Saturday, June 3, 2000

Dear mother

EVERY little thing you do for me
Is more than what I need
Your Love is always there for me
With no feeling of pride or greed
You give me your blessings
When all others turn away
And help me with with your love
To find out the right way
The world to me you’ve shown
I thank you for all you do
And just remember one thing
As long as I live, I will always love you
You are my life
You are the one and only
I find you always with me
When I am happy or lonely
I pray to God for you
To make your dreams come true
May you get whatever you want
And I shall always love you.

— Nishima Wangoo



LIFE is not a bed of roses,
It is a bed of thorns.
Someone cries, someone mourns.
Some are happy, some are not.
Some show it, others don’t.
Life is full of surprises I think,
‘Cause things change in a week.
No one knows when happiness comes and when sorrows.
But there is always a tomorrow.

— Deepika Soni

My little brother

HIS perseverance is just an extract of his genius,
His generosity is the cause of his success,
Although mischievousness is his passion,
Wearing admirable clothes is his fashion.
His vogue is due to social interaction,
His phobia is just a mathematical fraction.
A self-composed monkey is what he is,
Foiling my jobs is one coveted aim of his.
Tranquility is out of the question,
His disposition is his biggest attraction.
An Onida devil is what I see,
Through him filled with naughtiness.
Up to the brim, I believe that good things
Come in small packages,
That’s why I love him inspite of his ravages

— Apoorv Pandhi


CARTOONS are funny,
But they irritate my mummy,
they are great
I wonder how they are made
I can’t watch them everyday
because I have to work and play
I am crazy about them, its true
but I have to do my home-work too
I like to watch scooby-doo
and I watch other cartoons too

— Abhinandan Pandhi