118 years of Trust
July 26 to August 1
[ March 20-April 18]

Your planets play a stabllising role in the matters of head and heart. Those who presume that they can take you for a ride are mistaken.
line Taurus
[ April 19-May 19 ]
You may have to revise your opinion about the person you have been associated with. Since a major change is an the offing, try to keep your feet firmly planted on the ground before taking any iritiative.

[ May 20-June 20 ]

You will strike a balance between what you intend to spend or what is going to be thrust on you. You should thank your stars that you can handle a delicate situation wisely.

[ June 21-July 21 ]

The agenda that awaits you cou,d prove like a pile on a camel's back. Your physical well-being is another area to be taken care of. It is essential to improve your diet ad smarten up your standard of living.

[ July 22-August 21 ]

A delightful week to entertain and enjoy. There is not one but many more alluring offers to be cashed in upon. Loved ones could also be kept in good humour without appeasing or cajoling too much.

[ August 22-September 20 ]

A period to be out and about more than usual. You can solve routine matters but whether you are capable of bandling vital issues in a moot point. Wait a little longer just to see which way the wind blows.

[ September 21-October 22 ]
All simple living and high thinking Librans will be riding on the crest of an extremely exciting wave. This is perhaps a rare occasion when your benefic stars have stolen a march over the negative ones.

[ October 23-November 21 ]
You may take off now after a most hectic work schedule. Your responsibilities and commitments will become less exacting and you may love contened.

[ November 22-December 22 ]

Revelations may creep up on you more foten. You will leave nobody in doubt that you mean business. This is essentially a phase that may lead you towards a new exposure. It will brighten your image more effectively.

[ December 23-January 19 ]

You cannot deliver the goods single-handed so it, will be much better to seek the support of your alliees and being them on your side. "More the merrier" should be your watchword.

[ January 20-February 18 ]

More work and less relazation could tell upon your mood more intensively. Despite your hest intentions, you could be involved in public affairs more than usual. Ther is no use wasting your time and straining your nerves.

[ February 19-March 19 ]
Investment plans, sale-purchase of stocks and similar activities should yield reasonably good results. With lucky stars positioned favourably, you can take steps for your future security and welfare well in advance.
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