Saturday, June 3, 2000
S T A M P   Q U I Z

1. Identify the person in the stamp.

2. When was it issued?

3. In what denomination was it issued?

4. On what occasion was the stamp issued?

5. Who was he?

6. What does the orange — vermilion strip on the stamp signify?

7. What is the function of a highway post office.

8. What is the monetary unit of Jersey?


1. Alluri Seeta Rama Raju.

2. December 26,1986

3. 50 paise.

4. In commemoration of the Indian freedom struggle.

5. A great patriot, freedom fighter and a martyr.

6. Continuing series of the Indian freedom struggle.

7. Sorting of mail in transit on highways (normally by trucks).

9. British currency of Pound and pence is used.