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Career hotline

Can you please explain how the credit system followed in western educational institutions works?

Rajesh Tiwari, Mohali.

A credit may be defined as a quantum of input received by a student in one hour of classroom instruction by the teacher and an equal measure of work put in by the learner outside the classroom which may fall within or outside his normal work schedule (i.e. reference work in the library, or experiments in the lab or collecting data for a presentation). No credits are awarded for preparatory or remedial work to catch up with a course. Let me elaborate. Each of the five courses in a semester (of four months in a trimester system) carries three credits. Thus 30 hours of work per week fetches you 15 credits adding upto 120 credits in an average 4-year undergraduate programme.

The purpose of the choice-based credit system is to maximise the opportunities for developing a student’s potential and interests - ranging from gardening to Spanish Opera, from creative writing to women’s’ studies and from vermiculture to operations research. Harvard, for instance, offers a mind-boggling variety of over 200 optionals to choose from!

I would like to pursue a career in advertising after my graduation. Please advise.

Harpreet Chaddah, Batala

Liberalisation of the economy, new products and services and proliferation of media have boosted the advertising industry in a big way. It has been witnessing an annual growth rate of over 30 percent.

Advertising is the business of reaching out to people to either influence their acceptance or purchase of an idea, product or service. The main areas of specialisation in an Ad agency are Copywriting, Art Direction & Visualising, Client Servicing, Media Planning & Buying and Production. Depending on your skills and qualifications, you can opt for the area of your choice.

Client Servicing Department: preference is given to executives with a formal management or advertising qualification at the entry level.

Creative Department: actually creates the advertisements that you see in the media. It is manned by two kinds of people - visualisers and copywriters. To join the Art department, a trainee visualiser must have a formal qualification in art (BFA), preferably commercial art. Increasingly, knowledge of computer graphics is becoming a must. While no specific qualification is required to become a copywriter, it helps to be well read and to have a good command over the language besides the ability to think creatively. You have to give a copy test which will evaluate your skills on this score.

Media Department: You need a Master’s in Statistics or Maths with knowledge of computers. Besides numeracy, you must be good at desk research.

Those entering this field must be prepared to work under constant pressure and erratic working hours. Advertising is essentially a result-oriented industry and careers can be built very quickly through hard work, creativity and achievement.

After your graduation, you can do a postgraduate course in Mass Communications offered by several universities or a specific course in Advertising from any of the following:

*Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC), Aruna Asaf Ali Marg, JNU New Campus, New Delhi 110067.

*Mudra Institute of Communications (MICA), Shela, Ahmedabad 380058.

*Xavier Institute of Communication, St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai 400001.

*Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, V.L. Mehta Road, Ville Parle (West), Mumbai 400056.

*National Institute of Advertising, Deen Dayal Upadhyay Marg, New Delhi 110002

*Wigan Design School, Wigan & Leigh College (I) Ltd., HO: 401-402, Skipper Corner, 88, Nehru Place, New Delhi 110019.

*Mass Communication Research Centre (MCRC), Jamia Millia Islamia, Mohammad Ali Jauhar Marg, Jamia Nagar, New Delhi 110025.

*EMPI Institute of Advertising, Communication & Management, CSKM Educational Complex, Satbari, Mehrauli, New Delhi 110030.

*YMCA and Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan centres in various cities.

Some leading advertising agencies like Lintas and Clarion also conduct short-term courses in Advertising while some others take in fresh graduates as well as MBAs as trainees in the copy and servicing departments. Of late, several private institutions have started offering courses in Advertising. Do check out their credentials thoroughly before you enrol. Not many are genuine or professional.

I am a class XII student with PCB subjects. Please guide me about admission to Bachelor’s in Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry courses. Also, is there any quota for NRI’s?

Balwinder Singh, Firozpur

The Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi (ICAR) conducts an All India Entrance Test for filling up 15% of the total number of seats in State Agricultural Universities, and Central Agricultural University, Imphal in different fields of agriculture including Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry. About 28 agricultural universities offers seats under this scheme.

Eligibility: Minimum age should be at least 17 yrs. 60% marks in PCB, excluding

English. Generally, the advertisement appears in the month of February. You can procure the information Bulletin on this course from:

*Indian Council of Agricultural Research, Krishi Anusandhan Bhavan, Pusa Road, New Delhi 110012.

For NRIs: As per our records, two Institutes that offer seats to NRIs or NRI-sponsored candidates are:

*GB Pant university of Agriculture & Technology, Pantnagar, Distt Udham Singh Nagar 263145, U.P.

*Jawahar Lal Nehru Krishi Vishwavidyalaya, College of Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry, Jabalpur 492012, M.P.

To tide over the existing financial crunch, the Guru Nanak Dev University has created an additional quota of upto 50% of the existing number of seats for foreign, foreign sponsored, NRI and NRI sponsored candidates in all courses except for MBA (for which 30 additional seats have been earmarked). Admission is on the basis of merit in the entrance test conducted by the co-ordinator of the department.

Q. I will be passing out of school this year. Instead of wasting three years in college, wouldn’t it be better to start something of my own and gain experience along the way ?

K.P. Singh, Ludhiana

When you hear success stories of people who quit studies after school, it may be tempting to believe that education doesn’t matter for the entrepreneurially inclined. But unless you have an idea that is absolutely time-critical which just can’t wait (like some of the recent dotcom mega successes), it’s probably better to complete your education.

For one thing, it is unusual for a person your age in business to be taken seriously. As a teenager you will find it very hard to raise money or hire good people (unless your father is a ‘money bags’). More importantly, college offers a tremendous all-round experience. Besides the regular course work, there is valuable learning outside the class-room which has a direct bearing on whatever you undertake. The social bonding and extra-curricular activities and opportunities for self-exploration and widening your mental horizons which college life offers are a tremendous asset that will hold good throughout your life. Besides, a degree can be critical for pursing higher studies or even a job later. For instance, even though Microsoft was founded by a couple of college drop-outs it is unusual for them or most other companies for that matter, to hire anybody in a key position who has quit his or her education midway.

Most importantly, the world is getting to be an increasingly competitive, complex and specialized place. Which makes college education as critical today as high school education was at one time. “Go to college”, implores Bill Gates, the world’s richest and most successful entrepreneur-industrialist who now strongly regrets having left Harvard midway.

This is your column. Please feel free to e-mail your comments and suggestions along with full name and address, qualification etc. to: [email protected]

Pervin Malhotra, Director CARING (Career Information & Guidance), New Delhi.




Jun 30: Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra Ranchi 835215

1. ME (Software Engg) (11/2 yr)

2. MTech (Comp Sc) (11/2 yr)


For (I): BE (I Div) (Comp Sc/Electl/Electron)

For (2): BE/BTech/MSc (Phy/Math/Electron) (50% agg).

Written Test: Jul 23

Appln F: Send Rs. 600/- (Rs. 900/- for both courses) by DD favouring “Birla Institute of Technology” payable at Mesra/ Ranchi, 2 PP’s and details: prog appld for (in order of pref), name (in Hind & Eng), father’s name, perm & commn add, dt & place of birth, educn qual (Matric onwards (a) exam, (b) school/board/univ, (c) yr of passing, (d) divn, (e) %, (d) SC/ST; GATE score, work ex and details of DD to the above add.


Jun 15: School of Planning, Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology, Kasturbhai Lalbhai Campus, University Rd, Navarangpura, Ahmedabad-380009.


PG Courses

1. Urban & Regional Planning

2. Housing

3. Environmenal Planning

Elig: For (1)& (2): BE Arch/Civil/Plng/Masters in Geo/Eco/Sociol.

For (3): BE Arch/Civil/Plng.

Appln F: Send Rs. 400/- by DD favouring “Director, School of Planning, Ahmedabad” to the Chairman, Admissions at the above address.

Jun 15: Tamilnadu College of Engineering, D/o Management Studies, Palanisame Ravi Nagar, Karumathanpatti, Coimbatore 641659.



Elig: Bachelor’s degree (50% agg).

Entrance Test: July 7

Selection: Entrance, GD & Interview.

Appln F: Send Rs. 300/- by DD favouring “Tamilnadu College of Engineering” payable at Coimbatore.

Fashion Des

Jun 15: Footwear Design & Development Instt (M/o Comm, GoI), A-10A, Sec 24, Noida 201301


1. Management in Footwear Technology (MFT)

2. Higher Diploma in Footwear Technology (HDFT)

3. Diploma in Footwear Designing (DFD)


For (1): BSc (60% agg)/PG (50% agg)/BE/BTech

For (2): Bachelor’s degree/BE/Footwear, Leather Dip.

For (3): Bachelor’s degree /BFA

Test: July 9

Appln F: Send Rs. 400/- by DD favouring “FDDI” payable at Noida/Delhi to the Course Co-ordinator.


Jun 14: University of Pune, Pune 411007.

* Master of Communication Studies (Video Production/Media Research) (2 yr FT)

Elig: Bachelor’s degree

Entrance Exam: Jun 22

Appln F: Send Rs. 330/- (Rs. 150/- for BC of Mah State + Rs. 30 if rq to be sent by post) by DD favouring “The Registrar”,at the above add, Also available in cash at counter.


Jun 12: Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi 110067

Ph: 6167557, 6107676

1. Adv Dip in Mass Media in Urdu

2. Adv Dip of Proficiency:

Protuguese & Pushtu

3. Dip of Proficiency:

Italian, Portuguese, Pushtu & Bhasha Indonesia

4. Cert of Proficiency:

Italian, Mongolian, Portuguese, Pushthu, Bhasha Indnonesia & Urdu


For (1): Bachelor’s degree (10+2+3) with Urdu as a subj.

For (2): 10+2 & Dip in Prof in concerned lang

For (3): 10+2 & Cert in concerned lang

For (4): 10+2 or equiv.

Appln F: Send Rs. 110/- by DD/BC/IPO favouring “Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi”, for each course separately, along with unstamped envelope (28 x 12 cm) superscribe “part-time programmes of study”. Also available in cash at counter.


Jun 09: Delhi Institute of Heritage Research & Management, 18-A, Satsang Vihar Marg, Qutub Enclave Area, New Delhi-110067


1. Master in Archaeology & Heritage Mgt (2 yr)

2. Master in Conservation, Preservation & Heritage Mgt (2 yr)


For (1) & (2): Bachelor’s degree Humanities/Sc

Test: Jun 20

Appln F: Send 175/- by DD favouring “Delhi Institute of Heritage Research & Management” payable on any nationalized bank at Delhi to the above address. Also available in cash Rs 150/- at counter.

Forms downloaded from the website are also accepted along with DD for Rs. 400/-.

Jun 12: The Institute of Management & Entrepreneurship Development, Bharati Vidyapeeth Campus, Erandvane, Paud Road, Pune 410038.

Fax: 020-5431060

1. Master in Personnel Mgt (2 yr)

2. Master in Computer Mgt (1 yr)

3. Diploma in Business Mgt (2 yr)

4. Diploma in Computer Mgt (1 yr)

5. Master of Philosophy (Commerce) (1 yr)

Test: Jun 12

Appln F: Send Rs. 450/- (Rs. 150/ for MPBA) by DD favouring “The Director, IMED” payable at Pune. Also available in cash Rs. 400/- (Rs. 100/-for MPBA) at the counter.

Jun 09: Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India, Ahmedabad, PO Bhat 382428 (Guj)


PG Dip:

* Business Entreneurship & Mgt (PGDBEM):

New Enterprise Creation/Mgmt of Family Business

* Management of NGOs (PGDMN)

Elig: Bachelor’s degree

Selection: Written Test.

Appln Form: Send RS. 250/- by DD favouring “EDI, Ahmedabad” to the Course Director (PGDBEM) at the above add.


Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar

Jun 16: Master in Sports Phy-siotherapy (2 yr integrated)

Jul 07: Bachelor in Physiothe-rapy (41/2 yr)


For (1): BPT (50% agg) or MBBS.

For (2): 10+2 (Med) (50% agg)

Appln F: Send Rs. 180/- by DD favouring “Registrar, Guru Nank Dev University” payable at Amirtsar to Dy. Registrar (General) at the above address. Also available in cash Rs. 150/- at counter.


Bharathiar University, Coimbatore 641046 (TN).

* PhD/MPhil (FT/PT)

Appln F: Send Rs. 100/- by DD favouring “The Registrar, Bharathiar University, Coimbatore”, payable at Coimbatore along with a self addressed, stamped (Rs. 9/-) envelope (28x13cm) mentioning choice of course to the above address.


Jun 08: University of Pune, Pune 411007


* Advanced Diploma in Bioin-formatics (1 yr)

Elig: MSC/MVSc/MSc (Agri)/ BE/MBBS/BTech (60% agg) (55% for resv cat)

Test: June 23.

Appln F: Send Rs. 50/- by DD favouring “The Registrar, University of Pune” to The Director, Bioinformatics Centre at the above address.


Avinashilingam Deemed University, Coimbatore 641043


1. BA

Tam, Eng, Eco, Quant Tech, Music, Psychol

2. BSc (Home Sc)

Int Des & Environ, Food Sc & Nutri, Food Service Mgt & Dietetics, Family & Community Sc

3. BSc

Math, Phy, Chem, Biochem, Zool, Boat, Comp Sc & Comp Applns

4. BCom

Single Major

5. BSc

Phy Educn, Health Educn, Sports, Tourism & Mgt

Five-Year Integrated

6. BSc/BEd/MEd

Spl Educn & Rehab

Five Year Integrated (Single Major)

7. MSc (Eco)

Vocational Courses

8. BA

Functnl Eng/Hindi

9. BSc (Home Sc)

Food Qual Control, Clinical Nutri & Dietetics, Catering Mgt, Fashion Des

10. BSc (Biotech)

11. BCom

Tax Procedures & Practices

PG Courses

12. MA/ MFC/MSC (2yrs)/MEd (1yr)/MPhil (FT 1yr, Summer Sequential Course 2 yr)/PhD/MPhil (2 yr PT/3yr FT)

Home Sc

13. MSc/MPhil/Phd (FT/Summer Seq)

Family Resource Mgt, Food Service Mgt & Dietetics, Food Sc & Nutri, Textiles & Clothing, Human Devp, Home Sc Extn & Family & Community Sc.)


14. MSc/MPhil/PhD (FT/Summer Sequ)

Biochem, Math, Life Sc, Appl Chem, Comp Sc, Biotech, Energy Sc, Info Tech


15. MA/MPhil/PhD

Devp Lang & Litt (Tam & Eng), Hindi Journ, Appl Psycho, Counselling & Guidance, Performing Arts, Eco, Eng, Tam, Hindi & Counselling Psycho.

Business Admin

16. MFC/MPhil/Phd


17. MEd, MEd (IEVH), MPhil, PhD

PG Dips

18. Nutrition & Dietetics

19. Interior Des & Environ

20. Early Childhood Educn

21. Comp Appl

22. Medical Lab Tech

Appln F: Send Rs. 50/- (for UG)/Rs. 60/- (for PG)/Rs. 100/- (for Mphil, Phd) (50% less for SC/ST attach Caste & Mark Certs) by DD favouring “The Registrar, Avina-shilingam Deemed University” payable at Coimbatore 641043 along with self addressed, stamped (Rs. 6/-) envelope (23x10 cm) mentioning course.

Appln deadlines: For UG: 10 days after TN Hr Sec Exam results, PG/Dip: Jun 23, MPhil (FT): Jul 14, MPhil (Summer Seq): Dec 29, PhD: any time.

Guru Jambheshwar University, Hisar 125001


* MTech

Comp Sc & Engg, Environ Sc & Engg

* Master of Business Eco

* MSc

Mass Com, Appl Math, Appl Psycho, Biotech, Environ Sc, Food Processing & Tech, Industrial Chem, Appl Phy

* Master of Information Tech

* PG Dip in Advt. Mgt. & PR

* BTech (Printing)

Appln F: Send Rs. 475/- by DD favouring “Registrar, GJU, Hisar” payable at Hisar to the above address. Also available in cash (Rs. 450/-) at counter.

Unless otherwise specified, the dates mentioned above are deadlines for receipt of completed application forms.

Armed Forces

June 5 Indian Army, ADG Recruiting, Army HQ, West Block-III, RK Puram, New Delhi-66.

* Technical Graduates Course

* Short Service Commission (Technical) Course

June 15 Technical Entry Scheme for 10+2 (PCM)

Appln F & Elig: See Employment News, May 13-19.

Business Mgt

June 9 Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana 141004

Tel.: (0161) 401960 Extn. 286.


* Bachelors in Vet Sc & Animal Husbandry (5-yr)

* BSc (H) Agriculture & Home Sc (only for girls) (4-yr)

* Dip in Agriculture

* Master’s in Agriculture, Agri Engg, Vet Sc, Home Sc, Basic Sc & Humanities

Test: MBA: June 24.

BVSc, AH & BSc (Agri): June 21.

Appln F: Send DD for Rs. 300/- favouring “Additional Director of Extension Education” (Communication Centre), Punjab Agricultural Univ, Ludhiana, payable at any scheduled bank at Ludhiana. Also available in cash at counter or from Assoc. Dean, Instt of Agriculture, Gurdaspur.

June 30 Dr. Yashwant Singh Parmar Univ of Horticulture & Forestry, Nauni-Solan 173230 (H.P.)

* MBA (Agribusiness)

Elig: Bachelor’s in any discipline with an OGPA of 5.50/10 (2.40/4) or 55% from a recog univ or min ‘B’ grade from a foreign univ

Appln F: Send DD for Rs. 500/- (Rs. 250/- for SC/ST) favouring “Comptroller of the University” payable at State Bank of Patiala, Nauni (Code-279)/UCO Bank, Nauni. Also available in cash at counter.

Information Technology

June 17 Lyallpur Khalsa College, Jalandhar, Punjab.

* Master of Information Technology (3-yr)

Elig: Comp Sc/Comp Appln/Comp Maintenance at bachelor’s level (50% agg).

Appln F: Send DD/IPO of Rs. 450/- favouring “Principal, Lyallpur Khalsa College, Jalandhar”, payable at Jalandhar. Also in cash at counter.

June 30 Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), Post Bag No. 2, Maidan Garhi, New Delhi 110068.


* Bachelor of Information Technology (3-yr)

* Adv Dip in Information Technology (1-yr)

Elig: BIT: 10+2 from recog board

ADIT: Bachelor’s from recog univ.

Appln F: Send DD/IPO for Rs. 350/- favouring “IGNOU” payable at the city from where it is reqd. Also in cash at counter and downloadable from IGNOU website.

Fashion Technology

June 23 National Institute of Fashion Technology, NIFT Campus, Hauz Khas, New Delhi 110016. Ph.: 6850468

* Photography Course

Selection: Personal interview at Del, M’bai & B’lore.

Appln F: Available at CE Deptt., NIFT on payment of Rs. 100/- in DD favouring “NIFT”, New Delhi.