118 years of Trust
December 6 to December 12
[ March 20-April 18]
line Taurus
[ April 19-May 19 ]
It is an ideal time to tackle domestic issues. Family members will appreciate sorting out of pending matters sooner, rather than later. Your stars give you sufficient energy to execute multifarious tasks. Despite the provocation provided by your associates, you will stick to the policy of reconciliation. In love too, you will be flexible and may even surrender if you are not likely to agree with the beloved.
[ May 20-June 20 ]
[ June 21-July 21 ]
This period is not conducive to expect others to serve you. If you try to react, you may spoil your relationships. Spending plans and shopping sprees could also turn out big liabilities. If it is a professional ambition you are pursuing, you stand a marvellous chance to make your mark. You will be attracted towards people who are charismatic and sophisticated.
[ July 22-August 21 ]
[ August 22-September 20 ]
An unprecedented and unforeseen recession in your economy may turn the situation from bad to worse. There is need to trim down extravagant spending. Don’t depend on others for it may lead you nowhere. Mercury’s relationship with your sign is at a low ebb. With an abrupt change in the current situation, you may have to revise your plans afresh. Relations with children could be another area that is unproductive.
[ September 21-October 22 ]
[ October 23-November 21 ]
You can cope with the heavy agenda that awaits you during this week. You can view this as a period of grand success. Let it be ingrained in your mind that there is enough light at the end of the tunnel. This is a week to pull up your sleeves and prepare for sweat and toil. Mars is bestowing upon you enormous energy to put your economy on a sound footing. There is nothing you cannot achieve now.
[ November 22-December 22 ]
[ December 23-January 19 ]
Odds are stacked against you but you have to resist them with determination. Complacency is your enemy number one and as such it should be given a death blow, before it gets too late to manage. Beware of fraudulent elements who are determined to put you in the wrong. Your privacy and peace of mind are at stake. Why not curtail your options and minimise them?
[ January 20-February 18 ]
[ February 19-March 19 ]
Having won the goodwill of your superiors, you must increase your output to the maximum. You can bank upon supporters who will be at your beck and call. Your stars encourage you for staging a big stride. An increase in your earning potential is what your stars predict. There is a possibility of your adding a new facility to your domestic life. Your travel plans, however, do not show much promise.

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