Saturday, May 6, 2000

The only one

BE near to Him
’Coz He is your Lord
Be true to Him
He’s everyone’s God
He is so generous
and He is so dear
Just say that I’am yours
And you’ll find Him near
Nature is His creation
Life is His art
Love is His blessing
Close to our heart
He asks for nothing
And His love is true
He’ll do whatever
is good for you
Recall Him when you’re happy
And also when you’re sad
’Coz He is the only one with you
In times good and bad.

— Nishima Wangoo



TEENAGE — It is life’s beautiful stage
For reaching here everyone has a craze
Some say it is an age full of emotions
For others it is time spend with lotions
But in this age one who works hard
Teenage should be enjoyed, no doubt
But some time should also be given for a future that has to be thought about
Enjoy yourself in this age
And try to perform your best at this stage.

— Aastha Bhatia


MONEY is not everything....
Money can buy house
But not home.
Money can buy bed
But not sleep.
Money can buy clock
But not time.
Money can buy book
But not knowledge
Money can buy food
But not appetite.
Money can buy position
But not respect.
Money can buy blood
But not life.
Money can buy medicines
But not health.
Money can buy insurance
But not safety.

— Rajesh Aggarwal