com C7-3041
  • Suitable match for fair, slim, Punjabi Khatri girl, Fashion Designer, MA in Apparel Management, 25.12.1987, 03.30 pm, Jalandhar, 5'-6", Senior Merchandiser in MNC Gurgaon, package 6.00 lacs. Whatsapp: 9814964824, 8054224807. C7-3672
  • SM4 Ramgarhia girl B.Tech., 5'-8" tall, fair, elegant, '88 born, working top MNC/Pune. Seeking smart handsome boy, matching education. Contact: 081446-58011. C7-3722
  • Professionally qualified Ramgarhia Sikh turbaned match for beautiful working girl, 5'-4", 32, B.Tech MBA. 99147-65180. C7-4214
  • Suitable match for Sikh Tonk-kashatriya 1989, Height 5'-5", M.Sc., UGC Net qualified, Lecturer in reputed College, Chandigarh. 98140-00988. jspatti@uiic.co.in C7-3868
  • PQM for Sikh Khatri sweet, slim, fair 88 born 5'-4", convent educated M.sc. (Honours) doing Research Doctorate in USA. Her Ph.D. slated to be completed in Nov. 2017. NRI preferred. Father Senior Class-1 (retd.) WhatsApp: 098159-66444. Email: psjaggi.mcj@gmail.com NA7-2346
  • Suitable qualified match for Himachal Gupta Manglik Wheatish girl, 5'-3", 5th March 1993 (3:45 pm), Chandigarh. Pursuing Ph.D (Chemistry). Father Doctor (Govt job). Mail details to rajeshneerugupta@gmail.com Contact +9194183-20040, +9194182-90757. C7-3990
  • Chandigarh based well-educated Gursikh Arora business family seeks alliance for their smart, convent educated daughter, Jan 1988, 5'-2", M.Sc. (Physics Hons.), B.Ed. Email: ds2610@outlook.com C7-3426
  • PQM for Ramdasia/Ad-dharmi, Australian Citizen Sikh girl, Aug. 82 born/5'-6", M.Tech Australia. Visiting India soon. Preferred Australia/India/NRI. 9803708876. Email: kulbir6969@gmail.com C7-3836
  • Suitable match for Ramdasia Sikh beautiful girl, September 1991, 5'-3", Probationary Officer govt. bank. Well settled family. Chandigarh/Mohali/Panchkula preferred. Whatsapp:  +91-98148-11680, +91-95017-11668. C7-3930
  • Never married, Doctor/Engineer/CA/Lawyer settled in Canada/USA for Sikh Tonk-Kashatriya girl, Canadian PR, May 1981, 5'-3", working Dentist (DDS) USA. Educated family. Upper Sikh caste no bar. dr_jot295@yahoo.co.in , 96465-61963.  C7-3255
  • Medico match Khatri beautiful girl 1987, 5'-3", Ph.D. Biotechnology from India Pd.F Doctorate from USA Researcher, Scientist, Professor seeking MBBS MD, Scientist, Engineer. 94677-26073. C7-4118