Sunday, August 20, 2017

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Ethics in politics

Creeping immoral practices erode faith in democracy

The Sharad Yadav show

Difficult task of cobbling opposition unity

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Pride and prejudice

When leaders are required to lead

Tax benefits for hill states

Punjab has a reason to resent

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Denigrating Nehru

Denigrating Nehru

by S Nihal Singh

Sangh Parivar’s aim while approaching 2019

Walking the tightrope in China

Walking the tightrope in China

by Sandeep Dikshit

Amidst the military face-off at Doklam, China invited four Indian journalists for a week to convey its side of the story. Such exchanges, called fam-tours, or familiarisation visits, for foreign opinion makers — including the media and Parliamentarians — are the staple of every government. China has practised sophisticated diplomacy since imperial times and the scheduling of this visit in the middle of a tense standoff conveyed its own message.

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Doklam and beyond

by Gen VP Malik (retd)

India must stand its ground

High debt holds back India’s growth

by Jayshree Sengupta

Behind the hype of India’s high economic growth and its being the fastest growing emerging economy is a tale of average performance in various economic sectors

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Fiddling with the Constitution

Fiddling with the Constitution

by Ratna Raman

AS school-going children, we were routinely instructed to stop fiddling and sit at our desks quietly.

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The cross of debt

by Satyawan Malik

It keeps us going

by Beant SinghMusings, last 7 days...

Thought for the day

History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce. — Karl Marx

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