Saturday, January 29, 2000

Swami Vivekananda

SWAMI Vivekananda was an illustrious saint
and an intellectual giant.
He was a religious and social reformer,
a powerful writer and a rare thinker.
He was an eloquent orator,
and a world teacher.
He was an apostle of faith
and a true worshipper
of strength and courage.
He awakened our nation
from slumber and gave expression
to our country’s immortal aspirations.
Truth was his religion

  and the Universe was his country.
He was a spiritual luminary.
For him, no man was a miserable sinner,
but a part of divinity.
His messages deeply stirred
the minds of the people.
He showed the world what vitality
our country possessed.
He was a real patriot-prophet.
He gave us self-respect.
Our sacred soil now demands,
that we shake off timidity
and inflict a crushing defeat our enemy.
Every word that escaped his lips
is a source of inspiration to us.

— Nitika Sharma

A man of stone

WHO is he? Walking past the stone city; away from nature,
His heart has no passion, no love for God’s creatures.
With clouds of wealth hovering over his mind,
He runs a reckless rat race all the time.
His heart, a stone, has no corner for emotion,
His life, a gamble, has no time for passion.
He runs and runs, no time for breadth,
Away from love, emotion with no thought of death.
What he was running for was just an illusion,
He finds himself alone in an awkward situation.
Surrounded by self-built stones, lying on a stony road,
His name, his body, his money mingles in the stone.
No great deed to his name, nor his memory lingers
Empty handed he starts from stone, in the stone he mingles.

— Navreet Natt


MOTHER is a symbol of love and affection,
And provides for her children the best protection.
Mother’s heart is full of love,
Not only for her child but for everyone.
Mother showers a lot of love on her child,
And she is very lovable and kind.
Mother has many dreams for her child,
Of making him intelligent and wise.
The child is like a piece of mother’s heart,
And she never wants her child to go far.
For mother her child is not less than anyone,
Whether she has a daughter or a son.
Thus, the mother is like an idol of God,
Who tells us the difference between truth and fraud.

— Mansi and Esha