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Sunday, August 6, 2000
Caption Contest
Test your ingenuity, suggest a caption for the photograph given below. Selected entries will be posted on this page next Sunday. LAST

Photograph by Manoj Mahajan
Photograph by Manoj Mahajan

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We thank our readers for the overwhelming response to our interactive Caption Contest feature. Due to the volume of the e-mail messages received, we are unable to publish all the captions and only post a representative selection. Often a number of persons send similar messages. In such cases only one message is posted A Tribune photograph
Photo posted last week, captions submitted for which are given below.
  • For my family primary school is free, secondary school is expensive, and career is something none of us is aware of
    Sehaj Preet Kaur
    Falls Church, Virginia, USA
  • No more thumb impressions
    Dr. H. A. Khan
    Niagara Falls, Canada
  • If I go to school, who'll fetch water from the well?
    Rajesh Wadhera
    Ludhiana, India
  • Lara Dutta, why does your future looks so grim ?
    Tejinder Singh Jawandha
    Brampton, Canada
  • Don't tell Mummy I "borrowed" her bag and jewellery
    G Mathew
    Zama, Japan
  • Marching ahead with future in bag (back)
    Vikas Sharma
    Cincinnati, OH , USA
  • Oops! A bit late. What to do?
    Indu Pandey
    Sydney, Australia
  • Someone call me back, I don't wanna go to school
    Gurmit Singh
    New Brunswock
  • Give me a modelling break... School doesn't help
    Manpreet Singh
    Princeton, NJ
  • Alas!! the summer vacation is over...
    Omesh Garg
  • Summer-vacation was too short.
    Mohit Mahajan