Chandigarh Tribune
Wednesday, January 26, 2000,
Chandigarh, India
C H A N D I G A R H   S T O R I E S


CHB allottees may not get water connections
By Pradeep Sharma
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Jan 25 —The problems of over 1,700 allottees of the mega housing complex of the Chandigarh Housing Board (CHB) in West of Sector 38 seem to be endless.

The allottees, who earlier faced the problem of the late handing over of the flats by the board, now have another problem on their hands: They may not get water connections for at least a month as the public health circle of the Chandigarh Administration has failed to hand over the “inventories” of the water supply lines to the Municipal Corporation of Chandigarh (MCC).

Though a large number of the allottees had approached the authorities of water works in Sector 37, under which the area falls, yet the corporation authorities had expressed their inability in releasing new connections in the absence of the “handing” over the water supply system to the civic body for maintenance.

A senior official of the public health wing of the administration claimed that the “inventories” would be handed over in a day or two and the releasing of water connections should not take much time. However, corporation sources informed that the releasing of the water connections would take time since the water supply lines were to be tested for any leakage Any leakage or joint fault must be removed before the MCC authorities took charge of the water supply system, the sources said.

This time the MCC was taking extra precautions to ensure that the water supply system, handed over to it, was perfect in all respects as the civic body was blamed by the residents for any defects or leakages afterwards as it was responsible for the maintenance of the major civic amenities, said a senior civic body officer. For instance, the entire blame for the defective sewerage system in part of the Modern Housing Complex in Mani Majra had been put on the civic body though it was only maintaining the sewerage system, he added.

The issue came up for discussion at a meeting between the UT Chief Engineer, Mr RK Jain, and the MCC Chief Engineer, Mr Puranjit Singh here today. At the meeting it was decided that the “inventories” would be handed over to the MCC by the end of this week.

And in the absence of water connections, the allottees of all categories, a majority of whom had been handed over possession by the CHB, are at the receiving end .A number of allottees had already delayed the minor alterations and additions and laying of the marble floorings and tiles till the water connections were released

However, others, who are tenants and want to shift to their flats at the earliest, are hiring water tankers. In fact, the water tanker suppliers are having a field day with the prices of water tanker varying from Rs 400 to Rs 600 — depending upon the size of the water tanker and the urgency of the requirement.

“We are at the double disadvantage as we are paying instalments to the CHB as also Rs 3,500 rent for the flat, said an allottee renovating his flat, who has raised loan from a private financial institution. At least the board should make sure that the minimum infrastructural facilities were in place before handing over the possession, he added.

It may be recalled that stung by media criticism that different agencies dithered over the completion of various development works in the projects undertaken by the CHB, the board has now decided to undertake the developmental work itself. The board would be undertaking the developmental work in the1136 MIG and HIG flats in Sector 51-A here, the foundation stone of which was laid by the former UT Administrator, Lieut-Gen BKN Chhibber (retd) last year, the sources added.


Discrepancies in voter photo I-cards
From Rahul Das
Tribune News Service

AMBALA, Jan 25 — Jaspreet Singh, a Sikh male of robust health, does not know whether to laugh or to cry. For he has been issued a photo voter identity card with a lady’s photograph on it and he has become a female according to the identity card issued by the Election Commission of India.

Talking to The Tribune, Jaspreet, who is doing his apprenticeship diploma in auto engineering, said that he was surprised to find a lady’s photograph on the voter’s identity cards. “Even I have been shown as a female in the ID card. Rest of the information on the card is mine and has been correctly entered on the card,” he said.

The Election Commission of India card no. HR/01/08/207351 has a lady’s photograph on it. “The address on the card “H. No 43 Ambala Cantt Ward-11” is ours. But there is no such lady staying here. The age “20 years” is of my son, Jaspreet,” Jaspreet’s father, Mr Mahabir Singh said. “The card was prepared on October 15, 1999, and it is now being given to us,” he added. He pointed out that there is also a discrepancy in his daughter’s card.

There are similar such cases in which there is a mistake in the card and one can see people who come to collect their photo voter identity cards trying to find out ways to correct the mistake at the Municipal Committee office at Ambala cantonment.

Deputy Commissioner of Ambala, Ram Niwas said that all those people who find that there are faults in their photo voter identity cards should immediately get in touch with the Returning Officer. “In Ambala cantonment, a photographer has been kept who is taking photographs of such people. The affected persons can go to the Municipal Committee office and apply for rectification of the error,” he said.

He said that the preparation of the photo voter identity card is a mammoth task and errors can sometimes creep in. “However, people who find that there are mistakes must immediately get in touch with the officials concerned so that they can be issued cards with correct information in it,” he said.

Mr Anil Vij, former MLA and Independent candidate for the Ambala Cantonment assembly seat, said that many people have approached him stating that there are faults in their photo voter identity cards. “Those persons who lost their photo voters identity cards, are being told by the administration that they must first get an First Information Report lodged and then card will be prepared. I feel that it is a lengthy procedure, specially with the assembly elections with less than month away,” he said.

Mr Vij pointed out that there are even cases of people who have not received their photo voter identity cards despite completing all formalities. “Now there is very little time left before the polls, and if they start making corrections now, then it will be too late,” he said.

Citing an instance, Mr Vij said that a person had approached him saying that while photo voter identity card is correct, his wife has been shown to be double his age. “There are serious anomalies and need to be timely rectified. If one goes to the Municipal Committee office, one will see several cards lying there which are yet to be distributed,” he said.

Mr Ranbir Singh Chhatwal (Fauji), General Secretary of Shiromani Akali Dal (Badal), Haryana unit, said that the administration is to be blamed for the faults in the photo voter identity cards. “We have received complaints in which their are errors in either the age, name, father’s name and even in the address of the person,” he said.

Mr Chhatwal said “my own photo voter identity card has got wrong name and wrong address and even my wife’s card has got my name wrong and the address is also wrong.”

He demanded that the officer on electoral duty at the polling booth should be vested with the power to decide whether a voter is genuine or not. “A person may be voting regularly for the past several years and there may be a mistake in the photo voter identity card. So, for no fault of his, he would be denied the right to exercise his franchise. Instructions must be given to the officials on election duty to take discretionary action,” he said.


Kerosene distribution to be revised
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Jan 25 —The Chandigarh Administration has decided to revise the kerosene distribution system in the Union territory following reduction in the monthly allocation by the Union Government.

According to a press note of the Administration, the Union Government granted 70,000 new LPG connections in the Union Territory during the month of April,1999. Even now the new LPG connection is available on demand here.

As a sequel to this LPG allocation, the Union Government has reduced the monthly allocation of kerosene to the Union Territory for distribution under the public distribution system by 30 per cent. In spite of this reduction in the allocation, the Food and Supplies Department did not reduce or revise the allocation of kerosene against ration cards all these months.

Facing a shortfall of 460 kl a month, the department has now decided to revise the allocation of kerosene to ration card holders and various consumers. Those ration card holders, who do not have an LPG connection, and have two units will now get 10 litres of kerosene a month while those ration card holders without LPG connection with four or more units will now draw 20 litres of levy kerosene.

Similarly, the ration cardholders with single LPG cylinder will now get 3 litres of kerosene a month while those with more than one LPG cylinder will not get any levy kerosene.

The press note maintained that even after this reduction in levy kerosene, per capita entitlement and availability of kerosene in the Union Territory of Chandigarh remains the highest compared to neighbouring states.


“I love my India... in the West”
By Saurabh Malik
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Jan 25 — Grey-blue swaggering eyes, ‘newspaper-shopping’ for a hubby, stop over the NRI column as the pretty damsel picks up the Chinese pen with an automatic hand. Encircling her future’s statistical sketch, she dreams of loosing her blues rocking in a night club, or a casino, with cool Pina Colado, even whizzing down the roller-coaster, abroad. For her, life in India is “B.O.R.I.N.G.”

Chirpy li’l 22, she tosses of her quilt, dashes out for the newspaper every Sunday morning, with hope to fly across the seven seas. To the promised land. On convenient wings of marriage. Or just anyhow. No, she has no plans of “sticking around in India”.

“Bah, I don’t wanna spend the rest of my life frying eggs on the LPG. Change buses to teach English in a rundown school for mere 1500 bucks. Listen to grumbling mom-in-law every time I taste my golden drink. And go of to sleep at night, exhausted....,” says post-graduate Mehak Khanna. “Wanna live life, not just exist”.

To the non-residents, foreign to the drudgery of waiting in unending queues for their turn to pay telephone or electricity bills, India may still be a deity with a “beauteous halo around her brow”. To be worshipped. For so many city youngsters “the country has given nothing”.

“Well nothing except reproof,” grumbles young executive with a bank Sonali Arora. “‘Haw, just look at her,’ people here say every time I smoke that cigarette. They just can’t change. Even in the US we Indians stop and stare at kissing couples. It is so-o embarrassing”.

Our Sonali has never suffered the bumpy speedway beyond Delhi, but loves bragging about country life in Montana and Alabama, incessantly. New York and California, she believes, she knows like the back of her fair artistic hand.

“Out there, it is not like here,” the taskmistress says, her eyes rolling heavenwards. “Long straight roads cut across the desert for you to zip-zap-zoom in a Merc at 120 km per hour.... and in New York there are massive sky-scrappers kissing the sky with cheerful bright neon signboards.... not like in here.... another thing, life there begins after 12 at night....”.

She is right, she insists. She has travelled the world through electronic mails from friends, flipping television channels, even novels, besides western and country hit CDs.

Little wonder, University of Pittsburgh’s sticker, flaunted across her jaunty jalopy’s rear windshield, glitters in the afternoon sun as reed-thin correspondent student Zubina Kataria steps out in the olive green sweat shirt with “Go West” neatly embroidered on it.

Her friend Prashant Goyal wears a khadi kurta — “swadeshi”. But with blue denims. Never discusses the “political developments”. Flares up every time police is mentioned. For no peculiar reason. Presses the remote keys whenever the newscaster talks about the telephone regulatory authority or the insurance bill. Has never stamped the ballot paper.

“What difference would it make if I have the government of my choice? I”ll still be among the desperate 400 waiting to take examination for steno’s five vacant posts — two reserved,” he argues. “Nay, it ain’t worth it”.

Sipping coffee, reposing on the dingy steps of Panjab University’s student centre, he mummers, “Wanna go abroad. Am doing a software course for it. Don’t wanna live in a country where you do not get decent wages for all the effort you put in. Not even decent shelter and clothing. Where even petrol is costing about 24 bucks a litre.... where you cannot even afford a bike”.

Ergo, the mirage of foreign lands tempts. It’s made too tantalising to resist through the glitter splattered on the media. In their race for “comfort” — with obvious currency advantage of the West — patriotism takes a practical backseat. It resurfaces and echoes nostalgically once confronted with the real, alien, “racial” and “more disciplined” environs. Then begins the NRI chant, so profusely exploited by our Bollywood romantic blockbusters — “I love my India”.


3-year-old child electrocuted
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, Jan 25 — A three-year-old child of Colony No 5 was electrocuted here today.

According to police sources, Anu was playing with his friends when he came in contact with a live wire and was electrocuted. He was rushed to the Sector 32 Government Medical College and Hospital where he died. Investigations are on.


Rain, winds lash city
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Jan 25 — Intermittent rain and winds lashed the city and its surrounding areas this morning, making residents feel the winter chill again.

A total of 7 millimetres of rain was recorded till 5.30 p.m. It threw normal life out of gear as office-goers were delayed, school-children faced a tough time as the mercury dropped sharply. The day time temperature — 14C — was 6 degrees below normal.

The Director of the local meteorological office, Mr S.C. Bhan, said the rain had occurred due to western disturbances over Jammu and Kashmir accompanied by upper air cyclonic circulation over Punjab. The conditions are likely to continue tomorrow but on a lesser scale. Cloudy conditions will persist and light rain is likely to occur.


Cultural show, songs mark celebrations
Tribune News Service

PANCHKULA, Jan 25 — A cultural programme and patriotic songs marked the Republic Day celebrations at Government College, Sector 1, and Hansraj Public School, Sector 6, here today.

Members of the Youth Club of the college put up a spirited performance in the folk dances and songs presented to mark the occasion. The programme began with “Vande Mataram’” presented by the college choir. Folk dances added colour to the celebrations and the “ragini” of Haryana enthralled the audience.

A satire on the changing face of Indian politics was the high point of the programme. Titled `Khencha Tani’, it traced the evolution of politics from its heydays to its present status when politics has been reduced to a dirty game of power. The programme was chaired by the Principal of the college, Dr RL Madan. Speaking at the function Dr Madan appreciated the activities of the club in promoting cultural activities among the students. Later, Mrs Indu Rani presented the vote of thanks.

At Hansraj Public School, the celebrations began with the unfurling of the tricolour followed by the beat of the national anthem. The chief guest, Mr D.R. Yadav, Registrar of PGI, took the salute as students of the four houses, Atharva Veda, Rig Veda, Yajur Veda and Sama Veda marched past the dais with their respective flags.

The cultural programme commenced with `Yeh Hai Naya Hindustan’, a welcome song projecting and praising modern India in glowing words. The stage was a riot of colours with the vivacious presentation of the AR Rehman number “Maa Tujhe Salam” by students on skates. Later, Yukti, a student of Class VII, gave a speech on Republic Day.

The message of unity in diversity was brought alive on-stage by performance to `Jahan daal daal par’ followed by another group song `Hind desh ke niwasi’. Also, a prize distribution function for students was held. The principal, Dr Rajni Thareja, informed that 12 of the 17 students to be honoured at the district level function for bringing national and international laurels were students of the school.



A harassed MO
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Jan 25 — What happens when your telephone number is mistakenly listed as an enquiry number? Nothing really, except that you are deluged with unending calls the entire day with callers demanding information. This is exactly what is happening with Dr Rakesh Khullar, Medical Officer (MO) at the Panjab University, whose telephone number 541774 has been listed by a new telephone directory, distributed free by a yet-to-be-printed vernacular newspaper, as the university enquiry number. The university enquiry number is 545441.

According to Dr Khullar, he has been receiving more than 30 calls daily making enquires about examination and results etc for the “last four weeks now”. In fact he is not only irked about the fact that he has been receiving unnecessary calls at his residence number on a daily basis but also that “even on Sundays and also during odd hours the telephone rings to make enquires. There have been cases when we have told the callers not to call back again at our number but they have fought with us saying that we are not willing to pass on the desired information to them”.

Dr Khullar said that he had given a written complaint to the authorities in the Panjab University as well, but nothing much had been done. The vernacular paper meanwhile is also conducting telephone queries about their directory and when Dr Khullar was contacted by this newspaper “about three weeks back” he told them about the mis-information but they have yet to contact him again.

This Panjab University MO has now threatened to move the consumer forum for the “distress being caused to him and his family by giving wrong information in a telephone directory by the vernacular newspaper”.


Commendation card for 67 Army men
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Jan 25 — As many as 67 Army personnel and one civilian employee serving in the Western Command have been awarded the General Officer Commanding-in-Chief’s Commendation Card for meritorious services.

The awards have been announced on the occasion of the Republic Day and will be conferred on the individual concerned by Lieut-Gen Vijay Oberoi.

The recipients are : Artillery: Lt-Col Anil K. Bhargava (HQ 152 MC Area), Gnr Sambhu Prashad (159 Med Regt).

Air Defence : Capt Munish Kumar (660 R&O Sqdn), Capt Ashok Yadav (615 AD Bde)

Infantry : Col M.S. Kauchhur, Col Tejpal Singh, Col P K Saini (all from HQ WC), Col Tarvender K Chadha (1 Armd Div), Lt Col Sunil Sorick (HQ WC), Lt Col Ajay Kumar Das (11 Corps), Lt Col Shree Kant Sinha (1 Armd Div), Lt Col Amitabh Amit (HQ WC), Maj Manoj Kumar (HQ 36 Sec), Nb Sub Harjinder Singh (16 Sikh LI), L/Nk Chandrakukar (MLI Col Sectt).

Engineers : Maj Anurag Basin (119 Engrs), Maj Sanjay Rihani (56 Engrs), Nk Balkar Singh (DGMO Army Hq), L/Nk Anil Kumar Pandya (HQ WC).

Signals : Maj Rajesh Bhagwan (2 Fd Sub Gp), Sub Vinod Kumar (22 Div Sig regt), Sub Devananda Mani (1 Fd Sub Gp), Sub Mohan Singh (HQ WC), Nb/Sub Sankaranarayanan P. (14 Div Sig Regt), CHM Joseph Athanucious (1 Fd Sub Gp), Hav Ashok Kumar Sharma (2 Coy WC), Nk Jayadev Singh (2 Sig Gp), L/Nk K Karuppuchamy (VCOAS Sectt),

ASC : Sub S.B. Chhetri, Hav Surya Prakash Pathak, Hav Gopal Nag (all HQ WC), Hav Birendra Kumar Sharma, Hav Puran Singh, Hav Hemanta Kumar, Hav B N Ramesh Singh (all DGMO AHQ), Hav Kailsah Singh (DGMI AHQ), Nk Shri Bhagwan (Hq Delhi Area), Nk Ram Kumar (DGMI), Hav Kanwar Lal Chaudhary (629 TPT Coy), Hav Girdhari Lal (980 TPT Coy).

AMC : Col K.S. Murthy, Lt Col Anil Chandra Anand, Lt Col Nitin Vishwanath Kekre (all CH WC), Capt Belludi Jayaprakash (9 JAK LI), Sub Jaipal Singh Shakya, Hav Saroj Kumar, Hav M J.S. Kurup, Hav Shiv Nandan SIngh (all BH Delhi), Hav Surendra Kumar (Army RRH), Nk Saji K (BH Delhi), Sheik Ameer Husain (CH WC).

MNS : Maj Ansamma Alex (CH WC), Capt Dipa Sarkar (BH Delhi), Lt Manju Menon (RRH), Lt Amita Naze (CH WC), Lt Simmy Nair (CH WC), Lt Priti Giri (RRH), Lt Shobha Namboodiri (BH Delhi).

EME : Maj Sudhir Kumar Bhola (953 AD), Sub Jadhad Namdeo (1 Fd Wksp Coy), HMT Jawahar Singh (953 AD), Hav Navrang Singh (179 Fd Wksp Coy).

Ordnance : Lt Col Jai Deep Suri (Amn Coy WC).

Intelligence Corps : Hav Net Ram (HQ WC), Nk Popat Patil (DGMI).

Army Education Corps : Col Iswar Singh Punia (HQ WC).

Civilians : C L Bansal (GE MES Patiala).


Two CBI officers decorated
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Jan 25 — As many as two officers of the local unit of the CBI have been decorated for their services on Republic Day.

While Mr Swaranjit Singh, IPS, Joint Director (NW), has been awarded the President's Police Medal for distinguished service, ASI Chandan Singh Rawat has been awarded the Police Medal for meritorious services.

Head Constable Balbir Chand, Reader, DSP Lines, was awarded the President's Police Medal for meritorious services.


Commendation certificates to 11
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Jan 25 — The Chandigarh Administration has decided to award commendation certificates to 11 employees and others on the occasion of Republic Day. Those to be awarded are Sub-Inspector Karnail Singh (Police), Sub-Inspector Parvesh Kumari (Police), Mr Kuldip Singh, Assistant Linesman; Nishi Chauhan, hockey player who represented India in four-nation tournament at New Jersey (USA); Dr A.K. Gupta, Medical Superintendent of the PGI; Mr Rakesh Gupta, father of a thalassaemic child; Mrs Niti Sarin, an activist of the Blood Bank Society; Mr Subash Bhaskar, a social worker; Mr Vineet Khanna, Director, Youth Technical Training Society; Sunil Kumar, tennis player who has been included in India’s Davis Cup team, and Mrs Madhu Puri, a nursing sister of the Sector 32 Government Medical College and Hospital.


Campaign on rights of handicapped
Tribune News Service

SAS NAGAR, Jan 25 — The National Handicapped Welfare Council is starting a nationwide campaign to make people aware of the rights of the handicapped as described in the Indian Constitution and to provide information on the Persons With Disability (PWD) Act, 1995.

Disclosing this at a press conference here today, Mr Ajit Sailani, General Secretary of the association, said that even after 50 years of the birth of the Constitution the disabled in the country did not enjoy any rights regarding the facilities available to them.

Even the PWD Act, 1995, which provided equal rights and opportunities for the uplift of the disabled, had yet to be implemented. Giving statistics, he said of the total handicapped in the country, at least 95 per cent were unemployed and of these 85 per cent were illiterate. The social rehabilitation of the disabled was yet to be implemented.

On the National Handicapped Finance and Development Corporation, he said in the past two years only 2 per cent were successful in getting loans from the corporation. Not a single case from Chandigarh, Haryana and Punjab under the loan scheme had matured. He said to make people aware of the problems of the disabled the nationwide campaign would start in a week’s time.


Need to conserve oil stressed
Tribune News Service

AMBALA, Jan 25 — In view of the growing gap between the demand and indigenous supply of crude oil and petroleum products, there is a need for conservation of oil Terminal Manager of Indian Oil Corporation, Akhilesh Gupta, said here today.

Speaking at a meet of tank-truck crew and employees as part of the Oil Conservation Fortnight, Mr Gupta said that it is very important to save oil as our economy is also affected due to it. “Also one must bear in mind the fact that our ecology is also greatly affected if the consumption of fuel is on the higher side,” he said.

He pointed out that Oil Conservation Week was started for the first time in January, 1991. Thereafter, every year Oil Conservation Week has been observed throughout the country to create mass awareness about the need for conserving petroleum products. “Encouraging results prompted the extension of Oil Conservation Week into Oil Conservation Fortnight from the year 1997,” he said.

Mr Gupta said that various steps are being taken to promote conservation of petroleum products in association with the Petroleum Conservation Research Association (PCRA) in different sectors of the economy such as transport, industrial, agricultural and household. “PCRA studies have revealed that leakage of one drop of oil per second amounts to a loss of 4000 litres of oil per annum,” he added.

Major Yuvraj Singh of ASC said that conservation of oil goes a long way in strengthening our economy. “By conserving oil, in a way we are doing a service for our nation,” he said. He stated that in the Army there is a lot of stress on the efficiency of vehicles which leads to more economical fuel consumption.

The Deputy Manager, Technical Services, Mr S.P. Mehrishi, said that there are various way of conserving fuel. The tips include not driving too fast. “The ideal driving speed is between 40 to 60 km per hour,” he said. “Also, one must not keep the engine idling. If a driver has to stop for more than a minute, then he should switch off the engine to conserve fuel. For that it is important that the engine is kept in excellent condition so that it starts immediately,” he said.

Mr Mehrishi stated that driving in correct gear is also important as driving in low gear leads to higher fuel consumption. “One must always try to stop slowly. Some drivers have the habit of applying the brakes at the last minute. This should not be done,” he said.


UP CM’s effigy burnt
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Jan 25 — Expressing their solidarity with the striking power employees, the members of the Joint Action Committee of Punjab and UT Employees today burnt an effigy of the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister to protest against the privatisation of the sector in the state.

The agitators, braving the downpour, assembled near the bridge market in Sector 17 and raised slogans against the increasing move by various state governments to resort to privatisation of various sectors. They alleged that all the privatisation was being carried out at the behest of the World Bank and IMF. They later burnt the effigy amid slogan shouting.

The protesters condemned the mass arrests of leaders spearheading the strike in UP and also decried the dismissal of employees and the atrocities committed on others.

Meanwhile, the leaders urged the Punjab government to release the bonus of the previous two years and raise the ceiling of income tax. The rally was addressed by leaders of the Punjab Class IV Union, Punjab Draftsman Association, the Mulazam Dal, Ministerial Association, the Irrigation Employees Union and the Mandi Board Employees Union.


Home gardening tips

* Farmyard manure is called a complete manure as it supplies not only nitrogen, phosphorus or potash but micro nutrients like zinc, copper, sulphur iron, magnesium, sodium, chlorine, etc.

* Urea and calcium ammonium nitrate (CAN) chiefly supply nitrogen.

* In case of surplus manure or if it has to be stored for a little later use, cover it with a layer of earth so as to avoid escape of ammonia which is the chief source of nitrogen.

* In case of rain you must protect the heap of manure so that the precious nutrients are not washed away.

* Fresh cow or cattle dung heaped in a pit and covered with mud would take about an year to decompose and be ready for application.

* Prematurely dug and used manure may attract white ants. It may also be a source of grubs that damage roots.

* Do not go after the fads that adding blood or powdered bricks in grape and anar would develop red colour in berries or fruit. The colour pigment development is varietal or sometimes associated with cold as in the case of blood red sweet orange.

— Satish Narula


New wall to protect temple
From Our Correspondent

JAYANTI MAJRI, Jan 25 — A new retaining wall is proposed to be constructed to protect the ancient temple of Jayanti Devi, which is in danger of caving.

Mr Shamsher Singh Dullo, Member of Parliament, while laying the foundation stone of the new protective wall and a langar hall, on Monday, said that in view of the religious importance of the temple, it was important to save the building.

The 500-year-old temple in the Shivalik foothills has been threatened by landslides and soil erosion caused by rains and floods. Eroding hillside under the temple has caused some brick and stone structures to collapse.

A protective wall built by the temple management to save the shrine was damaged last year. The management board had also taken a few others to save the temple.

A part of the structure, a community kitchen room was damaged about a year ago.

Officials of the State Flood Control Department, who visited the temple, told the management that any protective work was possible only after the rainy season. But the board felt that by that time much damage will have been done to the temple.

The board took technical assistance from the Punjab Engineering College (PEC) to undertake preventive steps.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr Jagmohan Singh Kang, General Secretary, Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee, criticised the state government’s plan to set up Anandgarh city at the proposed site. Keeping the interest of the local farmers and land owners in view it should be constructed elsewhere, since the land of villagers in the proposed area had become fertile after the construction of various irrigation dams, he said.

Mr Dullo announced a grant of Rs 1 lakh for the temple.


Theft in Sector 14 house
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, Jan 25 — Mr D. M. Bhatti, a resident of Sector 14, reported to the police today that someone had stolen two gold bangles, gold rings and Rs 13,000 in cash from his residence.

A case under Sections 380 and 454, IPC, has been registered.

Five booked
The police has registered a case of assault against five unidentified persons on a complaint filed by Mr Mehar Singh, a resident of Sector 47. The complainant said he was attacked with a sword outside the sector's gurdwara. A case under Sections 147, 148, 149 and 324, IPC, has been registered. The injured has been admitted to the Government Medical College and Hospital, Sector 32.

Three held
The police has arrested three persons, Balwan Singh, Narain Dutt and Kuldeep Singh, and recovered three metal slabs from them. A case under Sections 380 and 411, IPC, has been registered.

Car stolen
Mr Ranjit Singh, a resident of Ludhiana, reported that his car (PB-11-C-4516) has been stolen from Sector 22. A case under Section 379, IPC, has been registered.

Cop injured
HC Sukhdev Singh, posted with the traffic police, was hit and injured by a car (CHOI-J-3262) near the Sector 9 and 10 road crossing. The car driver, Puneet Gupta, was arrested and was bailed out later. A case under Sections 379 and 337, IPC, has been registered.

Dera Bassi

Car recovered
The police has arrested Balkar Singh, a resident of Mahendragarh and recovered a car from his possession. According to the police he had stolen the car (HR-01-0069) from the SDM's office.

He also confessed during interrogation that he had stolen a scooter (PB-11-6358) from the Anaj Mandi in November.

A case under Sections 379 and 411, IPC, has been registered.

SAS Nagar

Cheating case
A case of cheating and preparing forged documents has been registered against three persons for their alleged involvement in grabbing a house owned by a government school teacher.

According to information available, Jaswant Singh, a school teacher at Lohgarh in Patiala district, in his complaint said he owned a housing board house in Phase 2 here and had rented it out to Ajay Kumar, a resident of Sector 44, Chandigarh. At the time of giving the accommodation on rent the owner of the house had entered into a written agreement on October 16, 1989.

He further complained that after July, 1991, the tenant failed to pay the rent and instead prepared forged documents in connivance with Dhau Raj Mehta,a resident of Ludhiana, and Baldev Singh, a resident of SAS Nagar, to grab the house.

A case under Sections 420, 468, 471 and 120-B of the IPC has been registered against the suspects.


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