Thursday, June 21, 2018

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An unmourned alliance exits

Turning around Kashmir with direct rule

Behind even Nepal, Bhutan

Good health needs generous investments

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Neglect of humanities

Schools lack infrastructure, quality teachers

ICICI Bank imbroglio

Preferring CEO over shareholders

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Turn the prism of the past

Turn the prism of the past

by MK Bhadrakumar

India must view in a new light its ties with both China and Pakistan

Taking the UNHCR report in stride

Taking the UNHCR report in stride

by KC Singh

The killings of Bukhari and Aurangzeb were meant to provoke New Delhi, which decided to be seen as tough

Who ordered the hit on Shujaat Bukhari?

Who ordered the hit on Shujaat Bukhari?

by Zafar Meraj

The first alarm bells rang for Bukhari at a conference in Dubai. The LeT and Hizb led the criticism against him. This was followed by a virulent campaign on social media.

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The Imran factor in Pak elections

by RK Kaushik

It is clear that Imran and his party have the support of the Establishment. Imran says a lot of things that sound great. But changing national policies and stabilising Pakistan’s economy will require much more than animated applause lines at rallies.

Kafkaesque existence for PoK refugees

by Harbans Singh Mahalwee

Today, on World Refugee Day, The Tribune highlights the plight of 5,300 families from PoK, most of them in Punjab, Haryana and Himachal, who have been denied adequate relief.

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Happy 65th birthday, Shehzadi

Happy 65th birthday, Shehzadi

by Sartaj Chaudhary

I don’t think the regime can touch me. The people will just burn the airport down!” spoke Benazir in a soft voice from exile in London soon after Pakistan lifted the Martial Law in 1985.

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A home called ‘Chandanwari’

by Rana Preet Gill

Stuck in the middle of it all

by Col HP Singh (retd)Musings, last 7 days...

Thought for the day

Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change. — Wayne Dyer

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Lahore, Friday, June 21, 1918

An Ingenious Defence

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