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Sunday, April 16, 2000
Bollywood Bhelpuri

Shah Rukh: Smug no more!
By Madhur Mittal

THE higher you climb, the harder you fall. Shah Rukh Khan seems to have realised this, albeit belatedly. Until very recently, he was boasting on how Shah Rukh Khanshrewd a businessman he was and how he was familiar with trade reports and collection figures like the back of his hand! The implication was his reiteration that his very first home production Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani was not a flop.

Today, however, the Shah’s smugness has been wiped off his face. And he is even confessing that, "Yeah, something, somewhere, went wrong, for sure...!" Reportedly, this volte face has been brought on by the collections crashing, what with the confrontation between Rukh,Juhi and director Aziz Mirza, each accusing the other of having let the production down by being too casual to such a big, expensive project!

As a matter of fact, the thoroughly disgusted Khan doesn’t even want to think leave alone talk about his next production! And I don’t blame him!!!


‘Retired’ Mahesh comes back

If there’s one definite, consistent thing to be said for filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt, it’s that he loves to be in the thick of one controversy or the other!

I mean, how many times is he going to say, "This is my last film; I’m retiring," And then come smack back with a "next"! The very latest is that he’s been "inspired" by the crossfired celeb author of Bangladesh, Ms Taslima Nasreen, who was arrested and virtually led to the noose for her "blasphemous" writing.

"When I met her during her recent visit to Mumbai to launch the Marathi translation of her novel, Shodh, I was overwhelmed by her honesty and candour. That ‘s when I decided to make a movie on her, and on her (yet to be completed) autobiography, Amar Meyebela," Mahesh says. The cast is being finalised.

Creative composers?

During his stay in Mumbai, Sir Andrew Lloyd was found asleep while the curtain went up on Jesus Christ Superstar, the play that he had particularly come to grace!

In any case, A.R. Rahman made the most of it by doing a duo with "Sir" at another function! I guess that’s really being ‘creative’.

Hritikh’s critics

Poor Hritikh Roshan! Imagine, just one (superhit) film old and his newborn critics are already after his life! This new superstar was invited to be the chief guest or something at the finals of a "Mr Supermodel" contest... and, watching him grin boyishly in the midst of dozens of fall, broad shouldered honchos, most of the girls in the audience wondered: "Hey! We;ve been backing the wrong hare all this time."

"Don" Naghma and silent Bijli

I tell you, some scribes really have sharp eyes that miss nothing.Like, while watching the desi filmstars parked amongst royalty and the richie rich at the Sharjah cricket tournament, one of my colleagues suddenly cried: "Hey! Look at that! Naghma is enjoying herself in the exclusive box seats reserved for the deadly underworld don (no names, please!) whereas poor Sangeeta (Bijlani) is at the far end, sitting near Indian team’s dressing room, virtually chewing her nails off and praying for hubby Azhar!"

Er... but what about Naghma? Does she actually have "don" connections?