Friday, April 28, 2017

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Heat wave in Kashmir

The pitfalls of facile logic

Above 30,000

Sensex upsurge not backed by economic fundamentals

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Taxing farm income

Finance Minister nixes NITI Aayog idea

Modi wins MCD

AAP staring at meltdown

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Trump’s first hundred days

Trump’s first hundred days

by Harish Khare

Democratic voices have slowed presidential recklessness down

Triple talaq — myths and misperceptions

Triple talaq — myths and misperceptions

by Faizan Mustafa

The All India Muslim Personal Law Board has, in a recent meeting, decided on a code of conduct for divorce. In a major climbdown, it has conceded ground and resolved in favour of "one divorce." Therefore, instant triple divorce will no more be an option with a Muslim male.

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Let the sleeping Dragon lie

by Pravin Sawhney

India should seriously consider if provoking tensions by using the Dalai Lama card is what it really wants. The reality is that China has capabilities and options to embarrass India.

South Asia needs more bridges than walls

by S.N.M Abdi

India’s phobia about developing communication and connectivity with China prevents seamless connectivity in the region. It is high time that a consensual strategy is adopted in the best interests of the region. South Asian nations should work toward dissolving frontiers to facilitate trade, tourism and people-to-people contact.

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From the horse’s mouth

by DC Sharma

EVEN now when I see someone riding a horse as a groom, my own youthful days flash across my mind.

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Lal batti in many colours

by Rajnish Wattas

Spoken this way & that

by Desh Bir SharmaMusings, last 7 days...

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Democracy is a device that ensures we shall be governed no better than we deserve. — George Bernard Shaw

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