Thursday, March 23, 2017

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Talking won’t do

Ayodhya dispute requires judicial closure

Making roads safer

Punjab road safety authority will need follow-up

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Post-mortem in AAP

The struggle to frame an identity

A welcome climbdown

Judiciary-executive standoff over MoP scaled down

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The Chinese way

The Chinese way

by G Parthasarathy

Be it Sri Lanka or Pakistan, China’s own business interests are first

Look within, are Indians not racist?

Look within, are Indians not racist?

by Ash Murthy

We protest against the rising hate crimes in the US, but our own attitudes are very racist too. It is time to introspect about the culture we perpetuate, and our paradoxical values towards racism.

What it takes to become a good VC

What it takes to become a good VC

by Gursharan Singh

Integrity and passion of a person to be appointed as a Vice-Chancellor, is as important as his/her administrative and leadership acumen. If Oxford University can appoint John Hood, a businessman, why must Indian universities restrict the choice to academicians? Or, retired bureaucrats.?

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Hindutva hits the high road

by Hasan Suroor

A spectacular electoral coup against a community

Revisiting Bhagat Singh’s idea of India

by Karthik Venkatesh

Bhagat Singh speaks to us from across time and space. He reminds us that we have to appreciate the value of the intellectual and seek in our own modest ways to become Bhagat Singhs ourselves through reading, reflection and thoughtful action.

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Back to school on a windy day

by RS Dalal

AFTER retirement, I wondered what to do. The daylong chain of visitors that one dreaded was now a negligible trickle.

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Cycling back to boyhood

by Rajnish Wattas

Between pearls & pebbles

by IP AnandMusings, last 7 days...

Thought for the day

Curse on the man who business first designed, and by’t entralled a freeborn lover’s mind! — John Oldham

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