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Sunday, July 23, 2000
Caption Contest
Test your ingenuity, suggest a caption for the photograph given below. Selected entries will be posted on this page next Sunday. LAST

A Tribune photograph

A Tribune photograph

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We thank our readers for the overwhelming response to our interactive Caption Contest feature. Due to the volume of the e-mail messages received, we are unable to publish all the captions and only post a representative selection. Often a number of persons send similar messages. In such cases only one message is posted Photo by Pankaj Sharma
Photo posted last week, captions submitted for which are given below.
  • Not (A)kele
    Harpreet Singh 
    Stanford, CA 
  • If not for the fruit vendors, 
    we would not have survived the government office visit"
    Los Angeles,CA
  • Kya sarkar  pension ke badle kela baant rahi hai???
    Manjinder Singh Mavi
    Hong Kong
  • Free bananas with pension
    Harpreet Singh 
    Stanford, CA 
  • The "No McDonalds" campaign group
    G Mathew
    Zama, Japan
  • A banana a day keeps doctor away
     Sushil Sharma
    Winnipeg,  Canada
  • A life spent waiting in line ...
    Ottawa, CanadaTop