Wednesday, August 23, 2017

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  • 10 coaches of Kaifiyat Express derail near Auraiya (UP)

A divided verdict

Avoid politics over triple talaq

Mergers and manoeuvres

AIADMK factions break new ground

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Back to note ban

A political narrative for 2019

Avoidable negligence

Railways slipping up on the basics

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Beyond fake dreams

Beyond fake dreams

by Hasan Suroor

The masses in both India, Pak need to wake up and smell the coffee

A plea for proportional representation

A plea for proportional representation

by CP Bhambhri

To keep 160 million Muslims of India out of elected assemblies is dangerous politics. The system of proportional representation to state assemblies can ensure the active participation of Muslims in democratic politics. It can enable them to become stakeholders in mainstream democratic politics.

Strategising while on life support

Strategising while on life support

by Cyril Almeida

From here, they've got him. Because Nawaz wants to cling on in a system that he doesn't want to improve and in which he has the fewer options. He wants to find a way back into the system. That’s unlikely. And he wants Maryam to eventually succeed him.

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Thou shalt not think for yourself...

by Karthik Venkatesh

If citizens can decide who will rule them, surely they can decide what they will like to read. If women have been given the same rights as men in our political system, surely they can decide which religion they will follow or whom they will marry.

A clash of ideas

by Sushma Ramachandran

After Tatas, Infosys crisis triggers upheaval in corporate India

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All for six gold bangles

All for six gold bangles

by Surinderjit Singh Sandhu

I STILL have nightmarish memories from my childhood in Amritsar in the 1960s, when big landlords would flee their houses whenever a tehsildar or a naib-tehsildar visited their village for the recovery of land revenue and taccavis (loans).

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In old shawl, scent of mother

by Sumitra Dabas

Be thankful, say thank you

by Aadi VaidyaMusings, last 7 days...

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She had not known the weight until she felt the freedom. — The Scarlet Letter

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Lahore, Thursday, August 23, 1917

Saving Child Life.

The Doctrine of "Ati Bhakti."