Thursday, February 22, 2018

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Not done

Chief Secretary-AAP MLAs spat not acceptable

Doubling farmers’ income

Futile without expenditure control

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The Nirav Modi malfeasance

A desperate attempt to pass the buck

Elections on campus

More acrimony than democratic exercise

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Can Sharif hold his own?

Can Sharif hold his own?

by G Parthasarathy

Pakistan army trying every trick to see him go

Recognise and regulate the holy cow

Recognise and regulate the holy cow

by D Shyam Babu

The elephant in the room is a simple question: what is a holy cow? An honest answer can end cow vigilantism and also allow beef import and cow slaughter for consumption.

Beware of warmongers

Beware of warmongers

by Sehdev Kumar

Creating peace is the noblest expression of bravery

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Logic of FIR in Major Aditya’s case

by Lt-Gen Syed Ata Hasnain (Retd)

The public perception over the FIR against Major Aditya has been mostly emotive. An FIR is the best action to be taken. But the Centre needs to review AFSPA for better soldier protection.

A disunited kingdom

by Hasan Suroor

Divisions over Brexit symptoms of a deeper crisis

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Admit it, no child’s play

Admit it, no child’s play

by Jupinderjit Singh

ASKED what is tougher — scaling the Everest or their child’s admission in an institute of choice — parents would surely choose the latter, without blinking an eye.

Thought for the day

Elevate those guns a little lower. — Andrew Jackson

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Ambala, Thursday, February 22, 1968

Vikal's Election As Leader Divides United Front In UP