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Sunday, August 20, 2000
Caption Contest
Test your ingenuity, suggest a caption for the photograph given below. Selected entries will be posted on this page next Sunday. LAST

Photograph by Gaurav Sood
Photograph by Gaurav Sood

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We thank our readers for the overwhelming response to our interactive Caption Contest feature. Due to the volume of the e-mail messages received, we are unable to publish all the captions and only post a representative selection. Often a number of persons send similar messages. In such cases only one message is posted photo by Manoj Mahajan
Photo posted last week, captions submitted for which are given below.
  • India's G I Jane
    Jatender Dhillon
    Bellingham, WA
  • Trees are not for swings any more
    Davinder Dhillon
    Vancouver, BC
  • Hanging beauty 
    Harpreet Singh
    Stanford, CA 
  • Maintaining balance, woman style
    Ajay Manchanda
    Stamford, CT USA
  • Beauty rescued beautifully
    Chandigarh, India
  • No traffic signals, please... this is an express way
    Manpreet Singh
  • At least, I wouldn't get run over by the traffic
    Rajan Sachdev
    Nashua, USA
  • Still no Indian gymnast for Sydney
    Jagraj Sanehwal
    Toronto, Canada
  • Alternative transportation
    Dilpreet Singh
    Indianapolis, USA
  • Sky train
    Vic Sharma
    Delta, Canada