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Sunday, April 30, 2000

Separation in the sunset years

THIS refers to Taru Bahl’s article "Love isn’t just a feeling" (April 2). Love frees us of all pains and worries and can minimise suffering and unhappiness. Love can bring out the best and give the lovers a sense of direction and a new meaning to their lives. Love has the power to do good in the world.

Love never goes out of fashion. It knows no boundaries and gives a new meaning to life. It makes one’s life worth living. Love is not just a feeling. It is action and activity.



Love gives us faith, trust, and something we can live or die for. The basis of true love is unconditional. True love happens just once in the lifetime. The only way to love a person is to let him be himself, otherwise you just love the reflection of yourself that you see in him.




Unconditional love can change the lives of both the giver and the receiver of such love, for this alone is wholesome love.

Human beings usually come packaged with imperfections and shortcomings, along with many good points. As a poet has said, love should make us ignore the broken gate and admire the beautiful flowers blooming across it.

Love filters into other spheres of our lives and influences them immensely. A person who has the glow of love in his or her heart, becomes forgiving, and gracious.

When this graceful love is absent from a person’s life then he becomes unforgiving and merciless. These tendencies multiply in direct proportion to the power one has. A poor, ordinary person, devoid of this graceful love, can but harm a few people. But when a powerful person does not have love in his heart his hatred and sadistic tendencies bring doom and destruction to thousands of people. It makes them maul and crush those who are weaker than themselves. A loving heart picks up a fallen fellow human being, whereas. An unloving heart tends to trample him under his or her feet.


Emulate Flying Sikh

In the write-up on Milkha Singh in "Great Minds", by Kuldip Dhiman (April 16), it was stated that Milkha Singh adopted the seven-year-old son of Havildar Vikram Singh, who sacrificed his life while trying to recapture Tiger hill. This gesture of the "Flying Sikh" must be lauded.

It should inspire others to follow suit and adopt children of martyrs.


Anatomy of corruption

Apropos of the letters on "Anatomy of corruption" appearing in the Feedback column (April 16), corruption is at the root of every evil in our country. If our politicians and bureaucrats were honest, India would have presented a different picture and the problems of the downtrodden would have been earnestly addressed. Out of every rupee earmarked by the government for poverty alleviation for the rural areas, only a fraction goes to the needy.

While the eradication of corruption should be given priority, the CVC (Central Vigilance Commissioner) should start enquiries with regard to all the MPs/MLAs/Ministers, past and present, elected during the last 25 years, with regard to the assets held by them and their family members before and after their becoming MPs/MLAs/Ministers. The government should not evade responsibility, but must make a consistent endeavour to eradicate corruption by according permission to the CVC to pursue the matter.



It is generally viewed as piling up wealth to further one’s own interests. This is only one of the many faces of corruption. None would dare say that Nehru was not far above financial corruption. But nepotism is also related to corruption, and Nehru showed it aplenty.

Nehru appointed his sister Vijayalakshmi Pandit Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh and then Governor of Maharashtra. To the surprise of all, he appointed his daughter Indira Gandhi as Congress president. Indira Gandhi called corruption a ‘global phenomenon’. She destroyed the whole system underlying the polity. The appointment of junior judge A.N. Ray as Chief Justice of India, arrest of hundreds, including leaders like Jayaprakash Narayan, on June 25, 1975, when the Emergency was declared in the country were some of her misdeeds. Then came Rajiv Gandhi who proved worse than his mother. And Narasimha Rao broke all records on the corruption front.

Chandra Shekhar, the lone "socialist" son of Jayaprakash Narayan has in his hands a sprawling Bhondsi Asharam. This is another face of corruption. The way he destroyed V.P. Singh’s government speaks volumes about his misdeeds. None except Lal Bhadur Shastri who got the services of his son, who was working in the private sector terminated, deserves to be called a clean Prime Minister.