Friday, January 20, 2017

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The raging bull

Irrational insistence on jallikattu

Reveal it all

RBI can’t afford to duck questions

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Degrees of probity

Modi, Irani should have nothing to hide

Modi’s Raisina Dialogue

The problem with our neighbours

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Redefining leadership

Redefining leadership

by Harish Khare

Obama makes way for Trump, and shallowness

Re-setting the judicial compass

Re-setting the judicial compass

by Satya Prakash

Indian judiciary has often been described as an overambitious institution. Perhaps now there is a realisation that there could not be a judicial solution to every problem

Integrating armed forces not about CDS alone

Integrating armed forces not about CDS alone

by Lt Gen AK Ahuja (retd)

Let us begin with appointing a four-star CDS, and place him at the head of the Integrated Defence Staff, which can work as a military secretariat for higher defence planning

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The revenge of the state

by Cyril Almeida

What is troubling is how poorly positioned Pakistani society is — and, worse, will be going forward — to resist the state.

Simultaneous polls against spirit of federalism

by Rajindar Sachar

It is constitutionally not possible to hold simultaneous polls to the Lok Sabha and state assemblies. At best Modi can dissolve the Lok Sabha and the assemblies in the BJP-ruled states to have simultaneous elections.

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My Dangal girl

by Brig Gurinder Singh (Retd)

UZMA was annoyed with me when she learnt that a Kashmiri teenager, Zaira Wasim, has acted as young Geeta in Aamir Khan’s Dangal.

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Two people, two views

by Poonamjot Kaur Sidhu

Remember what got you there

by Aneet Kanwal RandhawaMusings, last 7 days...

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If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything. — Gordon A Eadie

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Lahore, Saturday, January 20, 1917

Water Supply and Disease.

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