Saturday, April 29, 2017

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Appoint lokpal, now

Govt's sincerity on test

Modi's hawai baatein

Dreams for the privileged sold to the masses

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Above 30,000

Sensex upsurge not backed by economic fundamentals

Heat wave in Kashmir

The pitfalls of facile logic

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AAP's fortunes on the decline

AAP's fortunes on the decline

by S Nihal Singh

Need for a new party

No doubt, Army for people

No doubt, Army for people

by Lt Gen R.S Sujlana (retd)

The Army in J&K, facing hostile stone-throwers and cross-border terrorism, needs to be supported by proactive political measures. Paramilitary forces in the Naxal-affected areas too need to be backed by technology, synergy and development on the ground.

Sukma: Avoidable tragedy

Sukma: Avoidable tragedy

by Anil Chowdhry

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Trump’s first hundred days

by Harish Khare

Democratic voices have slowed presidential recklessness down

Triple talaq — myths and misperceptions

by Faizan Mustafa

The All India Muslim Personal Law Board has, in a recent meeting, decided on a code of conduct for divorce. In a major climbdown, it has conceded ground and resolved in favour of "one divorce." Therefore, instant triple divorce will no more be an option with a Muslim male.

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Let’s get back to basics

Let’s get back to basics

by Ratna Raman

A friend from Bangalore recently spent two days at New Delhi and remarked in a laconic (laid-back) manner that he was taken aback (shocked) at the state of the capital city.

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From the horse’s mouth

by DC Sharma

Lal batti in many colours

by Rajnish WattasMusings, last 7 days...

Thought for the day

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader. — John Quincy Adams

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