Friday, April 28, 2017

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  • Done with playing Dulhania!

    Done with playing Dulhania!

    If rumours are to be believed, Alia Bhatt and Varun Dhawan have decided to not sign a film together for some time now.

  • Gyan Zone
  • Class apart

    Class apart

    A recent visit to a majestically-rated restaurant was destined to be a blissful experience with loved ones, till the classy ambience rang with a loud and crude cacophony of harsh male voices.

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  • SpectrumPlaying for blood, sweat and tears

    Playing for blood, sweat and tears

    She lies in her hospital bed staring at the wall, her eyes empty of all hope. Just a few months back, Gohela Boro, a national-level archer and winner of numerous medals, was on the cusp of participating in an international tournament. Those dreams are long gone, replaced by a bleak uncertainty about survival.

  • Blooms, not bullets

    The esteemed horror author of novels including Carrie and The Shining drew the comparisons in an article he wrote for The Guardian.

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