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Sunday, May 28, 2000
Bollywood Bhelpuri

Urmila is queen of the Jungle
By Madhur Mittal

BEFORE the movie was officially launched, filmmaker Ramgopal Verma said he had a surprise in store. And his favourite heroine, Urmila Matondkar, shrugged that she had absolutely no idea who the leading lady would be. All that the Press knew for sure was that it was going to be Fardeen Khan’s second starrer......

A South American arrow-poison frogWell, nothing remains under wraps anymore. A lavish audio release bash was hosted to get the film, titled Jungle, off the ground. And no member of the Fourth Estate was "surprised" to find that the actors called on stage to be welcomed as the heroine of the film, was none other than a smiling, blushing Urmi ! I mean, how could it have been any other way... with Varmaji at the helm of ‘affairs’, huh?

So, trapped in Verma’s "Veerappan" type’ territory, are Fardeen, Urmila, Sunil Shetty, the sexy Kashmira Shah... amongst others. And, with a quickfire release already planned, everybody is left wondering whether Ramgopal’s subject and treatment has (really) anything to do with the dreaded Veerappan — or is it merely (and ‘barely’!) another vehicle for Urmila to have a great, jolly ride in.....?


Jaundiced fetish!

By the way, what’s with Sunil Shetty, anyway? At least the half dozen times I’ve bumped into him at mahurats, shoots, parties... he’s been wearing the same yellow tinted specs — day or night!

Granted that his glares are fashionably custom created by the best haute couture designers from across the globe, but why pick on this color alone? Frankly, it doesn’t go on him at all... and, instead of giving him a fashionable look (which has to be his idea, I daresay), it only goes to hide the innocent warmth in his eyes and give him a jaundiced look!


There was a time when Akshay Kumar ( like most stars) didn’t like to be clicked candid; he only did pre-arranged photo sessions with the photographers of his choice.

Not so anymore. Now, he’s only too willing to pose and flash his (devastating) smile whenever and wherever photographers converge on him.

How come? I mean, what/who has brought about this sudden volte face, huh? Well, it’s Akki himself. "I finally realised what a fool I was being, in trying to avoid the cameramen. For the simple reason that these guys have a job to do — a living to earn. So whether I cooperated or not, they kept clicking away regardless. And man, what horrible mug shots of mine started appearing in the fan magazines! So, I decided to put my best face forward, see?"

How I wish other (snooty) stars would take a lesson from Akshay’s better sense.

Rani’s masti

This honest confession comes straight from Rani Mukherjee. It appears that during her schooldays, she was the epitome of perfect, ‘propah’ behaviour. As a matter of fact, she hardly seems to have had any fun.

"Yes, that’s quite true." she admits, rather ruefully. "I was a typical all-work-and-no-play student. I guess I’ve missed out on a lot. "However, she hastens to add (with a naughty, wicked smile): "But don’t get the (wrong) impression that I don’t indulge in masti. The truth is that now, after coming into the film line, I’m letting myself go totally wild

and make up for all the crank pranks that I should have indulged in five years ago!"

Okay, like they say, better late than never, Rani.

Bobby objects!

Bobby Deol is unhappy with his choreographers : He laments that they want him to shake his backside in all the dance picturisations ! "When the heroine is supposed to do all the wiggling ‘n ’ jiggling, why insist on me doing a ditto? I’ve got other muscles to flex, dammit !"

Point noted. But, our belligerent Bobs must remember that his pelvic gyrations are just what a lot of his female fans are paying out to see !

So, just ‘butt’ in, Bobby !