Tuesday, May 30, 2000,
Chandigarh, India
C H A N D I G A R H   S T O R I E S


Record number of city students make it to IIT
The toppers say diligence, perseverance and faith in God performed the trick
By Aditi Tandon
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, May 29 — To court success is easy, they say. All it takes is conversion of blood into ashes...

That's what it took for a record number of city students to make it to the coveted Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) this year. With about 120 students from the region taking the great leap into the world of technology, the city is sure to stand out more on the international scene. The stories behind their successes, as told by all toppers, were almost the same — of diligence, perseverance and faith playing the trick.

Our list begins with Dhruv Mahajan, a DAV College product, who has got the 10th rank. With this rank, he will surely get the computer engineering course at the IIT in Delhi. He says, "It's not that we are any different. The only thing is that we view things differently. All the time, we know where we stand." He also says, "In Class XI, one should experiment. In Class XII, one should already have judged if he or she is an IIT stuff or not. Time management is the key and guidance is as important. It is also essential to maintain your cool during the test." Dhruv owes his success to a sustained coaching schedule at the Chitkara Institute and the places of other private tutors of the city. "Blessings of parents are always there," he says.

The all-India girl topper of the IIT JEE this year also hails from the city. She is also below the age of 17. Aastha Jain, a product of Sacred Heart Senior Secondary School, was not in here to share her success with her proud parents, Mr K.C. Jain and Ms Sunita Jain. They told us that Aastha had gone to Mumbai for participating in the Physics Olympiad. "It took her a two-year consistent effort to make it to the IIT and she was always confident," said Mr Jain.

At the 34th and 36th positions are Gagan Goyal and Rishi Kumar, respectively, who could not be contacted.

The fourth on the list is Sachin Bansal, who gave the test for the second time in order to improve his rank. Happy at the 49th position this time, he told us, "Last time, I was ranked 2470. It was then that I regularised my schedule even more. It took me a lot of hard work and a steady study schedule."

Next comes Nipun Kwatra, ranked 56, who is also in Mumbai for the Physics Olympiad. Apurv Anand of Panchkula closely follows Nipun with the 57th rank. A student of Government Model Senior Secondary School, Sector 16, Apurv dedicates his success to two years of struggle. Though born to doctor parents, he preferred to join the non-medical stream, as he knew where he wanted to reach. "Guidance is a must in these two years," he said.

At the 68th rank is Sumit Jain of DAV College who wants to go abroad for getting a masters degree. "I may also join the IIMs. There is no better combination than an IIT-IIM," he said. About the preparation for the test, he said he had never counted the number of hours he had put in. "I always concentrated on quality," he said.

Bhavjit Singh, ranked 69, has put off his plans to immigrate to Canada after this success. "I was keeping my fingers crossed. Now, I know I'll have a say in a foreign land. I may get my visa extended because I am sure that I don't want to miss studying in the IIT."

Vinay Tandon was not happy at his 74th rank. "I could have done better, but, this is fine as well. After so much of labour, this success tastes very sweet," he says. He said his school days at St John's were full of motivation. "In college, though you get more serious about life, school matters a lot as far as the foundation is concerned," he says.

Nidhi Bansal of Sacred Heart was too happy to be placed at the 90th position. "I took correspondence courses from Apex and FITZEE. Further, I kept a close watch on my time table. I don't say that I was putting in a whole-day effort, but, I was never wasting my time. That's what paid."

Anish Bansal, who secured the 212th position, said, "I give the credit to constant emotional support at home and a proper coaching at the tuition centre. This is my first attempt." Vibhu Garg of DAV College is ranked 334 and he is all set to take up the electronics engineering course in IIT Delhi. "Delhi is my first preference, but, any IIT centre will do as well," said Vibhu.

Mathew P. Thariyan, ranked 623, was not sure that he would get the electronics engineering course. "I will join the IIT even if I get the mechanical engineering branch. Otherwise, I will take the second attempt," he said.

Other qualifiers from the region who trained at the Chitkara Institure are Shraveen Garg (92) and Pankaj Garg (117), both of Patiala. Harsh Dhand of the city got the 133rd rank, but, could not be contacted. The other successful students are Ram Singla (202), Vipul Chawla (222), Varun Munjal (245), Ishwardeep (262), Rupinder Goel (377), Swati Jain (466), Abhayjeet (520), Saurabh Sen Gupta (727), Sonam Mahajan (899), Ankur Dhingra (958), Aditya Aggarwal (1311), Nikhil Marawa (1697) and Gaganpreet Singh (2390).



Major land-grabbing racket in city
By Ajay Banerjee
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, May 29 — One of the biggest land-grabbing racket is presently going on in the just-demolished slum located along the road dividing Sector 31 and the Industrial Area phase II. Local-level politicians have been promising the moon to illegal settlers, and lack of follow-up administrative action has emboldened the stance of the settlers, most of whom hail from UP and Bihar.

Sources say officials of the Chandigarh Administration are allegedly “soft pedelling” the issue of cleansing the area totally. As a result a large number of migrants continue to live in the slum that was demolished a month ago in one of the biggest anti-encroachment operations in recent years. After that, laxity on the part of the Chandigarh Administration allowed the illegal settlers some lee way. A large number of those evicted from land owned by the Chandigarh Administration and the Air Force just managed to stay on illegally — and all this with stolen power, free water, luxury of desert coolers, fans and all.

From day one after the eviction drive close to 50 families continued to stay on and now their number has almost doubled in the hope of some kind of dole from the Chandigarh Administration. Sources in the police, who have been deployed in the area say that each day they get to see new faces among the protesters and some were not even residents of the demolished slum colony. Actually, now several fake people will also come forward with claims in the hope that the Chandigarh Administration will relent on some account. The delay in cleaning up the whole area is creating confusion in the minds, said another source, who has been associated with rehabilitation schemes for the jhuggi dwellers.

Though no political party has come out in the open in favour of these encroachers, the affected persons themselves have been inviting politicians at a lower rung in political circles to come to their rallies organised under the banner of “Colony Vikas Samiti Sector 31-C”. Occasionally representatives of the political parties drop in. Rallies by the evicted settlers helped by small time local level leaders are held daily with a lot of slogans shouting on the busy road.


Lake Club all set to be restructured and revitalised
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, May 29 — The Chandigarh Lake Club is all set to be revived, restructured and revitalised. A decision to this effect was taken at the general body meeting of the Chandigarh Sports Council held here today under the chairmanship of the Adviser to the Administrator, Mrs Vineeta Rai.

Also present at the meeting were the Sports Secretary, Mr Rakesh Singh; Home Secretary, Mr M.P. Singh; Inspector-General of Police, Mr S.K. Singh; Deputy Commissioner-cum-Director of Sports, Mr M. Ramsekhar; Senior Superintendent of Police, Mr Ajay Kashyap; Chief Architect, Mr Sarabjit Singh Sandhu; Chief Engineer, Mr R.K. Jain; DPI (Schools), Mr D.S. Saroya; Subdivisional Magistrate, Mr Prithi Chand; and Chief General Manager of CITCO, Mr P.S. Gill.

Among the non-official members present at the meeting were Mr Pawan Bansal, MP, Olympian Ajmer Singh; international hockey player Ajinder Kaur; and Dronacharya award winner Desh Prem Azad.

The general house considered the report submitted by Mr Rajan Kashyap on reviving and revitalising Chandigarh Lake Club. At the outset of the meeting, Mr Pawan Bansal said that new big lights being put at Sukhna Lake were jarring and looked very odd. It was explained that since Sukhna Lake is visited by hundreds of visitors besides the early morning and late evening strollers, it was considered that illumination should be improved so as to give sense of security to visitors. It was agreed that exposed bulbs and big lights would not be there and some ways would be found out to improve illumination without compromising the serene and sober environs of Sukhna lake.

It was also pointed out that a couple of liquor sub vends have been opened near the regulator end of the Lake to which the Deputy Commissioner-cum-Director Sports, who is also the Excise and Taxation Commissioner promised to examine the case.

After Mrs Vineeta Rai talked about reviving and revitalising the Lake Club, Mr M.

Ramsekhar said that the Rajan Kashyap committee had submitted its report and recommendations suggesting various categories of members to be enrolled for the club. The initial target of membership was fixed at 1,000 of which as many as 240 are already members.

It was agreed that sportsmen and women of international level in various sports and national level players in water sports would be trated at par with class II employees of the Chandigarh Administration. The accredited journalists would also be considered at par with this category. Government employees of other states, retired government employees, general public, corporate members, casual members, part time members would comprise other categories of members.

The general house also decided in general to construct a club house with facilities like club lounge, dining room, kitchen, squash court, table tennis room, health club and billiards room besides a yoga room and gym. It was decided that a sub committee of the Council, including Chief Architect and Chief Engineer and a few other members would visit the site before taking a final decision. It was suggested that camping sites under occupation of central reserve Police Force may be considered for the Club House.

The general house also agreed that the Executive Committee of the Chandigarh Sports Council will have the veto power over the administration of the club. The general house of the council would comprise the governing body of the Club and its Executive Committee would be headed by the Secretary, Sports, and would include some members of the general house. The managing committee of the Club would be nominated till a full fledged house takes form and then the other option of holding elections to the managing committee could be considered.

The general house also decided and approved charges for use of front lawn for parties upto 500 guests of members. The charges were fixed at Rs 7500 on the condition that lighting would be subdued, there would be no loud music and adequate arrangements would be made for the removal of the litter of the party. For the rear lawn which can accommodate upto 1,000 people, the charges have been fixed at Rs 10,000.

It was also decided to sign a contract with CITCO for provision of catering facilities for the time being. Besides, it was decided that four to five caterers be put on panel for looking after the parties at front and rear lawns of the club.



Hectic flying tells on pilots
By Vijay Mohan
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, May 29 — During Operation Vijay last year, transport pilots were the unsung heroes of the war — flying day in and day out to maintain an uninterrupted air-bridge to the world’s highest battle zone. The war may well have ended, but their task continues.

Post-Kargil, it is not just the foot soldiers slogging in hostile terrain and in inclement weather conditions along the Line of Control who are finding the going tough. Sustained airlift operations are taking their toll on the men in blue flying overalls — both physically and psychologically.

While increased operations are beneficial for pilots, particularly the younger lot, from the professional point of view as they can log more flying hours, and at the same time gain valuable experience, the fallouts too need to be considered.

Pilots spoken to said the increase in the frequency of exposure to extreme temperatures vis-a-vis pre-Kargil days and that too at increasingly short intervals is resulting in physical as well as medical disorders among them. Further, a significant increase in air operations with no additional manpower and equipment means a relatively hectic schedule.

The difference in temperature between Chandigarh, the base responsible for all air maintenance operations to the northern sector and forward airstrips, some located as high at 10,000 metres above sea level can be as wide as 40 degrees.

‘’When we land at Leh or Thoise early in the morning, we are exposed to temperatures below zero degrees. The temperature in the cockpit too is different and on touching down at Chandigarh later in the day the temperatures are again different,’’ a pilot explained. ‘’This is leading to physical problems such as back-aches, body disorders and tiredness, not to mention the psychological fallout of the situation,’’ he added.

Also, the increase in the number of sorties means that pilots are flying daily, with days-off being few and far between. Even though, the aircraft and crew strength in the squadrons here is more or less as per the authorisation, there is no break for pilots.

Another factor to be taken into account is the operational ratings of pilots in a squadron. According to sources the current status of ‘’fully operational’’ pilots in transport squadrons — those cleared to fly in any weather condition or on any mission — is on an average about 50 per cent. Ideally 75 per cent pilots in a squadron should be fully operational.

For some the day begins as early as three in the morning and depending on the task, flying parameters and additional requirements may stretch on. ‘’There are basically two type of sorties — Transport Support Role (TSR) and Route Transport Role (RTR). While TSR involves air maintenance to provide logistical support to army formations, RTR is concerned with other communication and routine task-based sorties to other parts of the country, an IAF officer explained. ‘’At times aircraft flying TSR sorties are directed for additional RTR duties, heading directly to another part of the country,’’ he added.Back


Bus drivers block traffic for two hours
Tribune News Service

PANCHKULA, May 29—Traffic remained blocked today for nearly two hours at the Shakti Bhavan roundabout in Sector 5 and on the Kalka-Shimla highway near Mansa Devi after a bus driver was beaten up by “suspected” CID officials.

According to commuters of the local bus, HR-37-4420, the two CID personnel, as claimed by the driver of the bus, got on from Sector 19. However, instead of climbing on to the bus from the back door like other passengers, they made their entry through the front door. The 40-year-old driver, Sham Lal, objected to this which ended in an argument.

One of the commuters informed that the two told him categorically that the bus belonged to the government and that they were part of the government machinery and he was nobody to inform them of the rules of boarding buses.

The verbal duel between the police personnel and driver continued till they came to the stop near the Shakti Bhavan roundabout where the two got off the bus.

Much to the surprise of everybody, they made there way to the driver’s side, picked up two stones lying on the berm and hit him beneath his rib cage for “challenging their authority.”

Consequently, the driver sustained injuries on his head and torso, besides falling unconscious after which he was rushed to the General Hospital in Sector 6.

Though no serious injuries to vital organs have been reported, a detailed report is still awaited. Meanwhile, the police took his statement after he regained consiousness late in the evening.

However, following the incident, the drivers of all buses in the Sector 5 sub-depot called for a traffic jam. Traffic was blocked at the spot of the crime and at the T-junction leading to Mansa Devi.

Buses from the local bus stand blocked the traffic and agitated drivers refused to relent and give way till justice was given and the two accused arrested.

Later, the police arrived on the scene and assured the protesting drivers that a thorough inquiry would be conducted into the matter and the guilty would be punished.

With the assurance from the SP and DSP, the drivers suspended the flash strike which held up traffic for about two hours.

However, without any clue to the identity of the two “CID personnel”, the police has very few leads to follow.

The driver also admitted that he did not know exactly who they were but could recognise them if they were brought in front of him.

Police sources informed that one theory, as believed by the driver, was that they were from the CID while another theory was that they could have been from the CPO in the Police Headquarters.

Also, with many offices including the Forest Department, the Haryana Urban Development Authority, the Wildlife Department in the vicinity, the two could be working in any of these offices.

In another similar incident last week, a driver, Ranvir Singh, was beaten up by police personnel at the police post in Barwala for objecting to the wrong entry made by him.

“Since he was in plain clothes, the driver did not have a clue to his identity and objected. He went to the police post to complain where he was beaten up.

Then also we held up traffic for over three hours and police personnel intervened. The constable was suspended and we returned to work,” Mr Sumer Singh, a driver, claimed. 


Fake votes: ADC to probe complaints
Tribune News Service

SAS NAGAR, May 29 — Even as the state Election Commission has directed the Additional Deputy Commissioner, Ropar, to enquire in to the complaints of fake votes in ward no. 7 of the SAS Nagar Municipal Council, residents of ward no. 9 have written to the Election Commission seeking deletion of a large number of bogus votes in their ward.

Citing several cases Mr Arvinder Bedi, a resident of the Phase 3B1, said inspite of bringing the fake votes to the notice of the Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM) on April 24, the name of voter continues to exist in the revised list. Some cases of duplicate votes has also been brought to the notice of the commission. For example there is duplicity of votes against serial no. 333, 334, 370, 571, 961, 963, 2271, 2272, 2273 in the fresh list.

Existence of fake votes against house no. 243, 250, 272, 276, 285, 382, 440, 652 have also been brought to the notice of the election commission. In another case deletion of valid votes of Madanpur village have also come to light. A delegation of members of gram panchayat of the village had earlier met the SDM regarding the removal of valid votes of the village but the error remains in the revised voter list. Mr Bedi has urged the election commission to enquire about the officials involved in cancelling the valid votes and not removing the fake votes.

In a separate case the Housefed Complex Residents Welfare Committee has complained about fake votes in Phase X. The committee has cited several cases of fake votes. Only few days back, Ms Harbans Kaur, a former Municipal Councillor, had claimed that 111 fake votes were existing in ward no. 23.

Meanwhile, in the revised voter list there were as many as 88,307 voters excluding the voter list of ward no. 7 — against which the state election commission had sought a report from the Additional Deputy Commissioner (ADC), Ropar, regarding existence of fake votes.

In a draft notification of the voter list issued by the local administration there were 81,609 votes and there were 15,458 claims. As many as 10,863 new votes have been made and 4595 votes had been cancelled. If the voter list of ward no. 9 were included the total number of voters would go up to 92,472.Back


Pucca booths demanded
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, May 29 — Shopkeepers of the Janata Rehri Market, Mani Majra, whose shops were gutted in a major fire on April 19, today blocked traffic on the Chandigarh-Kalka highway.

Raising slogans against the Chandigarh Administration, the protesters demanded pucca booths for the 107 affected persons. The traffic blockade, which lasted for about half an hour, ended peacefully.

The pucca booths were the only guarantee against the fire hazards in future, the president of the market, Mr Sat Pal, demanded in a memorandum to the Assistant Commissioner of the Municipal Corporation of Chandigarh.Back


Duststorm lashes city
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, May 29 — Zipping vehicles were forced to cut on speed as strong winds blowing over the city raised clouds of dust leading to near zero visibility late in the evening today. Several cases of minor fires were also reported. The details were not available till late night as fire tenders were still on the job.

The trees swayed wildly as the storm picked momentum at about 10. 15 p.m., forcing the late night walkers to stay indoors. In several parts of the City, major power breakdowns were also reported. Power supply to parts of S.A.S Nagar and Panchkula was also disrupted. No major accident was, however, reported.


Journalists oppose Bill on terrorism
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, May 29 — The Journalists Association of Chandigarh (JAC) today condemned the draft Prevention of Terrorism Bill, 2000, for its alleged attempt to curb the freedom of the Press.

The proposals of the Bill that journalists should report to the police all that they know about terrorists and that the police can demand any information regarding terrorists from journalists are blatant attempts to curb the freedom of the Press, the JAC president, Mr Pradeep Saurabh, said in a statement here today.

He said the provisions of the Bill provided for jail for journalists from one year to three years if they failed to provide information regarding this. 


Youths take away car after making man unconscious
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, May 29 — The police has registered a case against three unidentifed youths who drove away the car of a Bassi Pathana resident after making him unconscious.

According to police sources, Mohinder Singh lodged a complaint that he had come to the city from his native place to meet someone in the Industrial Area. Since he did not know the way, he asked for directions from three cleanshaven youths standing near the Sector 33/34 roundabout. The three reportedly told him that they, too, wanted to go to the Industrial Area and would guide him.

Unsuspectingly, he gave them a lift and after they had gone some distance one of the youths put a handkerchief soaked in some substance, following which he lost consciousness. He woke up only to find himself, sans his car PB-43-A-6080, dumped near the Sector 17 IBST.

The police has registered a case under Section 420, IPC, at the Central police station.

Bigamy case: The police has registered a case of bigamy against a Sector 22 resident. A case under Sections 420/494/471/120 - B, IPC, has been registered on the complaint of Sneh Prabha, a resident of Kullu, and the second wife of Hardev Brahmi.

According to the complainant, who is a government school teacher in Kullu, she was married to the accused on May, 1979, at the Sector 18 Panchayat Bhavan. She subsequently gave birth to two sons in 1980 and 1981. When she came to know of the first marriage of her husband to Kapurthala resident Seema, she filed a case under Section 13 of the HMA. It seems that her husband was first married in 1973.

Arrested: The police has arrested Sector 7 resident Sukhdev Singh on the charge of pick pocketing from the ISBT. A case under Section 379/411, IPC, has been registered.

Held for gambling: The police has arrested Bhima Mandal and Raj Kundan Gupta on the charge of gambling from the Sector 18/19/20/21 crossing. A case under Sectiona 13-A/3/67, IPC, has been registered.

Motor cycle stolen: Mr Balwinder Singh, a resident of Sector 37, reported that his motor cycle, CHM 3210, had been stolen from the Sector 17 MCC office. A case under Section 379, IPC, has been registered.


Dowry cases: In a case pertaining to harassment for dowry, Preeti, a resident of Sector 17, alleged that her sister-in-law had been beating her up for dowry for eight years. Accompanied by her two six-year-old sons, she met the Superintendent of Police, Mrs Kala Ramachandran, who ordered a medical examination, which was conducted at the General Hospital in Sector 6, here today.

With bruises all over her body, Preeti said that she had managed to get out of the house only around afternoon and was scared to go back because they would beat her again if they suspected she had gone to the police. She claimed that her in-laws had threatened to throw her out of the house, especially at night.

“I come from a family with poor financial resources. My father died some time back and my old mother does not have enough for herself. She cannot meet the demands made by my in-laws, which has meant trouble for me ever since I got married,’’ she added.

An inquiry is on, though a case is yet to be registered.

In another incident, a case under Sections 406 and 498-A has been registered against Jagtar Singh and Kaushalaya Devi, residents of Bapu Dham Colony in Sector 26 of Chandigarh, on the complaint of Kiran Chauhan, a resident of Sector 14.

In her complaint, she has stated that her husband and mother-in-law began beating her up and demanding making constant demands for dowry.



177 vehicles challaned
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, May 29 — As many as 177 vehicles were challaned during a checking drive by the traffic police here today. The drive was conducted in the presence if a high-powered committee, constituted by the Punjab and Haryana High Court to apprise the court of traffic violations in the city.

Major violators were those who were using sun-control films or curtains on their vehicles without requisite permission from the authorities. This was followed by those plying their cars without number plates, besides those jumping red lights.

Other violations related to non-use of safety helmets and pollution. Those challaned for using a red light without permission included a doctor attached with the Punjab Chief Minister.

As many as 64 persons were challaned for using curtains and sun control films, 31 for jumping red lights, 26 for not displaying registration numbers, nine for red/blue lights atop their vehicles, nine for not wearing helmets and 35 for miscellaneous offences.


Couple beaten up, robbed in village
From Our Correspondent

ZIRAKPUR, May 29 — A gang of eight unidentified armed miscreants broke into a house of Lohgarh village on Sunday midnight, beat up a couple and robbed them of valuables.

According to sources, the couple sleeping along with their children on the terrace of their house was attacked by the robbers who were armed with sticks and other weapons.

The miscreants, three in number, climbed on the house through back window and attacked Mr Malkiat Singh and his wife Daljit Kaur and snatched the earrings of the woman. Mr Malkiat Singh raised the alarm and jumped from the terrace. He was again caught by the robbers who had taken up positions around the house, sources added.

The robbers beat him brutally resulting serious injuries on his head and on the body, while Ms Daljit Kaur sustained minor injuries. In the meantime the neighbours switched on their lights. The miscreants fired in the air and fled from the spot without hurting the children.

Panic gripped the village and the residents did not dare to come out of their house to help the victims. Later Mr Jagtar Singh, sarpanch of Bishangarh village, came along with some other villagers, informed the police and took the injured to Government Medical College and Hospital, Sector 32 of Chandigarh.

Mr HS Bhullar, DSP, was not available for his comments. Lohgarh chowki in chagre refused to give any statement. It may be recalled that the area has witnessed more than five similar incidents for the past six months. Robbers beat up three family members of MS Enclave in Dhakauli village in November, who were Kashmiri migrants.


MIA awareness workshop
Tribune News Service

SAS NAGAR, May 29 — To acquaint entrepreneurs with the concept of pollution free production, the Mohali Industries Association (MIA) organised a one-day awareness workshop on “ cleaner production programme” in collaboration with the Punjab Cleaner Production Centre of the Industries Department.

As many as 60 entrepreneurs from the SAS Nagar, Patiala, Gobindgarh, Dera Bassi and Fatehgarh participated in the workshop. Mr GS Gosal, Industrial Advisor, Punjab, inaugurated the workshop. While addressing the participants, Mr SS Sandhu, President of the MIA, said the workshop would help the entrepreneurs to save raw material and energy, and increase productivity.

Mr PK Gupta, Director of National Cleaner Production Centre, New Delhi, spoke on the need to introduce cleaner production process in various industrial units. Mr Harbhajan Singh, General Manager, DIC, SAS Nagar, Mr Inderjit Singh, Project Manager and Mr BS Baidwan, Vice-President of the MIA, also spoke on the occasion. 


Bankers donate shoes to school kids
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, May 29 — Canara Bank employees of Chandigarh today donated black shoes to 114 needy students of Government Middle School, Mataur village, Sector 70, Mohali.

The shoes were distributed to the children by bank Deputy General Manager G. Narayanamoorthy. Other executives of Canara Bank and staff members were present on the occasion.

Mr S.S. Trikha said the bank has been undertaking many programmes for assisting the poor and needy and for promotion of education in the country ever since its inception.

The headmistress of the school, Mrs Gurpreet Sachdeva, conveyed her thanks to the bank for assisting the poor children of the school.

The activity was undertaken under the "tram campaign" in which the employees voluntary pool money every month for such social welfare activities.


Students display creative skills
From A Correspondent

CHANDIGARH, May 29 — It was an exhibition with a difference. Put up by passing-out students of fashion designing, interior designing and Nursery Teachers Training (NTT) courses of the Dev Samaj Polytechnic for Women, Sector 21, it show-cased the entrepreneurial skills of the girl students.

Glass paintings, floor designs, interior designs and fashion designer products, including formal and casual wear, intended to prepare the students for self-employment, were at display in the exhibition, which concluded today.

According to Rashi, an exhibitor, "We have worked hard and are hoping that our efforts come up to the expectations of all."

Ruby says, "I feel confident after completing the interior designing course and am sure that I will succeed in future." Meenakshi, a teacher in a Sector 21 school — Tiny Turner School — was of the view that she had learnt something different which she hoped would help her teaching the students in a better way.

Today, the students interacted with Canara Bank officials and cleared various doubts regarding financial support from the bank.

Ms Shashi Aggarwal, Principal, also addressed the students and motivated them to set up their own ventures. 


‘Economic policies anti-workers’
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, May 29 — Economic policies of the Centre were criticised at the inaugural session of the 42nd conference of the All-India Audit and Accounts Association at the Sector 37 Ambedkar Bhavan here today.

In his inaugural address, Prof Balwant Singh, President of Punjab State Committee of the CITU, urged the working class to unite to defeat capitalist forces. "The working class should take this fight to its logical conclusion," he said.

The local MP, Mr Pawan Kumar Bansal, criticised the government for its attempts to downsize the Audit and Accounts Department. He said there adequate staff was needed for greater check on malpractices of the other departments.

Mr Kutty, Secretary-General of the Income Tax Employees Federation, alleged that the 1993 rules of the government were to dismantle the strong working class movement.

Mr S.K. Vyas, Secretary-General of the Confederation of the Central Government Employees, alleged that these rules were meant to "sell" the nation to the MNCs.

Prominent among those who spoke on the occasion were Mr T. Narayanan and Mr A.B. Sen, President and Secretary-General, respectively, of the All-India Audit and Accounts Association, and Mr Keshav Kapoor, Convener of the Coordination Committee of the Audit and Accounts Employees.

Over 300 delegates from all over the country are participating in this four-day conference being held in this part of the country for the first time.

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