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Last year my wife’s brother died at the age of 36 in an accident. There was no witness to the mishap. My wife has dreamt of him four times since then. She sees herself calling out to her brother, who is running.

Rajinder, Chandigarh.

Man has a tendency to put a lot of ‘ifs’ before facts beyond his reach. It’s natural for your wife to wish she could have been there to save him. Help your wife out of this situation and let her come to terms with reality.

I am a 17-year-old boy. I dreamt of a lot of flies around me. I felt horrible.

Narinder Singh Jatta, Pinjore.

Flies denote sickness. Take proper care of your health and hygiene.

I am 24 years old. I dreamt that I had a pet eagle. I left it in a valley but it again flew across to me.

Farukh Khan, Batala.

Seeing an eagle soar above you denotes big ambitions, for which you will have to struggle hard. The fact that the eagle comes to no harm means that your dreams shall materialise and you shall attain all that you desire. But be prepared for real hard work.

I am 21 years old and generally dream of accidents involving others or of going to temples or seeing statues of gods.

Dhiraj Singla, Ropar.

A person who realises that he is on the wrong and yet never corrects himself dreams of visiting temples. Dhiraj, wise is not one who realises his error, but one who tries to correct it. The dreams of accidents could be a desire to see those people harmed whom you do not like. Feeling repentant for such feelings leads to the dreams of temples and gods.

I am a 20-year-old science graduate. I often dreaming of a classmate. In these dreams he behaves as if he loves me. However, neither do I have such feelings for him nor does he, in real life.

XYZ, Nawanshahr.

The society we live in does not allow us to enter into relations with the opposite sex. It is not acceptable to our conscience. So arousal of any feeling of affection for someone leads to self-denial. You are going through a similar situation. You must accept such feelings as a normal part of growing up.

— Vinaya Katoch


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