118 years of Trust
November 29 to December 5
[ March 20-April 18]
line Taurus
[ April 19-May 19 ]
With a majority of stars supporting you, a feeling of joy in the company of friends is but natural. Now you have the knack of making even the dullest of activities entertaining. .You would get tough with someone who is unreasonable. You have reached a point where you cannot expect any reconciliation if money is the bone of contention.
[ May 20-June 20 ]
[ June 21-July 21 ]
No let-up in hectic activity may be possible now or in the future. There is ample scope to help those who are victims of adverse circumstances. Home and family affairs may offer appropriate signals to decide where to spend your money. This is the period in which you would like your earnings to be utilised in a proper manner.
[ July 22-August 21 ]
[ August 22-September 20 ]
Associates or partners seem all set to fall in line with your plans. According to the current indications, you should be able to impress them with your generosity and goodwill. A period to be out and about more than usual. Too much of mobility, with no relaxation, could tell upon your health quite mercilessly. Wisdom lies in taking some time off, perking up your diet and keeping yourself tension-free.
[ September 21-October 22 ]
[ October 23-November 21 ]
You are destined to face depression due to a sudden economic set-back. If speculation is a fad with you, try to contain it. The time is not right to indulge in speculative deals. A Virgoan Mars centre-stage is a force to reckon with. You can expect all areas of life to function quite smoothly. You may just hit the target and reap the rewards before the game is up.
[ November 22-December 22 ]
[ December 23-January 19 ]
It has not been smooth sailing for you for some time. But it is now time to pamper yourself and put on a broad smile. Your planets reveal that you are about to hit a jackpot. At times there should be no mid-way approach. Only the very best can deliver the goods. You cannot expect all the factors to be favourable. There is no room for mediocrity.
[ January 20-February 18 ]
[ February 19-March 19 ]
Your stars spell success, particularly in your professional life. Some pleasing news, a long-awaited ceremony, a recreational programme or a happy get-together are very much on the way. You are entering into a high-spending phase. Your efforts to strike a balance in your spending may receive a vital blow. The challenge before you is to judge the situation correctly. Exercise caution.

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