Saturday, August 5, 2000
W O R D  P O W E R

Satiate — (Pronounced sa-shi-ate) to satisfy to the full.

Synonyms — gratify, satisfy.

Antonyms — restrict, starve, deny.

— His wealth made it possible for him to satiate all her material desires.

— The children felt satiated after the tea-party.

Expedite — (Pronounced eks-pe-dite) to hasten or assist progress.

Synonyms — hasten, drive, propel, push.

Antonyms — delay, slacken, drag.

— The government must expedite relief work for the victims of the drought.

Antipathy — (Pronounced an-tip-ath-i) a feeling of opposition, aversion.

Synonyms — abhorrence, aversion, dislike, hostility, antagonism.

Antonyms — affinity, agreement, congeniality, harmony.

— I have an antipathy for gossip mongers.

— There was a strong antipathy between the two women.


Assimilate — (Pronounced as-sim’il-ate) to absorb ideas or information.

Synonyms — imbibe, incorporate

Antonyms — eliminate, emit, expel, disgorge

— The time taken to assimilate what has been taught, varies from child to child.

— Indians have not taken long to assimilate western culture.

Bizarre — (Pronounced bi-zar) eccentric, strange, illogical.

Synonyms — queer, odd, peculiar, quaint, uncommon, wierd.

Antonyms — common, ordinary, conventional, normal, usual.

— The story in the film has a bizzare ending.

Ignominy — (Pronounced ig-no-min-i) shame, dishonour, infamous conduct.

Synonyms — humiliation, disgrace.

Antonyms —honour, respect.

— The soldiers had to suffer the ignominy of defeat.

— Rahul could not bear the ignominy of arrest.


Imperturbable means to be unruffled.

The words "Collect Imperturbable Cards" has seven hidden words which could help you to make seven cards, to see you through the week smoothly. You may use each letter as many times as you like.

"Collect Imperturbable Cards"

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Looking back

Greek Fire — A combustible composition for setting fire to an enemy’s ships or works, was so called because it was first used by the Greeks of Constantinople. The components were naptha, nitre and sulphur. It was discharged through tubes or carried by means of arrows. If the Greeks had used this power to propel solid missiles, they would have revolutionised warfare. But the secret was lost.


It is a great blessing to possess what one wishes, someone said to an ancient philosopher. It is a greater still, was the reply, not to desire what one does not possess.

Contentment with the Divine Will is the best remedy we can apply to misfortunes. — Sir W. Temple

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