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Curriculum designed for selective few
By Daljit Ami
HE article ĎFee hike only way outí written by Damodar Agarwal seems to have been written under the influence of education-is-a-luxury syndrome. Logical deductions from his argument suggest that education is a commodity, to be consumed by the rich.

Career hotline
By Pervin Malhotra

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Curriculum designed for selective few
By Daljit Ami

THE article ĎFee hike only way outí written by Damodar Agarwal seems to have been written under the influence of education-is-a-luxury syndrome. Logical deductions from his argument suggest that education is a commodity, to be consumed by the rich.

Before going further it must be taken into account that education is an undisputed indicator of development at every level, right from national to individual. Education is a universally and perennially desirable value. Education has a vital role in character building as well as in nation making. Institutes of higher education are supposed to be workshops to translate these ideas into practice.

Despite our numerous claims, bogus data production, lenient marking (govt. schools) etc. we are no way near to achieving the desirable goals.

In India, we still follow the pattern of education devised by our imperialist masters to suit their requirements. The imperialists were not interested in educating the masses. They educated a selective lot of people to cater their own needs. They were well aware of the fact that education is a medium of empowerment. In view of the ramifications of empowerment of masses through knowledge, they designed the whole curriculum to suit their interests.

For them the education system was a factory to produce literate workforce. The same seems to be the guiding principle of our ruling after 1947.

Different types of schools cater to the needs of different classes. In other words there are shops of education, where education can be purchased, quality depends upon your purchasing capacity. This system makes sure that the children of workers remain workers, children of officers became officers and so on. This arrangement exposes the real, that is unstated, agenda of our ruling elite.

The Constitution of India guarantees equal opportunities to all its citizens. In the present scenario the passout of a government school, cheapest shop of education that distribute degrees without caring the quality, is not in a position to compete against the passout of a public school, high price education shop with fine quality product suitable to high posts. Does not, it makes the mockery of equal opportunities.

The education system is exam/result oriented. After years of mugging and cramming the students come out as individuals who do not like to think. To be a successful student does not necessarily needs understanding of scientific principles and concepts. Furthermore, coaching classes have converted the business of education into the business of marks. School and colleges are adopting this approach rather than fighting it. So, our education system prefers to manufacture a topper rather than a sensitive intelligent human beings.

Let us take about the problem of money crunch in colleges and universities. For those who study in public schools, education is a commodity. Statistically, they are a small group as compared to those who canít afford to go to a public school.

It canít be proper logic that few people afford to study in public schools so fees of colleges and universities must be hiked in accordance with the official price index.

The rich do not constitute the public. As far as the self-financing college education system of southern states is concerned, it has contributed in making higher education reserved (although not declared) for the privileged rich. This is not more than that of continuation of age-old tradition, where the thumb of Aklavya is chopped because he had no right to education. Even today the thumb of Aklavya is being chopped at the excuse of finance crunch if not at the name of caste. In this way the democratic rights of the poor are being curbed.


Career hotline
By Pervin Malhotra

I am pursuing a course in gemology. What are the job prospects in gemology and jewellery designing?

Ratanjot Kaur, Bhatinda

While gemology involves sorting, grading, valuation, identification and cutting of gems, jewellery designing deals with the designing of ornaments - precious, costume or junk jewellery. Accordingly, a jewellery designer works with precious and other metals, gems, precious and semi-precious stones, terracotta, glass and wooden beads, plastic, cowrie shells, etc.

Trained designers usually work for established manufacturers and are employed by precious and costume jewellery-making firms, export houses, buying agencies and large jewellery exporters and showrooms. You can also work for established jewellery designers. Even hi-fashion jewellery magazines like G & J which provide information about the latest trends in jewellery design recruit these designers. Another option is to work as regular or part-time faculty member in a reputed institute. Of course once you have sufficient experience, you can even launch into marketing of designer or costume jewellery.

I am a graduate in chemical engineering and am interested in doing a course in Cement Technology. Where can I do it from and what is the eligibility and prospects?

Daman Sharma,Chandigarh

A 1-year postgraduate diploma in Cement Technology is offered by the National Council for Cement and Building Materials (NCB), an apex body under the administrative control of the M/o Commerce & Industry, GoI. The eligibility is BE (Mechanical, Chemical, Ceramics, Electric and Electronics) as well as MSc or BSc with 55% marks (PCM). Preference is given to industry sponsored candidates, but non-sponsored candidates are also admitted through a written test/interview. The only course of its kind combining theoretical knowledge and practical skills, it covers the entire spectrum of cement technology starting from raw material procurement to cement manufacture. The course fee is Rs 30,000. Sponsored candidates have to pay Rs 1,50,000. There are roughly twenty seats in each course. The course offers good prospects in the cement, concrete and construction industries.

If you are interested in a short-term course, you could enquire about their 3-month certificate course in Cement Plant Maintenance Engineering which includes two weeks of practical hands-on training on the NCB process simulator. NCB also conducts several training courses ranging from 2 to 10 days for those employed in the cement and construction industry. You could contact the Director General, NCB, 24 km Stone, Delhi - Mathura Rd, NH-2, Ballabgarh 121004 (Haryana) for further details.

I want to improve my verbal skills in English so as to speak this language fluently. Please advise.

Rohan Bhatia, Firozepur

The best way to go about improving your verbal skills would be to make your own efforts to master the spoken language. This is possible by consciously listening to English programmes on radio and TV, and paying attention to correct pronunciation and intonation. Practice reading aloud from newspapers and periodicals (in privacy of course!). Use the tape-recorder to record and review your process. Avail of every opportunity to converse in English. The more, the better! Ask a well meaning friend to help you out and correct you wherever necessary. Donít be afraid of making mistakes. English is not our mother tongue. So its but natural that we are not hundred percent fluent in it. However, practice makes perfect. Once you overcome the initial hesitation, you will be surprised how quickly your vocabulary and conversational skills improve. Just try and see.

I want to be a Dietician. Can I do a correspondence course in Nutrition & Dietetics. Please tell me about the career prospects in this field.

Deepa Garg, Jalandhar.

The only university that offers a BA in Nutrition & Dietetics is the University of Mumbai. BA in Nutrition & Health Education is offered by Delhi University (only for local female students). However, Nutrition forms part of the Bachelorís in Home Science course which is offered in almost all universities. The subject is also offered as a postgraduate specialisation both at the degree and diploma level. IGNOU offers a Diploma in Nutrition & Health Education after 10+2 and Nutrition for the Community (non-credit course) after 10+2. However, I donít think it will suffice to make you a professional dietician. The developing food processing industry in India, spurred by the entry of multinationals, offers ample job opportunities. Food processing companies, food research labs, wholesalers of edibles and hotels provide employment to those with a degree in Home Science and specialisation in Food Technology, Nutrition or Food Services Management. The work mainly involves testing products and recipes prepared according to the directions enlisted on product labels. They also conduct various experiments to help improve the nutritive value, flavour and general acceptability. Jobs are also available with public undertakings under the Department of Food, including the Food Corporation of India, Modern Food Industries and the North-Eastern Regional Agricultural Marketing Corporation. Moreover, there is ample scope for self-employment in the form of starting your own venture, informal sector food entrepreneurs and home catering services.

The other option is teaching. With a BEd, you could teach Nutrition & Dietetics at schools where Home Science is taught. However, to teach in a college, you require Masterís in Home Science.

I am a housewife and had to discontinue my studies due to the casual attitude of my parents. I could not even complete my matriculation. Could you please advice me how I can continue my studies through the open university system? Please give me the requisite information.

Rakhi, Hoshiarpur

Nothing is lost. You can continue your education even at this stage. The Open School and the Open University system are especially designed for people like you who had to discontinue your studies for one reason or another. The National Open School, under the Dept. of Education, GoI, may be your best bet. NOS conducts exams at the matriculation level for which the notification is issued in June/July and the last date for filling in the prescribed application forms is in August. The forms are available at the study centres and cost Rs 20/-. Exams are held in November and May. In addition to their other vocational courses they have recently introduced 1-year certificate courses in Computer Applications (CCA) and Library Science (CLS). If you wish to continue your education further, the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) and several other open universities also offer a whole range of courses at the undergraduate as well as at higher levels. These student-friendly courses offered by Open Universities that have benefited many all over the country can be undertaken at any age and even more conveniently, from home if you so wish. For instance, you can take direct admission to an undergraduate or even postgraduate course as long as you clear the requisite entrance test.

I am a graduate with a well-built body. Besides modelling is there any field I can get into? I donít want to do a routine desk job. Iíll be moving to Mumbai. Could you suggest some good courses?

Balwant Singh, Patiala

Growing health-consciousness and fitness-awareness has given birth to a slew of new professions. One of them is that of a fitness instructor. Understandably, the first essential requirement for this is an athletic body and loads of energy. Then go for a 3-month Reebok Instructors Course conducted by National Institute of Aerobics, Warden Road or Nike Aerobics Course by Biokenetic, Walkeshwar, in Mumbai or opt for any recognised locally offered course. Such courses would normally consist of 21 sessions, twice a week for two hours costing approximately Rs. 6,500/-. In the course youíll get to know about human anatomy i.e. the bone structure, muscles and the working of cardio-vascular system and there would also be a written test. Treat the course as a mere kick-off point. Keep reading up on fitness and experiment continuously - thereís no end to learning in this field as new research and equipment keeps hitting the headlines. After finishing the course you can start with assisting a senior Aerobics Instructor and then can start taking your own classes or be a personal instructor.

Of late, Iíve been deluged with hundreds of queries ( mainly unaddressed) sent directly to my office. As much as I would like to, you will appreciate that I canít possibly accommodate them all in my columns or reply to each one personally.



Armed Forces

Sep 02 Indian Air Force, PO Bag No. 001, DHQ Post Office, New Delhi 110011. * Recruitment of Women Pilots

Elig: Indian, Unmarried females/widows (issueless) of Service personnel killed on duty. BSc (Maths/Phy)/BE.

Age: Born bet 2 Jul í78 (í76 for CPL-holders) - 1 Jul í82.

Details & Appln Format: See leading newspapers.

Aug 26 Indian Air Force HQ, Western Air Command, Indian Air Force, Subroto Park, New Delhi 110010. * Recruitment of Male Officers in Permanent Commission and Female Officers in Short Service Commission for Ground Duty Officerís Course. (Branches: Admin; Accounts; Educn; Meteorological)

Details & Appln Format : Employment News 5-11 Aug.

Distance Education Makhanlal Chaturvedi Rashtriya Patrakarita Vishwavidyala, PB RSN 560, Trilochan Nagar, E-8, Arera Colony, Bhopal 462016 1. BCA 2. DCA 3. PGDCA

Elig, Appln F: Employment News 5-11 Aug

Distance Education

Sep 04

International Centre for Distance Educn & Opening Learning, Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla 171005 1. BEd 2. MEd

Elig: (1): Serving Teachers in HP, Bachelorís degree (45%)

(2): Bachelorís/Postgraduates (45%)/BEd (50%) with 2 yrs work ex.

Appln F: Send Rs. 225/- (For BEd)/Rs. 40/- (For MEd) by crossed IPO/DD favouring "Director, ICDEOL, HP University, Shimla 171005" to the above address. At counter: Rs. 200/- and Rs. 15/- respectively, in cash.

Sep 02 Karnataka State Open University, Manasagangotri, Mysore 570006. Ph: 0821-500871, 519941, 519943 (1) BA/BCom (3 yr) (2) MA (2 yr) Kann/Eng/Hin/Urdu/Sans/Hist/Sociol/Pol Sc/Eco. (3) MCom (2 yr) (4) MBA (3-yr) (5) BLISc (1-yr) PG Dip (1 yr): (6) Eng, (7) Mktg Mgt, (8) HRM, (9) Hr Educn, (10) Distance Educn, Dip (1 yr): (11) Kannada, (12) Journalism, (13) Mgt, (14) Rural Devp, (15) Tourism Studies, (16) Creative Writing in Eng, (17) Nutrition & Health Educn Certificate: (18) Kann, (19) Teaching of Eng, (20) Rural Devp, (21) Computing, (22) Nutri & Child Care, (23) Tourism Studies, (24) Food & Nutri, (25) Environ Studies, (26) Guidance

Elig: (1): Open: 18 yrs on Jul 1; Reggular: 10+2

(2): Open: 21 yrs on Jul 1; Regular: Bachelorís degree in relv subj (3): Open: 21 yrs on Jul 1; Regular: BCom/BBM. (4): Bachelorís degree (50%) (45% for SC/ST) OR Grad with 3 yrs wk ex. (5) (6) (7) & (8): Bachelorís degree (9) & (10): Teachers in the institutions of Hr learning/PGs (11) & (12): PUC/10+2 (13): Non grads with 6 yrs suprvis/manage/proff wk ex. (14): Bachelorís degree (15): BPP from IGNOU/10+2 (16): 10+2/Non 10+2 above 20 yrs (17): 10+2 (18): SSLC or equiv (19): Bachelorís degree/10+2 with 2 yrs teaching ex (20) (21) & (22): 10+2 (23) & (25): BPP from IGNOU/10+2 (24): 18 yrs on Jul 1 (26): Teachers of Recog Instt/Matric/SSLC pass.

Selection: (4): Entrance test.

Appln Form: Send Rs. 180/- (for 1, 5 to 26), Rs. 280/- (for 2, 3,) and Rs. 430/- (for 4) by crossed DD favouring "The Registrar, KSOU" payable at Mysore. At Counter: Rs. 150/-, Rs. 250/- & Rs. 400/- resp, (cash).

Sep 15 Guru Jambheshwar University, Hisar 125001 (Har). (1) BBA (Bachelor of Business Admin) (3-yrs) (2) BMC (Bachelor of Mass Comm) (1-yr) (3) MMC (Master of Mass Comm) (1-yr) (4) PGDCA (1 yr) (5) MCS (Master of Comp Sc) (2 yr)

Elig: _ (1): 10+2 (40%)

(2): Bachelorís degree. (3): BJMC/PGD in Journ or Mass Comm (4): Bachelorís degree (40%, SC/ST: Pass) (5): PGDCA

Appln F: Send Rs. 180/- by DD favouring "Registrar, GJU, Hisar" with a self-add envelope (25 x 30 cm). At counter: Rs. 125/- (cash). In Delhi, Forms available at: Fíbad: Shaheed Bhagat Singh Coll of Mgt & Tech; DAV Instt of Mgt, NIT. Gurgaon: Dronacharya Instt of Mgt & Info Tech. Chandi:Jat Sabha; BRC Instt. of Mktg & Mgt. Delhi: Jagananth Intnl Mgt School: Rohini & GK II; Tecnia Instt of Hr Studies, Rohini; Jindal Foundation; Instt of Mgt Devp & Research, NSDE-I. Noida: Amity Bus Sch

Oct 03

Kurukshetra University, Directorate of Correspondence Courses, Kurukshetra 136119. http:/ 1. Undergrad: BCA, BBA, BCom, BA, BLib & ISc) 2. PG: MA, MSc, MCom, MFM, MLib & ISc, LLM, MMM, MHRM 3. MPhil 4. Cert/Dip Courses 5. PG Dip

Appln F: Send Rs. 120/- (Rs. 75/- for SC/ST) by DD favouring "The Registrar, K.U., Kurukshetra" payable at Kurukshetra/Thanesar with two self-addressed slips superscribing "Code No. CC-2K", to the Manager (P & P) at the above add. At counter: Rs. 90/- (Rs. 45/- for SC/ST) in cash.

Sep 06 Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak 124001. (1) BEd (2 yr) (2) BA (3 yr) (3) BCom (3 yr) (4) MA (2 yr): Hin, Eng, Sans, Eco, Pol Sc, Hist, Pub Admin (5) MA/MSc (Maths) (2 yr) (6) MCom (2 yr) (7) BLISc (1-yr) (1 yr) (8) Prabhakar (1 yr)

Elig: _ (1): Bachelorís/PG degree (45%) (pass marks for SC/ST) with 2 school subj at 1st/2nd degree level (exempted for students with 50%).

(2): 10+2 (3): 10+2 (40%) (4): BA/BSc/BCom (5): BA/BSc with Math (6): BCom/BA (Eco) (7): Bachelorís/PG (45%) (pass marks for SC/ST) (8): Matriculation.

Appln F: For BEd & BLISc Forms, send DD for Rs. 425 or Rs. 125/- resp, favouring "Finance Officer, MD University, Rohtak 124001" to the Asstt Registrar, Publications Cell, at the above add mentioning the course. At counter: Rs 400/- & Rs. 100/- (cash). For rest, collect forms from the local Co-ordinator of the Study Centres (Rs. 20/-).

Nursing Sep 09 School of Nursing, Lady Hardinge Medical College & Associated Hospitals, New Delhi 110001. * Dip in General Nursing & Midwifery

Elig: 10+2 (50%, SC/ST: 45%) pref Sc subj & Eng.

Selectn: Written test/Interview

Appln F: Send Rs. 35/- by DD favouring "Principal & Medical Superintendent, Lady Hardinge Medical College & Associated Hospitals, New Delhi 110001" or at counter.


Shri Parvati Archana Jain College of Physiotherapy (Aff: Rajiv Gandhi Univ, Bílore), IMI Building, 33, Gurjaipal Nagar, Nr Kidney Hospital, Jalandhar

Ph: 0181-220895 1. Bachelor of Physiotherapy (41/2 yr) 2. Dip Physiotherapy Technician (21/2 yr)

Elig: (1): 10+2 (Sc) (2): Matric

Appln F: Contact above add

Pharmacy Aug 30 Punjab Technical University, PO: REC Campus, Jalandhar 144011. * B Pharma (4 yr)

Elig: 10+2 with PCM/PCB (50% in PCM/PCB) (33% for SC/ST)/DPharma (50%) (33% for SC/ST).

Selectn: Through councelling on Sep 12.

Appln F: Send Rs. 425/- favouring "Registrar, PTU" payable at Jalandhar. At Counter: Rs. 400/- in cash.

Recruitment - Banking Sep 09 Banking Service Recruitment Board (Central Gr) Lucknow 1. Clerks (291) 2. Typists (Hin: 36, Hin-Eng: 85)

Elig, Appln Format: Employment News 5-11 Aug

CARING (Career Information & Guidance), New Delhi.