Saturday, April 1, 2000
S T A M P   Q U I Z

1. Identify the stamp.

2. When was it issued?

3. In what denomination was it issued?

4. For what occasion was the stamp issued?

5. How many stamps were released on the occasion?

6. What was the denomination of the other stamps?

7. What is depicted on the Re 1 stamp?

8. What is depicted on Rs 2 stamp?


1. Emblem of the Universal Postal Union.

2. October 3, 1974.

3. 25 paise.

4. First centenary issue.

5. Three in all.

6. Re 1 and Rs 2.

7. Symbolic theme "where the world makes one single nest" in Madhu-bani style.

8. Graphic description depicting unhindered flow of mail around the world.