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Monday, August 14, 2000

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E-governance initiatives and measures for providing basic necessities to the people must be undertaken simultaneously, Rajiv Nair, Head, Microsoft India, tells Roopinder Singh.

  Flashy .edu Web sites with a touch of .com
By Steve Outing
OLLEGE students are among the most wired of all groups. On many US campuses, 100 per cent of students (and faculty staff) have Net access - if not via their own PCs, then through campus computer labs and libraries. Online penetration in universities far exceeds that of the general US population.

Faster computers for India: White House fact-sheet
RESIDENT Bill Clinton has announced an update of the US export controls on computers to allow the US companies to sell much faster computer systems than previously allowed. This is for the fifth time since 1993 that the President has issued a revision of US controls on computer exports.

They groom future Bill Gates
By Sumesh Raizada

he computer revolution, which came to India in early eighties, has spread its wings in virtually all walks of life. Life in the past 15 years has changed so much that it looks as if we have come out from the bullock-cart age to the jet age at the speed of light. With the help of computers, what used to be a matter of days earlier is now a matter of minutes. 

The Webbys: Oscars for the Net
By Duncan Campbell

ILL the Vatican enter this year? There is a special new category for best religious website and the Vatican has a pretty snappy one (www.vatican.net). And how about, say, the Afghanistan government? There is also a new category for the best government site. But whoever tries to claim a Webby in the next annual awards ceremony from the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, it is already clear that one certain winner is...Tiffany Schlain.

On hardware
Computer & the human anatomy
By Vipul Verma

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