Saturday, June 17, 2000
PO E M S    BY    C H I L D R E N

Nothing is impossible

ON the roads of this thorny journey,

Leave your destined marks behind,

To tell the world that you do,

What you decide once in your mind.

Let your dreams fly past the sky,

Let your ambitions be truly worthwhile,

Be efficient and be hard working,

Change your worries into a smile.

Nothing is impossible for him who is strong,

And ways out of rocks you’ve to make

You have the spirit and the calibre.

Achieve your dreams for your own sake,

And then finally with the flag in your hand,

Stand out and tell everyone.

That you have become what you wanted,

And what you said, you have done.

— Nishima Wangoo


The age of internet

IT is the age of the internet,

And the mouse is faster than the jet.

Visiting the various sites,

The user gets information in bits and bytes.

It has brought the whole world at one place,

Transcending the boundaries of time and space.

Business is done on the Net,

And all other demands are also met.

But in this mad world of cyberspace,

Reading habit catches up at a slow pace.

For the web of creative imagination that reading forms,

Cannot be given by Internet and C.D. Roms.

— Saurabh Katial

You held my hand

YOU showed me the ropes,

You gave me a hand up to reach them,

But you never pulled them to me.

You made me hear the music,

Explained to me the notes.

But you never made me hear them.

You taught me the words,

Made me understand them.

But never held the pen for me.

You showed me the flowers.

Identified them for me.

But never smelt them for me.

You loved me unconditionally,

Never asked for anything in return,

And that’s why I loved you so much.

— Priya Dhamija