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Sunday, January 9, 2000
Bollywood Bhelpuri

Filmi friends
By Madhur Mittal

IT was a most extraordinary sight, believe me. I mean, to actually find three macho MPs clasping hands, and hugging one another while grinning and guffawing as one, had to be the height of incredibility... especially considering the fact that each belongs to a totally separate political party with different manifestos! What’s more, the trio trooped off into a (secluded) corner and huddled there till kingdom come — whispering, clapping and (yes, you got it) laughing some more!

The function was the Cine & TV Artistes Associations AGM and the three ‘spirited’ MPs from Bollywood responsible for the rare sight were Sunil Dutt, Vinod Khanna and Raj Babbar.

Incidentally, Dutt Saab was also the recipient of a memento. That didn’t stop him from enjoying the happening without getting weighed down all serious like, y’know. In true (and typical) Dutt style, the senior star and politician quipped: "It goes without emphasising that I’m honoured by the honour. But I am happy because this get-together has provided me with the unique opportunity to meet with and exchange views, with two of my dearest film friends... who might otherwise have been at my throat as astute adversaries!" Touche.


The first marriage of 2000

The world across, there’re any amount of young people looking forward to being either the first newly weds in Y2K or the first ones to tie the nuptial knot. And Bollywood ain’t no different, folks. After all, how can its enterprising inhabitants allow themselves to be found lagging behind,?

However, one comely contender for the marriage distinction who clearly seems to have an edge over the others, is none other than Meghana (Bosky) Gulzar — the beautiful daughter of actress Raakhee. Apparently, she’s already got her wedding dress stitched ‘n’ ironed ‘n’ hung within reach! What’s more, even the new flat in happening Bandra bought very exclusively for the big event, has reportedly been done up by interior designers from France — under the hawk-eyed supervision of Meghna and Raakhee — and is just awaiting the formal stepping over its threshold by the first couple of 2000 AD.

Who’s the (lucky) guy? Believe me, nobody really seems to know for sure.

This feature was published on January 2 1999

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