The Tribune Spectrum
Sunday, February 20, 2000

A book is now just a mouse-click away
By Roopinder Singh

WILL the familiar object with which we curl up in bed every other day — the one that makes us laugh and cry; the one we cherish and, at times, hate — be quite the same ever again? Good things, they say, do not remain the same. So why should we expect the one constant of this century to be an exception? Well, maybe, it is because we don’t quite know how to do without books.

Week Specials

Great Minds,
by Kuldip Dhiman

HERITAGE: A mute testimony to a colourful age,
Shona Adhikari

SPEAKING GENERALLY: Legacy of the Raj,
Chanchal Sarkar

Gallant Udai Singh at Gallipoli,
by Pritam Singh Sidhu

Hoping for a better tomorrow,
by Sudershan Singh

A man of unusual courage and vision,
by Bhai Mahavir

Week Specials

TELEVISION: Fun-filled, fascinating fare,
Mukesh Khosla

BOLLYWOOD BHELPURI: Of smirks and splits...,
by Madhur Mittal

NATURE: As clever as a crow,
Nutan Shukla

SUGAR 'N' SPICE: There’s more to it than pizzas,
Harkiran Sodhi

YOUR OPTION: Seeking contentment,
Taru Bahl

FEEDBACK: Indian beauty goes public
Book Review
A Quaker who joined freedom struggle
by Randeep Wadehra
Itchy palms that control levers of power
by Harbans Singh
Not being fair to fair sex
by M.L. Sharma
Many loose ends in security set-up
by Gurdarshan Singh Dhillon
Service to succeed
by Chandra Mohan
A bridge cult extraordinary
by H.P. Sah
Death of a dream ‘sabhton khatarnak’
by Harjinder Singh

Pash — past, present and Punjabi poetry
by Akshaya Kumar
Shobha mom gets sentimental and sensitive
by Cookie Maini