Saturday, March 18, 2000
M A I L  B O X

It is a free market

APROPOS of Peeyush Agnihotri’s article "It is a free market" (March 4), the corporate giants, the MNCs and other companies are giving lucky coupons, free gifts, cash prizes and gift hampers to push the sale of their products. These companies are roping in film stars, fashion models, cricket players, teenagers and even children to publicise their products and are spending crores of rupees on ads. If only a part of this huge amount being spent on publicity, is utilised in reducing the rates of their products and for opening hospitals and schools for the people below the poverty line, the common man would value their noble gesture forever!


Martyr forgotten by his state

This refers to the article "Martyr forgotten by his state" (March 4) by Pratibha Chauhan. It was disheartening to note that the Himachal Pradesh Government has not done anything to acknowledge the sacrifice made by Major Sudhir, who laid down his life for the nation. It is the responsibility of all citizens as well as the Central and state governments to look after the families of those killed in action.

  The government should take steps to give employment to atleast one member of the affected family so that they can survive with respect and dignity. And it would also be the best tribute we could pay to our martyrs.


Classical dancing

This refers to Khushwant Singh’s write-up "An innovative dancer" (February 26). The writer has rightly stated that most of our dance styles except Manipuri "have become static as if frozen in time. It is a repetition of the same themes well or indifferently performed."

In case we want the art of Indian classical dancing to survive and grow in the face of challenges in the form of invasion of western dance-forms, then rising stars must strive for perfection. Their gurus and other seasoned performers like Yamini Krishnamurthy, Sonal Mansingh, Komala Varadan, Swapana Sundari and Mrinalini Sarabhai should become their source of inspiration. There should be more intensive interaction between the old and new artistes. Documentary films on Indian dances like the one directed by Anita Pratap in collaboration with the ICCR and titled "When the Soul Glows" shall go a long way in helping new artists improve their performances. There is tremendous scope for innovation because there is no wisdom nor knowledge, no art nor craft, nor action that is not found in natya. Our new dancers must be prepared to dedicate themselves to this art through new ideas and innovations. Their performances must depict the spiritual significance of natya.

New Delhi