118 years of Trust
October 11 to 17
[ March 20-April 18]

It is fine to be busy but do not overtire yourself. If you take on too much, you might wear yourself out. Professional strain, however, rules supreme.
line Taurus
[ April 19-May 19 ]
Your stars are looking extremely bright. Whatever you have planned can be achieved without any loss of time. Make independence and individuality your watch-words and act with more spontaneity.

[ May 20-June 20 ]
Haste or anger are two enemies that might upset the applecart. It would be unwise to burn your boats by alienating people who happen to be in a position to make or mar your future.

[ June 21-July 21 ]
It is roses and roses all the way. You will receive some news this week that should gladden your heart. Your friends should know pretty well that you are the person of the moment.

[ July 22-August 21 ]

Expect a lot of confusion around you. You are not sure about your next move. Some of you might even be gearing up for a change of job or accommodation. Relations with children could deteriorate.

[ August 22-September 20 ]
You are destined to make a big stride as compared to the target you have set for yourself. If on the lookout for a job, this is an ideal opportunity for clearing tests, interviews etc or even winning accolades.

[ September 21-October 22 ]

A financial muddle is about to cause you some anxious moments. A period of grand test, that will reveal how courageously you can face life’s turmoils head on. Friday is not suited for bargaining.

[ October 23-November 21 ]
An amusing week with your popularity and good-will touching new heights. It is time to derive the benefit of the help rendered by you to your friends. You will be amply rewarded for your generosity.

[ November 22-December 22 ]

Your firm belief that others are blocking your way may prove to be a white lie. You could easily win back all those who have been suspects in your eyes. Don’t write them off unceremoniously.

[ December 23-January 19 ]
No matter what you aim at, Lady Luck will be there to accord you a rousing welcome. There is a vast scope to extend the area of your influence. There will be no hurdle in your way.

[ January 20-February 18 ]
A period of improvement to help you make a mark, professionally. You can easily take on anything you aim at. A rewarding week for the arrival of old ties and to clear backlog.

[ February 19-March 19 ]
You may have to strive hard to prove your mettle as a sincere and dedicated professional. Success depend on how tactfully you will be able to manage the show in the teeth of opposition, initiated by your so-called friends.

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