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Sunday, May 7, 2000

A new star on the horizon

APROPOS of Gautam Grover’s article "...and then a new star sparked on the horizon." (March 26), Hrithik Roshan has become a heart-throb of youngsters after the super success of his film Kaho Na Pyar Hai. Actually, this is his second film. His first film as a child artist was Rakesh Roshan’s Bhagwan Dada in the eighties.

It is wrong to say that Rakesh Roshan gave his wrong to say that Rakesh Roshan gave his son Hrithik a better head start with Kaho Na Pyar Hai than the dream start given by Raj Kapoor to his son Rishi Kapoor in Bobby. As a matter of fact, the major contribution to the success of Kaho Na Pyar Hai comes from Rakesh Roshan’s superb direction and Rajesh Roshan’s lilting music.

Rakesh Roshan is very adept at lifting the story ideas of old hit films. He developed the story of Karan Arjun straight from Sunil Dutt-Nutan starrer Milan. Similarly, he lifted the threads of story from Kasme Vaade to pen Kaho Na Pyar Hai.

  No doubt, Hrithik Roshan has acted brilliantly in his father’s movie Kaho Na Pyar Hai but his real test will be when he is given films with other directors. Look what happened to first-hit wonders like Kumar Gaurav (Love Story), Navin Nischol (Sawan Bhadon) and Som Datt (Man Ka Meet).

Surprisingly, with the dawn of the year 2000, some film pundits have started predicting that the Khan era of Aamir-Salman-Shahrukh is very soon going to be over. They say that a new millenium star Hrithik Roshan has just started sparkling on the horizon. Let us see how far and how long can this new star shine in Bolly wood.


Learning to love

This refers to the article "Love Isn’t Just a Feeling", by Taru Bahl (April 2). The way the writer has put forward the ideas in such a systematic manner, quoting frequently from well-known writers and synthesizing the whole thing so perfectly is commendable. It makes for a racy, interesting and beneficial reading.

Even God does not accept the reverence of those who do not revere His highest creation, and the best way to show this reverence is to love His creatures, small and big, high and low, rich and poor. What is the point of having wealth of the world if our heart is devoid of this most precious ray of light? If we have love in our hearts, it takes away contempt and arrogance from us and fills us with humility, kindness and benevolence. When God blesses us with love in our hearts, howsoever small and insignificant we may be, we become a blessing to our fellow human beings. And this is the very purpose of this human life.


Imaginary demons

Manohar Malgonkar has rightly has rightly stated in the article, "Dealing with imaginary demons" (April 16), that while we were celebrating the year 2000, both the AIR newscasters said in their broadcasts that the date was the 10th of pousya of the saka year 1921.

According to the two calendars prevalent in India, the year 2000 AD, coincides with Saka year 1921 and 2056 of Vikram samvat year. This means that in India, the new millenium was celebrated 56 years ago according to Vikram Samvat and according to the Saka year it would be celebrated in 2079 AD.