Saturday, June 17, 2000
S T A M P   Q U I Z

Stamp1. Identify the stamp?

2. When was it issued?

3. In what denomination was it issued?

4. What is the occasion of issue?

5. What is so peculiar about the stamp?

6. What is the monetary unit of French southern and Antarctic territories?

7. If a stamp bears the name "G-On Cape of Good Hope", can you tell the name of the country which has issued it?

8. What is a pneumatic post?

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June 10, 2000
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June 3, 2000
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May 27, 2000


1. Border Roads Organisation commemoration.

2. October 10, 1985.

3. 200 paise.

4. Silver jubilee of the Border Roads Organisation.

5. It is the first triangle stamp issued by India.

6. French Franc of 100 centimes.

7. Griqualand West (Africa).

8. Letters distributed through pressurised air tubes.