118 years of Trust
September 20 to 26
[ March 20-April 18]
There are many choices before you have to prove that you can choose wisely. At work too, you can cast a spell over an uncompromising colleague by turning him into a trusted friend.
line Taurus
[ April 19-May 19 ]
With your economy not posing any significant problem, you will be relieved. Cash in on the cooperation and goodwill of friends that should come your way. There will be no reason to grumble.

[ May 20-June 20 ]
With an exalted Mercury in the house of wealth, the state of your economy may improve and strengthen. Your social connections will be on a strong footing and may get strengthened with the passage of time.

[ June 21-July 21 ]
The stars ruling over your financial well-being are unfavourably disposed towards you. The gap between income and expenditure may widen still further. With increased spending plans there is a need to drastically reduce expenditure.

[ July 22-August 21 ]
A week of lethargy and boredom. The plans which are about to reach culminate, may be vigorously pushed back. It is wrong to under-estimate the threat and the need to contain or neutralise them.

[ August 22-September 20 ]
Love, laughter and harmony shall be the order of the day during the week. The entertainer that lies dormant in you could also exhibit its generosity in full measure. Socially you could be at an advantage.

[ September 21-October 22 ]
Happy news is in the offing from a close associate who is far away. Someone at poles apart with you could shun his or her restraint and may seek your proximity.

[ October 23-November 21 ]
A swinging week to help you into the limelight. You may utilise your wisdom and energy in a most befitting manner. You have never dreamt that your calibre has received such a tremendous boost.

[ November 22-December 22 ]
The week entitles you to do well financially. What you lose in the swings can be made good on roundabouts. You may lag behind in romance but there is ample scope for financial improvement.

[ December 23-January 19 ]
Stars controlling your finances are unfavourably disposed towards you. With an upsurge in your spending, you will be forced to knock at the doors of your affluent friends.

[ January 20-February 18 ]
A week favourable for initiating a dialogue with your loved one. You could also come close to people who have been out of your circle. Hospitality and entertainment also needs to be paid attention to.

[ February 19-March 19 ]
Investment plans, sale-purchase of stocks and other related activities may fail to provide any result. Your responsibilities and commitments may increase.
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