Saturday, February 26, 2000

Animals too need love

THIS refers to Khushwant Singh’s column ‘This above all’ (February 19). The cruelty with which we treat animals is shocking. By and large, Indians are insensitive towards animals. Animals are killed to supply meat to people. Cattle are an important part of agrigarian economy. They are used for ploughing fields of burden. However the oxen one sees on the roads are often overloaded and driven to the point where they seem ready to drop dead from exhaustion. Animals are also used for disection in schools and colleges. Scientists test drugs on animals and obtain vaccines from them. Some animals are killed for fur.

However, in cases where killing is inevitable it should be done in a painless manner. The SPCA and wildlife experts are doing a lot to arouse awareness among the people regarding the plight of animals. We should do all we can to ensure that animals are not ill-treated.



Indian cricket

This refers to the article "Indian Cricket: Time for stocktaking" (February 5) by Abhijit Chatterjee.

It is not fair to blame Sachin’s captaincy for the Indian team’s failure. I however endorse the suggestion of the author that Kapil Dev should be given a free hand in running the Indian team during his tenure as cricket coach and the BCCI should not interfere.

The other very relevant point raised in this article is about the lack of team spirit in the Indian cricket team. The players concentrate on their own individual performances and do not play as a team. The coach and the captain should try and build up team spirit which is vital for winning matches. The BCCI should follow the age-old adage of ‘Catch them young’. We must concentrate on domestic cricket and the author’s suggestion that all players hoping to play international cricket must play a prescribed number of matches for their respective states, must be accepted by the board.

New Delhi

St Valentine’s Day

Apropos of Manpreet Singh’s article "Exeunt Saint, merchant cometh" (February 12), every year a lot of coverage is given to St Valentine’s Day in newspapers and the electronic media.

Our craze for everything foreign has become a way of life and this is affecting the attitude of the younger generation which has started aping the West. Basant Panchmi, fell on February 10, but very little coverage was given, especially by the English media, to this festival.

One fails to understand why we Indians imitate only the negative practices of the West and refrain from following their positive aspects such as hard work and discipline.


Kangra Fort

Kindly refer to the article "Kangra Fort: Target of numerous conquests" (January 29).

The Sheesh Mahal and polygonal watch are just relics of the glorious past of the fort.

During 1998-99 the lights in the fort and the watch tower was restored. Even the Sheesh Mahal has been given a somewhat modern look.

What seems to be the most neglected part in this ancient fort of Kangra is the temple area. The Ambika Mata group of temples needs special attention. The floors are totally broken.

Even the outer walls of Kangra Fort are broken. Much more is yet to be done if the fort is to be considered as a monument. There is no doubt that tourists coming from far and wide often love to visit this ancient fort. Wonderful pieces of art are found there. The Government of Himachal Pradesh must take a keen interest in preserving this ancient monument.


Neglected temples

This refers to the write-up ‘The crumbling Kashi of Himachal Pradesh’ by Ramesh K Dhiman (February 19). It was sad to note that the temples of Haripur in a pitiable condition.This is perhaps not a isolated incident of the wonton neglect of our historical monuments. The Goverment and the ASI should take immediate steps to save these structures from further neglect.