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Sunday, January 30, 2000

Lure of distant lands

THIS refers to the write-up ‘Lure of another land’ by Mohinder Singh (January 16). On can understand the point of view of the countries of western Europe, North America, Japan and Australia which are currently engaged in a debate over the immigration issue. While these countries have reconciled to the idea of a significant dilution of the economic sovereignty in pursuit of globalisation and regional groupings, they resist any attemp to liberalise immigration beyond what they conceive as commensurate with national interests. People migrate in search of better opportunities. Hence immigration reflects poorly on their own countries. Migration points towards the failures of the state from which the people migrated. The people from Bihar and U.P. migrating to Delhi/Punjab/Haryana are a case in point. The migration of our best brains to the USA, Canada and Australia has led to the problem of ‘brain-drain’. At the national level, we are also facing the problem of influx of refugees from Bangladesh and also refugees from Tibet. To all, top of it, we are facing the menace of cross-border infiltration from Pakistan into Jammu and Kashmir.



Take a chance

This refers to the article "Don’t be afraid to take a chance", by Amarjit (December 26). The article was inspiring and educative. Our achievements are the results of our efforts (Karma). As Goswami Tulsi Dass has also written, Sarkal padarth hain jag manhin, karamheen nai pavat naahin. A number of people, when caught in a tight corner, let frustrations dominate them and give up all effort. Ultimately all of people prove to be failures.


Truthful living

Apropose of Taru Bahl’s article "Truthful living" (January 16), sometimes in life we wear so many masks that it becomes difficult for us to see our ‘true’ selves. The search for self requires being true to oneself. We should endeavour to be truthful and righteous. The lies we tell today will force us to lie again tomorrow. There is great beauty in simplicity and that which is simple is close to the truth. However inconvenient the truth may be, we should led a truthful life.


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