Thursday, December 14, 2017

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A mother’s last sigh

Courts stand convicted of letting down justice

Political trial courts

Let us hasten with caution

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Dispel paranoia

Prevent banks from robbing lifetime savings

Left sweeps Nepal

Time for some creative diplomacy

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The plot thickens

The plot thickens

by G Parthasarathy

Obama’s clean chit to Pakistan on Laden baffles

Anti-party activities & MPs’ disqualification

Anti-party activities & MPs’ disqualification

by PDT Achary

The law on defection deals with politicians and political situations that are complex and multi-layered. The tribunal which determines cases under the Tenth Schedule must remould itself into a non-partisan judicial authority.

Rafale deal: Unnecessary criticism

Rafale deal: Unnecessary criticism

by Satish Chandra

The Modi government's Rafale deal is designed to address our critical shortage of fighter aircraft.

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A silent rage

by Hasan Suroor, London-based commentator

When, in the name of ‘Hindu pride’, Muslims find themselves excluded from the mainstream discourse, it will make them more vulnerable to radicalisation.

In ‘new India’, no place for Others

by Nayantara Sahgal

Hindu rashtra at what cost?

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Bad, but loveable Mum

Bad, but loveable Mum

by Manju Gupta

I HAVE been far from an ideal mother. Never too indulgent, not too self-sacrificing.

Thought for the day

The breaking of a wave cannot explain the whole sea. — Vladimir Nabokov

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Lahore, Friday, December 14, 1917

Students and Politics.

Sanitary Schemes in Amritsar.