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Monday, August 7, 2000

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Illustration by Sandeep JoshiDonít go to work, let it come to you
By Vipul Verma

THIS is one of the most often asked questions at beauty pageants, "Why is India called a golden bird?" Well, the standard reply related to our "golden cultural heritage" might fit in this context. But in the present day world, India could be referred to as a "Golden Bird" due to its immensely talented manpower.


Networking families
by R.Suryamurthy
IN the Internet era, ge
ography is history. And communication is in real time. Welcome to the cyber space. Log on to the World Wide Web. From simple issues to complex problems of human relationships, there is some solution or the other available on the Net. If the answer is not available, then itís a big idea. Grab on it and unleash a wave in the Web.

500-year history of Net's special sign
by Philip Willan
HE ubiquitous symbol of the Internet era communications, the @ sign used in email addresses, is actually a 500-year-old invention of Italian merchants, an Italian academic has revealed.

Web designers: artists with a digital brush
by Sumesh Raizada
While content quality is very subjective, what makes all the difference for a Web site is its presentation. And none other than Web designers do this very important task.

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