Wednesday, October 18, 2017

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  • CBI to look into facts and circumstances of Bofors scam mentioned by private detective: Spokesperson.

The Gujarat Battle

BJP has to defend its claims

Mullah Sangeet Som Omar

Familiar politics of inflammatory rhetoric

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Defending the indefensible

Inclusive growth only solution

Let-off for Hafiz Saeed?

Pakistan plays off US, India

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Racism in Britain

Racism in Britain

by Hasan Suroor

Mea culpas alone not enough

Punjab needs structural reforms

Punjab needs structural reforms

by Sukhdeep Brar

There is need to review land ceiling laws. Small landholdings are not conducive to technology adoption, do not allow for economies of scale, nor cover risk associated with crop diversification.

Weinstein scandal shone light on bad feminists

Weinstein scandal shone light on bad feminists

by Biba Kang

The belief that all sexual assault victims are pretty, young, and dressed sexually, is incorrect. These attacks are about power, not sexiness, and therefore no one is immune from them.

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Poor report card of Pakistan schools

by Maha Qasim

In Pakistan, school enrolment stands at 81 per cent, but only half of the children in fifth grade can read a story in their native language and less than half a sentence in English, or divide 48 by 15.

ECI’s credibility undermined

by MG Devasahayam

The plenary mandate of the ECI requires it to stay vigilant and autonomous. It must also come down heavily on parties and candidates who are turning our democracy into a farce.

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Embrace Urdu once more

Embrace Urdu once more

by Baldev Singh

In 1998, my wife and I went to Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi, for shopping.

Thought for the day

People learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love. — Nelson Mandela

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Lahore, Thursday, October 18, 1917

The Jury System.

Exodus to the Hills.