Tuesday, March 28, 2017

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Hamid Ansari’s warning

Saving universities from narrow-mindedness

Jaitley’s tactics

Last-minute changes to 40 laws without debate

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Immoral policing

Anti-Romeo squads address fears more than real threat

SEBI strikes

Regulators need act like regulators

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Inequality index up

Inequality index up

by Jayshree Sengupta

Ranked 131, lndia’s human development dismal

Unholy War

Unholy War

by Nayantara Sahgal

We now see Indians turning upon Indians in methodically targeted ways, in some cases with guns or whatever crude weapons they can lay hands on, in some cases with black paint, in some cases with the simple device of numbers known as a mob. Today we are in a state of civil war.

No terror hotspot

No terror hotspot

by Islam Issa

It's hard being a Brummie Muslim, especially when your neighbourhood is named the “jihadi capital of Britain.” Please, leave my city alone.

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The anti-Muslim pitch

by Apoorvanand

We need to recognise it for what it truly is

Building SYL canal a zero-sum game

by K.R. Lakhanpal

Construction of the canal without determining the total quantum of water that is available for distribution and its current usage through a fair process would be tantamount to putting the cart before the horse.

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Asses of La La Land

by Mahesh Grover

THE lion king tossed restlessly in his bed disturbed by the incessant braying of donkeys, and concerned over the unusual furore, sent emissaries to the fox, his trusted adviser.

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On foot, a happy man

by Rajesh Krishan

Glass house dwellers

by Ratna RamanMusings, last 7 days...

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Six feet of earth make all men equal. — Proverb

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