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Sunday, June 11, 2000

Urban wasteland

Urban politics, urban poverty, urban pollution, urban productivity, urban planning and pattern and urban shortages, both physical and financial, are the crucial issues around which the machinery of urban governance in India revolves. The formidable nature of these issues has thrown this machinery in deep crisis. But this is not merely a crisis of governance; it extends to the governed as well. It is a crisis of character, commitment, conscience and creative and constructive sense of the community as a whole, cautions Minister of Urban Development, Jagmohan

Week Specials

Kya Kehna!,
by Aradhika Sekhon

The mystery of Bahadur Shah’s crown ,
by K.R.N. Swamy

‘Please listen, it’s Parliament’
by K.K. Khullar

Hahnemann’s healing touch,
by J. Benedict D’Castro

The lone “Tree of life”,
by G.K. Sharma

Dreams can be themes for the future,
by D.C. Sharma

Learning to be a parent,
by Vimla Patil

Week Specials

SUGAR 'N' SPICE : Delicious desserts,
Harkiran Sodhi

NATURE: Cowbirds of North America,
Nutan Shukla

TRAVEL: Sojourn by the sea,
Rajnish Wattas

TELEVISION: A tribute to Guru Gobind Singh,
by Mukesh Khosla

BOLLYWOOD BHELPURI: Hrithik was 'matchless',
by Madhur Mittal

SCENE STEALERS: Man for all seasons 
Belu Maheshwari

LIFE TIES: Good place for your daughter to be in,
by Taru Bahl

FEEDBACK: The tale of two Punjabs

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