Saturday, February 26, 2000
S T A M P   Q U I Z


1. Identify the stamp.

2. When was it issued?

3. In what denomination was it issued?

4. What is featured in the stamp?

5. What is the purpose of Congress?

6. What type of paper has been used for it?

7. What is the monetary unit of Taiwan?

8. If a stamp bears the name A.O.I. or Africa Orientale Italiana, can you tell the name of the country which has issued it?


1. 20th International Chamber of Commerce Congress, New Delhi.

2. 8.2.1965.

3. 15np.

4. The emblem of ICC and the globe.

5. To promote private enterprise.

6. Unwater-marked Adhesive Stamp Paper.

7. 1 Taiwanese Yuan of 100 cents.

8. Italian East Africa.