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‘Analyse system for benefit of society’
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Feb 11 — Dr Murli Manohar Joshi, Union Human Resource Development Minister, today called upon social scientists to carefully analyse the system for benefit of society.

For careful analysis, social scientists should be emotionally involved as part of the system, or the system would be disturbed, Dr Joshi said. He was initiating a discussion on national policy for research social science and related issues at Centre for Research in Rural and Industrial Development.

The minister said social scientists should step into the breaches created by scientists and technologists and should not play second fiddle to them, as growth of knowledge hinged on sciences and social sciences. For the development of society, everybody has to play a significant role, he emphasised.

The two-day conference is being attended by eminent social scientists from various parts of the country. They include Prof M.M. Puri (Vice-Chancellor, Panjab University), Prof R.P. Bambah (Vice-Chairman, CRRID), Prof Ashish Bose, Prof Partha N. Mukherjee, Prof S.S. Acharya, Dr S. Chandra, Prof S.K. Goyal, Dr V.B. Singh, Prof R.S. Gautam, Dr V.C. Srivastastva, Prof B.B. Bhattacharya and Prof S.K. Ray.

Earlier, Dr Rashpal Malhotra, Director, CRRID, in his welcome address, talked about activities of the CRRID and introduced the subject for the seminar. Dr Joshi also went round the CRRID and interacted with members of the staff.

Earlier, Dr Joshi was received at the airport by the Adviser to the Administrator, Ms Vineeta Rai, the Deputy Commissioner, Mr M. Ramsekhar, the President of the local unit of the BJP, Mr Dharam Pal Gupta, and a former MP from Chandigarh, Mr Satya Pal Jain.

This is his first visit to the city after assuming charge. Dr Joshi visited Tribune office to interact with senior members of the editorial staff. He later went to Punjab Raj Bhavan.Back


Concessions for martyrs’ kin
Admission to military schools
By Vijay Mohan
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Feb 11 — Under welfare measures initiated for the rehabilitation of the dependants of battle casualties certain concessions have been granted for admission to military schools, besides making provision for instant enrolment in the Army for the deceased’s son or brother.

As per revised provisions applicable from the 2000-2001 academic session, 10 vacancies are being reserved in each of the five military schools in the country for children of Junior Commissioned Officers (JCOs) and Other Ranks (ORs) and their equivalent in the other two services killed in action during war as well as peace while helping the civilian administration.

In addition, they will be permitted to seek admission in class VII, VIII, IX and XI. Under normal circumstances, admission is open in military schools only in Class VI. Intake in military schools is only at the Class VI level and these schools serve as feeder institutes for various military academies.

Further, such cases will be granted relaxation in age by six months. However, candidates seeking admission under this category will have to qualify in the admission test which requires obtaining at least 33 per cent marks in each subject and in aggregate.

A separate merit list will be prepared for candidates in this category.

Provision for instant enrolment into the Army for one son or brother of a battle casualty has also been cleared. Battle casualty includes those killed in war, or warlike situation including counter insurgency operations, or while providing aid to the civil authorities.

As per provisions in this regard, one son of a deceased soldier, or one brother of an unmarried deceased soldier, is eligible to apply. One brother of the deceased soldier, who was married, will also be eligible, provided he marries the widow.

In case a soldier is invalidated out of service on similar grounds, his one son will be entitled to instant enrolment. In case the son is underage, he can be enrolled on attaining the required age.

Candidates eligible for instant enrolment are not required to undergo "formal" eligibility tests such as the written examination or the physical proficiency test provided they meet the minimum stipulated criteria laid down by the Army in respect of age, educational qualifications, physical standards and medical category.

All cases of instant enrolment will be handled by the concerned Corps or Regimental Centres.

Meanwhile, the government has already permitted families of all those service personnel who die while in service to retain government accommodation for two years. Families of battle casualties or those killed on operational duty can now retain accommodation for three years with the approval of the respective service headquarters. Normal charges will still be applicable in such cases.Back


GCG girl dupes teachers
By Geetanjali Gayatri
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Feb 11 — It was a rude shock for the gullible teachers of Government College for Girls, Sector 11, who sympathised with a hosteler in distress, with no money to pay her mess dues and financial help nowhere in sight, especially since her parents had failed to arrive on time.

With only a few hours to go before penalty was imposed, the teachers she approached came to her rescue, only to discover that she had pulled wool over their eyes and was non-existent in the hostel and college records. She left a handful of teachers poorer by nearly Rs 2,000 before turning tail and taking to her heels.

Says Mrs Savita Khosla, a political science lecturer in the college, "She appeared extraordinarily simple when I first spotted her. She approached me with a quizzed expression in her eyes and inquired if I could help her pay her mess dues since her local guardians had not arrived with the money. I even told her that she was not a student of my class and that I did not recognise her. However, she persisted in her attempt and I fell in her trap.''

Mrs Khosla added that she gave her Rs 300. "The girl assured me that she would return the money the same afternoon and even inquired about where she could find me. However, she failed to make an appearance that day, the next day and also the third day. Finally, I began making inquiries and discovered to my amazement that there was no girl by this name with the corresponding roll number,'' she related.

Managing the bank business in the college premises, Mr B. M. Sharma, also fell prey to the "innocence'' of the girl. "She approached me and asked if I could help her with her mess dues. She said that she did not have an account in the bank and needed the money urgently. Out of sheer sympathy and with a thought that my child could be in a tight spot some time, I gave her the money. Though she was tense all through the conversation, I did not suspect I was being swindled. She gave me her class, roll number and other details and without stopping for a minute took to her heels and vanished from sight. Since then, I have been waiting for her and have even kept the slip on which she scribbled her name and furnished other details with her own hand,'' he says.

A French teacher who was also cheated by a fortune says, "She had a look that you could not help coming to her rescue in her time of need and she appeared before my eyes out of nowhere. It was as if she was waiting for me to come there.''

She narrated that with an air of confidence around her, the girl told her that she was in dire need of money and had been waiting for her parents since noon. However, it was already over 2 o'clock and they had not arrived. "She assured me that she would come to my room and return the money to me. Even though I was initially suspicious of her motives, I dismissed the thoughts and obliged her before leaving college. When she did not arrive even after two days, I made inquiries and told my colleagues. As the talk went around college, it became known that I was not the only one she had duped. While there were a couple of us who had given her money, there were some who had not,'' she rues.

The Principal, Mrs Vijay Lakshmi, opines, "This incident has been brought to my notice and the girl could be a very needy student to be doing such a thing. If the teachers have helped her on their own, they need not regret it. Again, there are times when students do need the cash and there is nothing wrong in helping them. However, the teachers must ascertain the identity of the student in question and must ensure that she is in their class to be on the safe side.''Back


Servant found murdered in Panchkula
Tribune News Service

PANCHKULA, Feb 11 — A 35-year-old servant, Gulab Singh, was found murdered at the residence of Mr Durga Das Sharma in Sector 4, here, today. He had been working for Mr Sharma for over 15 years. The owner of the house was away to Amritsar when the incident happened. He discovered the murder this morning. He also found Rs 10,000 missing from his house and suspects the involvement of his driver, Raju.

Narrating the sequence of events, Mr Sharma said that he left for Amritsar on February 9. When returned last night around 10 pm, he found the door to his house locked. He added that he inquired about the servant from the tenants who informed him that they had not seen him that day.

"I went to my driver's house in Mani Majra, thinking the two would have got together and gone out, but he was also not available at his residence. I returned and went to sleep in the bedroom on the first floor,'' he related.

This morning he got up and found that the servant had not returned. However, though the front door was locked, he discovered that the door to his bedroom which opened into the backyard was ajar. Also, foul smell was emanating from the room.

On closer scrutiny, it became clear that the smell was coming from one of the bedrooms. "Suspecting foul play, we cautiously moved the cooler from the window in the bedroom and found the servant lying dead on the bed. He was covered with a quilt and the bedsheet was covered with bloodstains. Most probably, he was strangled to death,'' he said.

The bedrooms were ransacked and a bottle of liquor with three glasses lay on the table. This indicated that the servant had had "guests'' and they ate and drank together before Gulab was murdered.

The owner of the house suspects his driver, Raju's involvement in the crime. He said that the driver had been hired 10 days back and was not available at his residence last night. When the police party raided his house this morning, it was informed that he had left with his family in the wee hours, lock, stock and barrel.

Meanwhile, the police called in a dog squad which did not serve the purpose much since the rain had washed off crucial clues. Fingerprint experts and a crime team also visited the spot. The police has registered a case under Section 460 of the IPC.Back


Students lock department in protest
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Feb 11 — The Physics Department was locked during teaching hours today by members of the Student Organisation of Panjab University (SOPU) in protest against the department’s circular banning extra-curricular activities in the department.

Students are protesting as they have a department tour on the anvil, Mr Dayal Pratap Singh Randhawa, President of SOPU, said. The protesters locked the department gate.

The issue came to the notice of university senior officials, including the Dean University Instructions and the Dean Student Welfare.

Mr Randhawa said that if the department did not withdraw the circular by Monday, students would be forced to follow the path of agitation.Back


Forum writes to PM on reservation
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Feb 11 — The Voters' Forum Foundation of India has advocated total decentralisation of power as practised in the USA Britain, France and Switzerland. This was the practice in ancient India when administration was by gram sabhas.

In a letter sent to the Prime Minister, Mr V.K. Samyak suggested that the Constitution review panel, set up by the Centre, should also propose in its recommendations that there should be no reservation of jobs or admissions. "Equal opportunities based on performance and quality must be ensured to all", the letter said. It added: "The people of India want a society free from consideration of caste, class, creed and religious discriminations."

Mr Samyak said women should be given equal status and empowered fully. "This is also the demand of various women's organisations. The respect and honour to women has to be restored in practice rather than trying to do it by reservations in the Constitution."

The forum said that there was need for all desirable electoral reforms, as suggested in the Law Commission's report, the Indrajit Gupta Committee report and several non-governmental organisations. All elections, from panchayats to Parliament, should be held simultaneously. "We want Lok Swaraj — where the people become truly, sovereign, having the Right to Information, consultation, participation by making voting compulsory." said the letter.

To mop up additional resources, the forum suggested that the need was to restructure the income tax provisions. "The income tax structure has to be so revised as people who own some immovable property in urban and rural areas and own any automobile (scooter, car, tractor or a truck) or have telephone connections or who are members of entertainment clubs must pay income tax and deposit a minimum of Rs 1,500 in the nearest post-office or the State Bank of India within 15 days after the promulgation of the ordinance issued by the President."

There are at least 15 crore people in India falling in these categories. If 15 crore people are multiplied by Rs 1,500, the government would get Rs 2,25,00,000,000. This amount could be diverted to various schemes of education and poverty alleviation programmes.

The forum said that the baby boom had unsettled all scheme for the people. It was time the government thought of devising some measures to control the population, by introducing incentive schemes.

The letter said the right, duties and penal laws for accountability needed to be devised. "A new code of conduct for all politicians, judges and citizens has to be framed and legislated upon and converted into laws enforceable within a timeframe of six months to one year. All cases must be decided within a period of one year."

"Is it not a shame", the forum asked "that not a single political leader or administrator has finally been punished by the court of law." After a few years of legal battles there has been always a final acquittal. This is because great legal luminaries and brilliant brains at the Bar and the legal profession succeed in saving them by finding laws.

It gave a clarion call to those in the legal profession to take a vow that they would not in future take up cases of corrupt politicians and administrators as a matter of principle.Back


Lionism in India of 'high standard'
From A Correspondent

CHANDIGARH, Feb 11 — "Lionism in India is of the highest standard in the world," said Mr Dennis A. Greyvensyeyn, former Director of Lions Club International, while addressing a press conference at Old-Age Home, Sector 15, here today.

He said that the Lions Club's achievements were remarkable in serving the old-age people who were being discarded by their families. He urged the club members to serve more and more people from the under-privileged society. He later interacted with the inmates of the Old-Age Home and thanked the Lions Club Society on behalf of those discarded people.

Mr Dennis is on an eight-days visit to India along with his wife, Madge. He was the Director of Lions Club International during the year 1978-80.

Mr M.P.S. Arora, President of the club, said that their club was working on a number of projects for the under-privileged and downtrodden people, including an annual free eye operation camp, besides running a school, Lions Bal Vidya Mandir, in Kumhar Colony, and managing the affairs of the Old-Age Home in association with the Chandigarh Administration. Back


Two travel agents held for duping
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Feb 11 — The police has arrested two travel agents on charges of duping a Kapurthala resident and a city resident to the tune of Rs 2.90 lakh on the pretext of sending them abroad in two separate cases.

According to police sources, Mr Sanjay Kumar, a resident of Sector 24, complained that he paid Rs 2.40 lakh to Kuldip Singh, a travel agent of Sector 22 who had promised to send him abroad. He had made the payment in February, but the accused kept on putting him off on one pretext or the other and finally expressed his inability to send him abroad. And despite repeated requests, he did not repay the money.

A complaint was lodged with the police and after investigations, a case under Section 420, IPC, and Section 24 of the Immigration Act was registered at the Central police station.

Similarly, in the second case, Mr Nirvair Singh, a resident of Dhilwan, Kapurthala, complained that he had paid Rs 50,000 as down payment to Badri Lal of Golden Amrit, Sector 44, for sending him abroad. The accused neither arranged for his passage nor returned the money.

A case under Section 420 has been registered at the South police station. Back


Mysterious disappearance
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Feb 11 — The mystery shrouding the disappearance of Sector 17 District Courts advocate Parveen Kumar Sharma continues even after over 76 hours, with a team of lawyers returning clueless from Delhi today.

Mr Sharma had parked his scooter at the Sector 17 Inter-State Bus Terminus on February 8 after leaving his residence in SAS Nagar at about 1 p.m. for attending a marriage party in Laxmi Nagar at Delhi. No one knows whether he boarded any bus. His scooter was found parked, but his whereabouts are not known.

"I reached Delhi the next day to attend the marriage," said his brother Mr Sanjeev Sharma, "but was surprised not to see him there. I thought he was in Chandigarh only.... It's shocking, he never goes anywhere without informing.... Even if he is getting late, he calls up at home."

The wait is endless for Mr Sanjeev Sharma, also a lawyer, and other advocate friends. Shifting restlessly on the seats in the first floor wooden chamber of their office, they can only guess. Or call up at the residence after every few minutes.

"If something unfortunate had happened then also we should have been informed, for Parveen always carries his licence and identity card with him," says Mr Sharma, clutching the collar of his dark blue jacket. "He must be at a place from where he can not contact us.... Hope he has not been illegally detained or something".

Meanwhile, expressing concern over the disappearance, the District President of the Lawyers for Human Rights, Mr Tejinder Singh Sudan, said, "Parveen's life may be in danger due to his open stand against human rights violations".

Calling upon the senior police authorities to find out the lawyer, the General Secretary of the Lawyers for Social Reform, said, "We will move the Punjab and Haryana High Court if the local police fails to trace the missing lawyer".Back


Nabbed for selling kerosene on black market
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Feb 11 — The police, in association with the local Food and Supplies Department, arrested Raj Kumar Singla, a shopkeeper, on charges of selling PDS kerosene on the black market. As much as 70 litres of kerosene was seized from his premises.

The kerosene is meant for the card holders and sells at Rs 15 per litre on the black market while its actual rate is Rs 4 only. Sources said more raids were in the offing.

A case has been registered.

Car stolen: Mrs Savita Sharma, a resident of Sector 44, reported that her car (CHK 6520) has been stolen from the parking of a hotel in Sector 10.

A case under Section 379, IPC, has been registered.

Theft in house: Mrs Padam Gupta, a resident of Sector 11, reported that some one has stolen Rs 5,000 in cash and other valuables from her house.

A case under Sections 457 and 380, IPC, has been registered.


Scooterist killed: A scooterist was killed and another person, who was riding pillion, was injured when their scooter was hit by a truck near the Phase 3B2 market here late last evening.

According to information available, the deceased, Amit Kumar, along with his father, Baksish, was going to his home in Phase 3B2 when the scooter was hit by the truck.

The driver of the truck fled the scene. A case has been registered.Back


E-mail messages via pagers
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Feb 11 — Another aspect has been added to the already fast-paced and quickly changing world of communications and messaging. Now paging service providers in the city have started sending e-mail messages directly from the Internet to the pager screens, eliminating the need to access the net on a regular basis to check on incoming e-mail messages.

The two major paging service providers — Modi Korea Telecom and Hutchison Max — have started their respective service that is popularly called “e-paging”. Both companies provide an e-mail address that is exclusive to each subscriber, who wishes to use the service. Modi Korea Telecom uses the last six numbers of the pager number held by the subscriber and suffixes it with @ to complete each e-mail address.

On the other hand, Hutchison Max, that started its services two days ago, provides the subscriber with an e-mail address by suffixing The first name in the address is chosen by the subscriber, enquiries at Max office revealed. Sales Manager, Gaurav Maini said a sum of Rs 50 is being charged per month. The message that will be flashed comprises 200 characters along with the sender’s name.

This enables the pager user to know the importance of the message and then decide for himself to read it completely by accessing the web at a convenient time. The reply to an e-mail has to be drafted from one of the several points where the Internet services are available in the city.

Modi Korea Telecom’s Branch Sales Manager Sunil Saxena said his company was the first to start the service on December 2. Services are presently being provided free of charge along with the basis subscription charges. The e-mail is directly downloaded from the Modi Page site and the entire message is paged automatically to the subscriber, he explained. Despite the size of the e-mail, it is broken down into several messages and then flashed, Mr Saxena said, adding that the entire message remains a secret.

The company plans to start exchange mail facility, allowing its subscribers to send an e-mail to any destination by just calling up the Modi Page office. Meanwhile, Hutchison Max is also offering business bazaar that enables a pager subscriber to set up things for sale. A business directory for manufactures is also being offered.

Officials of both companies claimed that this service was ideal for people on the move as they do not even need to own a computer and need not spend time to access the web regularly or tie up with some person offering use of the internet against payment.

At present rates to access the web vary according to the number of sheets of paper consumed in downloading the mail. Besides, the user has to pay for the Internet usage time.Back


Productivity week from today
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Feb 11 — The National Productivity Council is celebrating a productivity week, starting from Saturday. This year the theme will be ''quality work — quality work''. This is with an objective to remind each citizen the importance of productivity and the role a citizen can play to improve national economy.

The council will also be holding an essay writing competition for faculty and students of the engineering colleges. The venue will be Punjab Engineering College (PEC). A declamation contest for students of local colleges will also be held. Cash prizes of Rs 1,500, Rs 1,000 and Rs 500 will be given to the winners. Back


Fashion show of dogs today
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Feb 11 — A fashion show of dogs! Sounds odd, but it is true. It is scheduled to be held at the Sector 10 Leisure Valley tomorrow as a prelude to the 28th and 29th all-breed championship dog shows of the Chandigarh Kennel Club.

According to Major Tarlochan Singh (retd), Secretary, Chandigarh Kennel Club, the dog fashion show is open to all. "Last year, we introduced this concept by restricting the entry to only members of the club. But this time we have decided to make it open. Anybody can bring in his dog, dressed in any way. The prizes will go to the best presented dogs," he adds.

But the main show would be held on February 13 at the same venue.

"We have received more than 275 entries and about 35 different breeds are going to participate in the 28th and 29th championships. About 40 imported dogs and about 50 champion dogs have been entered in the championships this time.

"Two judges — Mr Tanoo Hock from Malaysia and Mr R.O. Pandey from Allahabad, would be here for the conduct of the championships.

"This year we will have some new breeds which have never been exhibited here before," says Major Tarlochan Singh.

He further holds that dog shows have become very popular in the city. The turnout at the previous dog shows have been around 10,000 each. Adjoining the dog show area, there will be stalls where all types of equipment and accessories will be available.

The dog show will start on Sunday at 9.30 a.m. and the prize distribution held the same evening. The Adviser to the Administrator of Chandigarh, Mrs Vineeta Rai, would give away the prizes.Back

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