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Monday, August 21, 2000

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Around the World in 8 MB
The Internet gives you an economical way of remaining in touch, says Vipul Verma.
Things do change fast. Earlier, it was Around the World in 80 days Ė a novel which generated a lot of interest. Then came Around the world in 8 dollars Ė a Raj Kapoor film made in í60s. Today, the latest sensation sweeping across the world is ó Around the World in 8 MB.

  How information and ideas spread on the Net
by Karl Hodge
OU might not think dancing hamsters and the flu have much in common, other than the ability to irritate. But they do ó thanks to a theory which suggests ideas and information may replicate themselves in the same way viruses spread.

Viral marketing
or advertisers who sweated bricks trying to reach a resistant audience of Net users, "viral marketing" is the Holy Grail. One of the high profile examples is Hotmail.

A degree is just a mouse-click away
 by Sumesh Raizada
hose who sought knowledge had to move away from home. Gurukuls and the Nalanda University of ancient times had scholars from China. Each era bears a testimony to the fact that there is no short-cut to advanced education.

Programmes that monkey about in computers
ost of the computer-users might be amused to get a message flashed on their screen: "Bandar (monkey) found in the system". Imagine the userís plight when he realizes that itís a virus, which is responsible for the message. No joking! This bandar can actually start some monkey business with the system. Thatís not funny.

New media: the battle over a domain name
by Polly Sprenger
ATIE TARBOX, a young American writer, has been making headlines since May, when her autobiographical book, Katie.com, the story of her seduction by an online paedophile, was published in the US. Her publishers touted the book by as: "An onest, eye-opening account of a young woman who was bitterly betrayed by the information age."

On hardware
A remember-all microchip named RAM
by Vipul Verma

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Do you weigh the same everywhere?

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