Saturday, August 5, 2000
F E A T U R E is an Indian search engine, offering news, from India and around the world . You can also chat with anyone, anywhere, anytime. Sawaal's short and crisp mail ID is just a mouse click away and offers 10MB space. The site helps you see what the stars have in store for you in its horoscope section. The calendar reminds you of important appointments, tasks to be performed. It helps you organise your life, and generally improve the quality of your existence. The site also provides links to various other sites. The advanced features and information bank on this site makes it popular.

This is an educational portal for senior students.The site provides a database of educational institutes, details about entrance exams, PG accommodations, hostels and hangouts, reviews, and lots of fun activities.The link Arthashastra provides vital information about scholarships and student loans.This portal is the brainchild of four students of Delhi College of Engineering.

Well if your are bored with the usual animated game stuff, this is the site for you. is a games development company that develops computer games for the Internet, CD-ROMs, broadband, touch screen kiosk, gaming consoles and other handhold gadgets. The site has a collection of various games and the most interesting one is the mega epic - the Ramayana and hunt the golden deer. According to the story of the Ramayana, Lord Rama hunted the golden deer for Sita and defeated the devils. In this game Rama may win or loose , it all depends on you. You fight for the great mythological hero.You may face a number of hardships and also lose. The site takes a bit of time to download but once you reach it, you would be glad to have done so. A background commentary of the epic both in Hindi and English makes the games a lot more interesting. The site has a lot of other cool stuff also.

Started in July 1995, has missioned book buying into the fastest, easiest, and most enjoyable shopping experience possible. Today,the site has become one of the few places to find and discover anything you want to buy online. Search for books, music, videos, and more--in a snap. All you need to know is one word related to the product you're looking for. You can also get instant personalised recommendations based on your prior purchases the moment you log on.You can also earn money by selling books, CDs, DVDs, videos, and many other products on your website.

The best years of our life were spent in the school . After all, which of us – sick of the rat race – doesn’t wistfully remember those carefree days? Exam time excluded, of course. Now, with, you can relive those great times and get to know what your old pals are up to.You can register yourself, as well as the school and college you’ve studied in. If you’ve studied in even a reasonably well-known school, chances are that someone from your alma mater has already registered the institution. Then all you have to do is log in. Each school/college group has a bulleting board and you can search for your old classmates by name, right from the home page.The well-designed site has a powerful search function that allows you to search even by maiden name-so now maybe you can find out what that beauty you secretly admired is doing today.

— Gaurav Sood