Tuesday, December 12, 2017

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Arrest them all

A serious breach of national security

Health on life support

Both Indias need a hard, close look

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India on the global stage

Two steps forward, but the real test is ahead

Socially regressive laws

Judiciary takes the lead on adultery

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Turn focus on export now

Turn focus on export now

by Sushma Ramachandran

Critical for high economic growth

The battle to save procurement

The battle to save procurement

by Sucha Singh Gill

Compared to India’s tough stance in 2014 on the danger of reduced food procurement, the Commerce Minister does not want to make it a ‘prestige issue’ in the impending clash with the US, EU and Australia at the WTO Ministerial under way.

Swachhta: Mid-course correction must

Swachhta: Mid-course correction must

by MH Khan

Objective evaluation studies of the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan are critical for policymakers to make mid-course corrections so that the "policy cycle" can become a virtuous one.

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Sarabjit to Jadhav: Indian ‘spies’ in Pak

Pakistan and India have a long history of arresting and trying ‘spies’.

Sonia leaves a harsher terrain to Rahul

by KV Prasad

The conditions and challenges that propelled Sonia Gandhi to first step into the political theatre in August 1997 have rearranged and resurfaced in a more virulent form when she is relinquishing the presidentship to Rahul.

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Wings don’t always help fly

Wings don’t always help fly

by Amrinder Bajaj

NEVER again will I use the phrase ‘free as a bird’. Over the past year, I saw enough to learn that they too paid the price of living as humans do. They were not free to do as they wish but were as bound to the vagaries of life and the inevitability of death as we are.

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Shut eyes & the world feels right

by Anmol Rattan Narang

Lead from the front

by Ratna RamanMusings, last 7 days...

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Potential has a shelf life. — Margaret Atwood

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