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Sunday, February 27, 2000
Bollywood Bhelpuri

Preity woman’s woes
By Madhur Mittal

YES, I know I’m writing on Preity Zinta after quite a long while, but then, there was hardly anything to write home about! Save for the fact that her ‘hot’ romance with model-actor Marc Robinson is blooming like nobody’s business...!

Preity Zinta might remain a one-film wonderFrankly, I can hardly imagine what this former "Miss St Bede’s" is up to anyway? Sungharsh is over and her only box-office hit remains Soldier. That, too, is ‘history’ in more ways than one. Look, Zinta was certainly zingy ‘n’ zappy in her screen presence... but her ‘hero’, Bobby Deol, got so much more mileage out of the movie and has had a number of releases to his ‘credit’ subsequently, the latest being Dillagi, right? Moreover, there hasn’t been the expected buzz on Preity in the least, in film circles — even avid readers of film glossies have found fresh faces gawk and rave about! Which is why, it’s all the more surprising when Ms Zinta rattles off the "terrific response" her role in Sungharsh evoked and mentions half a dozen "new, forthcoming films" — Farz, Kya Yahi Pyar Hai, Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega and Bichhu, amongst others — which, she feels, will leave no doubt whatsoever that she’s "The No 1" actress around! I’m glad she’s so brimming over with self-assurance, but it would do her a world of good if only she tried to be more professional (and disciplined) in her lofty approach to her career.....


A fine example

Which brings to mind Urmila Matondkar, who could easily serve as a fine example, indeed. The way she’s going about her present as well as future prospects in showbiz is nothing short of admirable. I mean, here’s a heroine who is determined to prove that she can have no rivals, believe me.

One only has to speak with any of her directors to come to the conclusion that Urmi is a totally committed artiste. And that she’s hassle-free, wholly cooperative... and without dicey demands at all. Hey! That’s saying a load of a lot for a young leading lady who’s become popular enough to throw her (little) weight around!

The heavyweights!

Guess which wannabes are now notorious for heavy talking? Angela Zaveri and Meghna Kothari, if you please! Man, if the stuff going around filmdom about them is anything to go by, I’d say that these two girls suffer from a (massive) superiority complex they need to get rid off in a hurry!

For instance, I’m told that Angela is so keen to be paired with "her" Shah Rukh Khan that she flatly refuses to consider any (and there aren’t many) other offers thrown her way! That’s the "Himalaya Putri" asking for a tall order, for sure.

As for the tighty, ‘briefly shorted’ babe from Feroz Khan’s magnum debacle, Prem Aggan, well, the shorter said, the better, to pun punishingly! Because, she thinks she was "cheated" of her optimum appeal in her debut film and now demands that, she be shown the edited and final version of any movie that she signs... before she agrees to its release!!! Er... evidently, diminutive Meghna will have to finance, produce and direct a film herself if she’s really serious.......

Achtung, Abhishek!

AB No. 2 — Abhishek Bachchan — doesn’t believe in making himself popular with cine buffs, y’know. As it is, the major part of the shoot for his debut film, JP Dutta’s Refugee, has been carried out by (strictly) keeping visitors and the press off and away from the sets, leading to a not-too-kind kinda general feeling in the industry. And now, the fiendish fires have been stoked like hell by AB Jr.

You see, he was shooting on locations in Bhuj, Rajasthan — one of JP’s favourite, geographical places to be at. And, being in the open, Abhi very well couldn’t avoid being besieged by curious crowds angling for his autograph, a picture with him... or merely a close look, see? But our youngman refused to oblige ... excusing himself on the pretext (?) that he wasn’t a star, yet!