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Sunday, June 4, 2000
Bollywood Bhelpuri

Shrewd Shah Rukh?
By Madhur Mittal

IF you can’t lick ‘em — join ‘em! Is this the new super strategy (the former) superstar, Shah Rukh Khan, is working on? Well, it’s open to debate, I know, but I have this gut feeling that our man, of late, rarely does anything which doesn’t have a vested interest angle to it........

I’m referring to Shah Rukh having agreed to work with Hrithik Roshan in not just one, but at least three new movies! After the mudslinging campaign that Shah Rukh got into — verbally and in print — about Roshan being "a fantastic flukey", I’m a little surprised (and rather amused) that he has decided to embrace his arch rival so quickly... and so literally!

Shah Rukh KhanWhat is Shah Rukh’s ploy ‘n’ plan this time? Firstly, to humble Hrithik, for sure. And secondly, to make a desperate, last ditch attempt to prove that he is still the top dog at the box office ‘finish’ line. So, use the age old (sly) trick of befriending ‘the enemy’... and then plunge the dagger into his heart when he least expects it! Great dramatics, right! And yet so convenient!

First to mount the sets will be Karan Johar’s Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, followed by ace choreographer Farah Khan’s directorial debut tentatively titled Pyaar Ho Jaaye! (Incidentally, Shah Rukh-Juhi are producing this one under their banner of Dreamz Unlimited), after coolly sidelining original project maker, Vashu Bhagnani.

For the life of me, I don’t know what Hrithik can expect from pictures like these — except a whole lot of grief......!


‘Sporting’ Mrs Nene

Lest some of you reading this get confused as to who I’ve picked for this snippet, allow me to explain that "Mrs Nene" is none other than Madhuri Di — still the most eulogised leading lady of Bollywood for innumerable cine buffs!

Looking even more beautiful and radiant after her extended holiday in New York, California and Los Angeles, she was virtually breathless as she relived her ecstatic moments of skiing, snorkeling, mountain biking, para gliding and what not!

Attila the Hun?

I doubt if many of you would remember a young actor with an attitude called Attley Brar. Well, I remember him for the hateful performance film-maker Dev Anand was able to elicit from him in Hum Naujawan. Yeah, spunky Attley was very (terrifyingly) real as the villain who seduced young school-girls by taking them (Tabu, Richa Sharma) to his den.

Well, the time has not only flown since — but changed, also. And today we have Brar being referred to as "a veteran actor" (sic) with a grey goatee, deciding to turn director! His first film will be shot extensively in Shimla and Himachal Pradesh. (And overseas). A bilingual to be canned simultaneously in Hindi and English, the movie has Pooja Batra, Rahul Dev, Mukul Dev, Tinu Anand... and introduces Femina "Miss India" runner-up, comely Priyaanka Chopra.

Dear diary

I mentioned film-maker Vashu Bhagnani awhile ago, but that was ‘jest’ in passing. Fact of the matter is that he is a man full of bright, colourful ideas to keep the film industry reminded of his (usually) superhit offerings. Such as the diary.

That’s right, folks. The diary (not as in "Dear diary" and blah blah)... but as an attractively packaged memento. You see, this enterprising producer of grossers like Hero No. 1, Coolie No. 1 and Biwi No. 1 has endeared himself to his friends in the film fraternity by gifting them beautiful diaries of his films. And now he’s a mighty busy man again as he puts his autograph on the diaries of his latest movie — Tera Jaadu Chal Gaya, starring Abhishek Bachchan and "stunning newfind" Keerti Reddy!

Surely, Bhagnani deserves to be admired as producer number one!!!

Another star son!

Jeetendra’s son, Tushar Kapoor, has joined the Bollywood bandwagon! Quite a handsome hunk, he has comely Kareena Kapoor as his sweetheart in the (yet untitled) glossy film being directed by Satish Kaushik. More on him soon, guys!