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Sunday, January 9, 2000

A century of discoveries

FROM its conception to its thrilling final days, this century’s 100 years have witnessed amazing innovations, daring explorations and medical breakthroughs that once resided solely in the world of science fiction.

Of all the great discoveries this century has given birth to Discovery Channel brings to you the finest in 100 Years of Discoveries, a one hour programme on December 31 at 11 p.m.

Some of the most important discoveries of the 20th century that are being highlighted in the programme are: Tungsten light bulb, Television, Antibiotics, Computer, Birth Control, Man on the Moon, Identification of the AIDS virus, Internet and cloning.

Who knows what the 21st century has in store for mankind. The 20th century has lived an extraordinary life. Hundred years of discoveries and inventions that pushed our boundaries and exceeded our wildest expectations. What will it take for the future to surpass the giant imprint this century has left behind?

  A must watch for everyone, 100 Years of Discoveries highlights the accomplishments of the most adventurous and brilliant people in the 20th century.

One for the road

Hit the road this winter with Fast Track on Star Plus every Sunday at 10.30 a.m. Though there have been many similar shows this one assumes special significance considering the variety of cars on the Indian roads.

This is a hip, pacy, on-the-move show, that has plenty to offer to the genuine lovers of wheels. It is also a guided tour of everything the Indian auto industry has to offer.

Apart from featuring the latest cars, bikes, wheel freaks and gizmos, Fast Track also evaluates new vehicles in the market to help the average consumer to make the right informed choices.

There are segments like current news, market value, travel test, vehicle comparisons, car buzz, tips and debates. In short a show which is both useful and entertaining.

Hit the Fast Track on Star Plus.

Wonderful manager

At 20, he is being considered the complete manager of 1999. And believe it or not, Siddharth Suryanarayan hasn’t even finished his studies.

Recently CNBC India, in association with NIIT and seagate last evening announced Suryanarayan as the winner, telent hunt showcased some of the brightest emerging business brains in the country with an uncanny presence of mind.

There were four gruelling rounds and Suryanarayan, a first year M.B.A. student from S.P. Jain, Mumbai emerged triumphant amidst fierce competition, to be crowned The CNBC Complete Manager 1999.

A theatre lover, trained carnatic musician and an ardent debater who has represented India at various international competitions. Suryanarayan, won the audience and the jury over with his eloquence and wit.

Responding to a question from the jury on what it would take to make an "incomplete manager" Siddharth summed it up in three words "resistance to change." Now that’s a razor sharp wit which corporates would kill to possess.

Millennium blockbuster

Here was a treat for all those couch potatoes who ushered in the millennium curled up in their beds. Star Movies telecast Titanic, the movie of the decade on December 31, at 8 p.m.

It could well lay its claim for the film of the century. It topped the list of Top 15 grossing pictures from 1990-1998, with a gross box office of $ 12, 066,503.

The other 14 movies that follow are Jurassic Park, Anaconda, Golden Eye, Tomorrow Never Dies, Lost World, Cliffhanger, Under Seize 2, Independence Day, Jumanji Twister, Speed, True Lies, Eraser and Baby’s Day Out.

Says writer-director James Cameron, "My goal in making this film was to show not only the dramatic death of this infamous ship, but her grief and glorious life as well."

After watching Titanic on December 31 one finds out why the film could top the worldwide list of great films made this century. For film buffs there could not have been a better way to usher in the millennium.


Here’s a third-in-a-row from Neena Gupta. First came the long running Saans followed by another marathon-in-the-making Palchhin. And now comes Gumraah every Saturday at 8.30 p.m.

The trouble with Neena Gupta’s serials is they all start as potential thrillers but soon start meandering as they are overly stretched. Gumraah too starts off as an exciting drama about a young lawyer, Radha Goswami, caught between two rivals, a mafia kingpin, Sachdeva and a renowned solicitor, Desai.

She soon finds a shoulder to lean upon — a handsome lawyer. Amit Nodi, who is willing to take on the world for her sake. They decide to fight back but the plot thickens with Sachdeva’s bid to smother her career with his connections.

A passionate relationship blossoms between Radha and Amit. But life, as they say, is never predictable. Her tormentor, Sachdeva suddenly starts pining for her and the story takes a new turn.

Produced and directed by Neena Gupta who also plays the lead, the other stars include Mohan Bhandari, Goga Kapoor, Manohar Singh, and Subbiraaj. A good star cast and a good plot. One just hopes she keeps it that way by making Gumraah short and riveting.

— Mukesh Khosla

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